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'US military aid would delay Israeli strike'
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 18.08.12, 10:54
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1. obama's stalling for time
big bad Jew ,   United States   (08.18.12)
he hopes to be reelected and delay any talk of war until after the election. What he hopes for may not be in the cards. His feeble attempts to control Israel via weapons is a cheap offer at best. Romney will win and all bets are off.
2. What help ? Yodium pills to ally radiation sickness? Quite b
ab   (08.18.12)
esides the fact Bambi had abrogated the "Bush Letter",so any "gurantees" from him are worthless
Thanks but....NO THANKS (Israel already has enough fancy toys )
4. The same promises that allowed Hez to rearm with ++++Rockets
Alan ,   SA   (08.18.12)
5. Not likely
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.18.12)
The time for diplomacy and sanctions is over. The United States can keep its toys.
6. WOW!
astonished!   (08.18.12)
Since having a hissy fit didn't work, now they try BRIBERY? Where will they go next?
7. Diplomacy is time to refine more Uranium,then break out,the
technology is 60 years old. The limiting factor is not the technology but the materials.Pakistan has been flogging the technology to any body for a buck The Mullahs have to agree to stop now or have to be stopped
8. Ongoing diplomacy is more time to refine Uranium. It's not
the technology that is lacking, it is 60 year old technology that Pakistan flogged to anybody for a buck. It is infrastructure hidden from inspectors, that Iran is treaty bound to allow.The Mullahs have to be stopped now one way or other.
9. Mullahs just stalling for time to build more infrastructure.
and to keep refinig uranium.The weapons terchnology is readily availabe. Pakistan was selling it to all comers. The Mullahs need to be stopped in their tracks before they breakout.
10. What about cut all aid to Israel instead?
Yotta ,   Canada   (08.18.12)
Americans are sick of paying for Israel. Israel is in better shape than America, it can take care of itself.
11. Par for the course
Steve ,   USA   (08.18.12)
It is almost funny to hear or read what comes out of this administration or it's various hacks. The order went out from the White House to say whatever is needed to delay an Israeli attack, be it bribery, deceit, fairy tales, treason (leaking top secret info of just about everything), many 'worst case scenarios' following an Israeli attack is a common tact. All of which make Israel the cause of these future calamities (oil and gas prices, mass starvation, global genocide and other nasty things. All of this being done just so the emperor can get re-elected.
12. Big Mistake
Trevor ,   Modiin, Israel   (08.18.12)
in 1991, Israel made a massive mistake. We listened to the USA when they asked us not to retaliate against Saddam Hussein 40 something scud missiles (840kg warhead on each missile.) They requested we not retaliate, and we listened, making us very weak in the enemies eyes. Israel prior to 1991 was regarded as the force in the Middle East, the Arab world new that if you come at Israel with a knife, she hits back with a bomb ... and after 1991 when we did not retaliate, the Arab world realized that we were not infallible and so since then rockets have been landing in our country daily.... please lets not make the same mistake again.
13. Israel is nobody's whore
Devorah   (08.18.12)
14. On nuclear power plants or fuel in Iran.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.18.12)
It's run by a bunch of suicidal nut jobs bent on irradicating Jews from the earth. Tell Obama to get out of your way. He has become the biggest appeaser since Chamberlain. When was Obama going to deliver the military candy to keep your hands tied anyways....after the nuclear holocaust????
15. strike? No, it's blackmail op
observer ,   Egypt   (08.18.12)
16. "Hold Me Back" used by cowards to threaten, seek protection
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.18.12)
...from the larger group. These cowards will not fight on their own. Dennis Ross is another Jewish American Shill for Israel. He should be ashamed of himself, renounce his US citizenship, and move to Israel. Obama is not buying Israel's PSYWAR, nor is Iran, Hezbollah. Only the Media and the Proles are buying into the Israeli threat to bomb Iran unilaterally.
17. good news
yakov ,   nahariya/london   (08.18.12)
This is very encouraging news indeed. It is obvious from all the huffing and puffing coming from both sides that there will be no attack on Iran this year. This gives us an opportunity to back out of the corner that Netanyahu, Barak and the right wing extremists have pushed us.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.18.12)
Already at your disposal at the expense of USA citizens taxes,you call it toys?I wish you would atleast extend the courtesy of saying .....'you have given us enough,but we are never satisfied'.
19. give me time give me reelection so i will fuck you
tomer ,   or akiva israel   (08.18.12)
the issue is no more israel with USA the problem is that there is a pro islamist us president & we saw in the past 3 years what he tried to do & a tiny country that is under threat of destruction is thev ais way to get usa help even obama think no ? we need to force this crap to help israel apprently if israel starts alone & usa stays aside , obama will not be be relected . please god of abraham helps us in this gog & magag fight against amalek , like your did for our ancestors give the inspiration to our leafers & generals so we can win islamofacist ahmednijad & their moneymakers proxies
20. Stupid American Jews:Obama is stalling so he can get your M
Donny   (08.18.12)
21. Not every development can be compensated with material
Yael Schlichting ,   currently Munich   (08.18.12)
The Israeli leaders are easily bribed ,they have few principles nor honour . I hope and pray I am mistaken but I may be correct. Long gone are the days when Israel has honest and pure leaders such as Menachem Begin .
23. Dennis Ross is as big a disaster as the
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.18.12)
rest of the WH admin. On top of being the worlds top appeasers they think they can buy "stupidity"
24. Yes let O come to address Knesset or Bibi goes to UN+?Congre
Alan ,   SA   (08.18.12)
to make an address about EXACTLY what Iran is up to. AND how Obama+EU is doing NOTHING .
25. Ross is just trembling in his boots...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.18.12)
He is just an Obama WIMP!
26. We're too paranoid to wait...
ZionistBill ,   Israel   (08.18.12)
...the situation of Israel is exactly the same as that of Jews in 1930's Germany (except for our possession of nuclear weapons and a powerful military, but besides these, the situation is exactly the same.) And the lesson we learned from this is we can't rely on other people to do our dirty work for us. Where was Obama when the Nazis were rounding us up? Where was America when the Egyptians enslaved us? Where was the powerful US military last night when a bunch of kids threw eggs at my car? Truly, we must rely on ourselves. As an added bonus, a Fall war will make good TV. There isn't much good on lately, so a war should liven things up a bit. It would be nice if the US would get involved, but if we can't sucker them into it, we might as well get on with it. Hopefully it will go better than the Lebanon fiasco where our arrogance made us drastically underestimate the enemy.
Dr KV Ranjit ,   Kerala India   (08.18.12)
The precedent of neither UN nor USA or The World able to stop The Pakistani and N Korean A-BOMB is what needs to be taken into pragmatic consideration when Israel's or for that matter any other country's security and even existence is at stake,Instead of leftist or rightist opinion and it is time the media and GOVTS learn to walk straight without swaying.The reason why USA etc cannot afford to act is purely tactical in all the three wayward and whimsical countries cases which is actually due to their possessing long range ballistic missiles endangering USA etc aircraft carriers.So even IF the whole World tries the Iranian A-BOMB cannot be stopped but may be delayed nodoubt by PREMPTIVE strikes provided they already DONOT have it or are very close to having one
28. They Aint Washing Machines Guy
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (08.18.12)
Yeah, I guess anyone can post on the Net, even the most absurd. One person advocates ending all aid to Israel. Okay, so corner a lion, note I said not a paper tiger. The Japanese and Germans prior to WW2 thought the US was a cupcake, of little consequence. They learned differently. Okay, so back Israel up..and see what happens. I guess this person does not read Wikipedia or Janes Journal. Try reading it for a shocking reveltion. Israel has the ability to take out all its enemies within 2 hours,leaving nothing but funerals and allowing, many virgins. in the afterlife. This is the reality. What in heavens name is Dimona for, washing machines? LOL
29. Delay?
Popsi ,   Canada   (08.18.12)
A weapons resupply will 'delay' a strike on Iran? How so? Will it take that long to open the crates?
If Israel and Netanyahu takes notice of messrs Obama and Ross ,then Israel deserves all it gets.
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