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Iran commander 'welcomes' possible Israeli strike
Associated Press
Published: 18.08.12, 16:40
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31. US should naval blockade Iran
David ,   USA   (08.18.12)
I am against US boots on the ground. However, a giant naval blockade will choke the life out of IRan and maybe cause the people to start another uprising.
32. #3
Daniel J. ,   NY, US   (08.18.12)
Israel has been threatened numerous times before as its right to live had to be fought again and again; was never given. Israel has been preparing in many fronts, in many ways and for a long time to confront this existential threat and when it'll deem necessary it'll strike at her own choosing. Jews are great warriors whether you accept/ admit it or not, nobody cares.
33. to #25
Salim ,   Canada   (08.18.12)
You're delusional if you think that Israel's top leadership is afraid to use the full force that they have in their possession. They have no doubt about Israel's capabilities, so if it has to be an attack, the Iranian nation will go the way of all the other evil nations that tried to exterminate the Jewish people. I hope the Iranian people have the wisdom and courage to overthrow their rulers who are leading them down the path of their death and destruction. If you need any help, I'm sure there are countless nations that will help you morally, financially and militarily. Just ask!!
34. Israel and 200 Nuclear weapons
David ,   USA   (08.18.12)
If Iran uses any chemical weapons then Israel must retailate with nuclear weapons at every Persian major city. Iran can blanket Tel Aviv with missles and tens of thousands of Jews will die.
35. #34 David
Salim ,   Canada   (08.18.12)
Iran will be finished if they dare attack Israel's cities. If Israel obliterates only the major cities of Iran, over 50 million of their citizens will perish. If Iran's leaders think that Israel will not pull out all the stops, they better think twice. Our only hope is for an uprising in Iran to throw those wicked leaders to the dogs forever.
36. #21 Hey Alan
Alex ,   Minneapolis MN   (08.18.12)
Are you stupidly suggesting that the Fakestineans are the Lion and the Israelis are the Vegitarians?
37. This affair has become a cheap soap opera.
WikiMiki   (08.18.12)
38. Iran lacks the tonnage
mick ,   USA   (08.18.12)
Iran doesn't have nearly the tonnage for that. Israel, on the other hand, can throw many millions of tons of explosives, plenty to physically destroy the population and industrial capacity of Iran.
39. why can not
Mohideen ,   sri lanka   (08.18.12)
If Israle can tell , we will attack Iran, again We will attack Iran, it is a nonsence to any humanbeing . so it is a challenge to put a full stop to Israle
40. Not
Mohideen ,   sri lanka   (08.18.12)
Not Iran, Bibi
41. NUKE iran reactors NOW!!!
Barry Small ,   Detroit usa   (08.18.12)
if you trust obama you are all dead.
42. I am sick and tired with idiots like Sarah B...
Avi ,   Israel   (08.18.12)
Enough empty bravado from your home in the U.S...Lets face it, we lack the strategic depth to survive a determined attack by new improved terror group Hezbollah. Ever since hostilities ended following the second Lebanon war, Iran has been trying to make up for whatever little shortcomings Hezbollah had in that war. Some had to do with air defense and others had to do with the lack of precision missiles capable of causing enormous damage. We do not have the strategic depth required to survive a concentrated determined attack. It is enough to target our Petro-Chemical facilities, not to mention our nuclear facilities at Dimona to threaten our existence. Time for diplomacy, not for flexing non existent muscles Sarah B style...
43. @42 - its too late
Shlomo Don ,   Tel Avi   (08.18.12)
The level of hatred built up between Iran & Israel is too much, peace is impossible any more. Once they have the A-Bomb, they will use it as the regime is not rational, still hanging gays & sorcerers & stoning people in the 21st century. Better to finish it now itself with conventional weapons, even though there will be many casualties. Else the land will be contaminated & unihabitable after a nuclear exchange.
44. #29 lazarbenabba
Sagi   (08.18.12)
You have obviously never read any of my posts on this site over the past few years. I am a lifelong confirmed atheist, I detest religion in any shape or form and have constantly stated my opinion that religion is the bane of humanity and without any doubt Man's greatest folly.
45. Israel won't stand by......
Mahlon Drumgoole ,   Newark NJ USA   (08.18.12)
All of these threats against Israel are frightening. There is no doubt that launching thousands of missiles at Israel, especially if they have chemical or biologic weapons, will kill many Israelis. What the Iranians don't seem to get is the devastation that Israel will cause if attacked by Iran or their proxies. First, parts of Lebanon will be destroyed as Hezbollah is part of the Lebanese govt. Second, every major city of Iran will be nuked. Iran's oil fields will be nuked also and the oil will be radioactive. Millions of Iranians will be destroyed and the infrastructure will be vaporized. If Egypt intervenes on the side of the Iranians, the Aswan dam will be destroyed as well as every major city. These aren't the 1930's and 40's when the SS killed so many unarmed Jews.
46. Avi # 42
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (08.18.12)
I'm sure Arthur Neville Chamberlain would have agreed with you.
47. War with Iran means occupation and conscription
Gen. Custer ,   Black Hills   (08.18.12)
For all you Americans so Gung Ho about an invasion just be aware that if it is done "properly" it would require a draft, and today's politicians don't have enough spine for such a thing.
48. We can and will destroy Lebanon for the tenth time, but...
Avi ,   Israel   (08.18.12)
Lebanon has been resilient enough to bounce back. Do we have the same resilience? This post is in addition to my post No. 42.
49. #42 Iran will not attack anyone
George ,   San Francisco, USA   (08.18.12)
You are crazy. Iran has no desire to attack anyone. Its threats are only in response to a stupid attack by Israel. Iran has not attacked anyone for 300 years. Why would they start now? Do you think they are crazy?
50. Predicament
Richard ,   Amsterdam Holland   (08.18.12)
Wishing all the Israeli decision makers wisdom.......G.d be with you Shalom from Holland.
51. Sagi # How old are you?
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (08.18.12)
Man is not a peaceful.creature by his nature Put crazy ideas in his head and you have trouble; Some men R more aggressive than others Arabs, desert people, living with sand and sun need to be vicious to survive. This marks the slate and no matter what you do to civilise them, their nature dominates. keeping them ignorant and feed them hate , they become savages, blood thirsty creatures. That is what has been done to muslims to feed a need to conquer the world .
52. Iran's Ingratitude
John Gilbert   (08.18.12)
I am sick of Iranian ingratitude especially against Israel. Many have already forgotten that during the Iraq-Iran War from 1980 to 1988, Israel bombed and destroyed the Osirak, Iraq nuclear reactor in 1981 which was of great benefit to Iran since this deprived Saddam Hussein of the ability to make nuclear weapons that he could have used against Iran during the Iraq-Iran War. This Iranian ingratitude against Israel is currently being felt these days as Iran now races to produce nuclear weapons to be used against Israel at all costs, forgetting that Israel once saved Iran from Iraq. It is hoped that this fact can be published somewhere since many Iranians are now suffering from amnesia.
53. #12 Steven Benassi
Alex ,   Minneapolis, MN   (08.19.12)
Benassi, please Shut The F UP already, you are giving State Of Minnesota a bad name.
54. #49 Hitler also never invaded anyone.
Iranian Hunter   (08.19.12)
Until he did....when he has the "required tools". And also, are you stupid or pretend to be one ? Hitler and Ayatollah speaks about destroying zionists jews again and again. Zion is another word for Israel. It's on your bible. You know....that book called bible, the one christian,jews read ?
55. #42 I totally agree with you. 100%.
Arthur Neville Chamb   (08.19.12)
56. #49 Living under a rock in SF?
Cynthia ,   USA   (08.19.12)
Iran attacked Israel in 2006 and 2008 through proxies and they've been staging terror attacks against Israel since. They also attack their own people and we see them behind the massacres in Syria. The regime fanatics have drained and isolated Iran. The people can't even buy food. Israel is a scapegoat for regime failure and each day some regime idiot stands in front of the camera to prove it. This regime is crumbling from the inside out and scared to death of the Persian Spring. If they have no desire to attack anyone, why do they make threats against Israel, the US and Europe? Why does Khamenei claim to be at war with the infidel West?
57. Simple answer to #49: Yes
Salim ,   Canada   (08.19.12)
58. Religion of Hate and Despair
Marc R ,   Aventura, FL   (08.19.12)
Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh needs a missle up his arse! That's how little the believers of this peaceful religion value the life of their people. They are willing to sacrifice the lives of thousands for what?
59. Wake Up!
Marc R ,   Aventura, FL   (08.19.12)
Iran has repeatedly promised to wipe Israel off the face of the earth as well as calling Israel a cancer to be destroyed. If someone threatened your wife and children with visable means to carry it out, would you take them seriously or laugh them off? After all, the one threatening your family's destruction never killed your family before? They didn't take Hitler seriously.......
60. #49 and #56: You live in another world
George ,   San Francisco, USA   (08.19.12)
#49: To compare Iran with Nazi Germany you need to reach the height of ignorance. Is Iran expansionist? Is Iran searching for oil? Is Iran persecuting its Jewish citizens? #56: Iran had nothing to do with the Israel barbaric attacks on Lebanon and Gaza in 2006 and 2008, respectively. Iran did supply Hezbollah with some weapons. But, the US supplied Israel with billions of weapons. Stupid Bush even rushed supplies to Israel while it continued the slaughter of innocent people. So, by your argument, the US attacked Iran by proxy.
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