Jewish teen arrested in connection to Jerusalem 'lynch'
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 18.08.12, 19:11
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1. Suspect can say what he wants
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (08.18.12)
but if he was caught on camera, he better have a twin.
2. Lynch
AARON ,   Tel Aviv   (08.18.12)
Good police job.
3. Jewish teen arrested
Floriane ,   Israel   (08.18.12)
Once again, poor us, look what the Jews are doing to us. Whine, lie and be Merry! And our people suffer and suffer!
4. violence creates violence end
Yousef ,   Palestine ,Hebron   (08.18.12)
5. The Jewish kids...
David ,   USA   (08.18.12)
I hope they receive a long sentence.. Attacking an Ara with several other kosher friends is pretty cowardly. Law must reflect Jews too to be fair.
6. 5# David USAthese are the real values of jews
Yousef ,   Palestine , Hebron   (08.18.12)
I think as israel is committed to these values it will not be totally destroyed in the Holy land . justice is an important value in the kingdom of David here before a 3 thousands years ago
7. Only one 19 y.o. "teen" caught? 12 was reported....
Reyes   (08.18.12)
It is classified as a "brawl"? It was a lynching. Every single one of them should be arrested and tried for a this attack based on racism and terror.
8. Poor Jew
WannabeMillionaire ,   USA   (08.18.12)
Yes, the poor Jew. They should not have arrested him unless they can prove beforehand that he was the one who hit the Arab. And why are Arabs in Jerusalem? We should send them back to where they came from! Or maybe we should send the Jews back to Warsaw, Skokie, and Brooklyn. Oh and Floriane, I hope you get your ass beat by a mob of angry, racist, vile teenagers. But I hope that they aren't able to resuscitate you.
9. For a victim of a mob lynching he looks well
AK   (08.18.12)
Not a mark on his body. I'd have expected him to be black and blue from the beating. was he hit once on his head?
10. Truth be told
Eli ,   Jerusalem   (08.18.12)
the only reason this is newsworthy at all is because it is rare. I do not condone the acts at all...but usually it is Arabs knifing and murdering Jews and now we get an article like this and the victims family makes it sound like all the Israelis are racist and dangerous. Lets prevent these things from happening but lets also tell the Arab propagandists to stuff it.
11. My heart goes out to the misken Arab teen.
Israeli ,   Haifa   (08.18.12)
I hope he heals fast with no permanant damage. The problem here is, now this just fuels more tit for tat. But one thing is for sure, only Mashiach can solve this.
12. How does he know "settlers" roam the shops?
Huh?   (08.18.12)
13. #5: David, don't you need all the facts
AK   (08.18.12)
Before you convict 'Jewish kids'? Why are you so quick so pass judgment?
14. dozens Ashkenazi price tag
observer ,   Egypt   (08.18.12)
August 28 1971: Zion Square, Jerusalem. A stormy demonstration of thousands is held where an effigy of Golda Meir is set on fire: “We are warning the government that we will take all necessary means against show trials of the Panthers’ activists…A state in which half the population are kings, and the other half are treated as exploited slaves – we will burn it down.” Half of Israelks population are Arab Mizrahi Jews. In Judaism, there is only one or two verses to recite in time of illness, but there are hundred verses to recite on revenge.
15. Reyes # 7
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (08.18.12)
Do you know what a lynching is? There are no marks on his neck. This story doesn't give enough details of what actually happened to make a judgement. The victims mother wasn't there and she just might be biased like you are.
16. What did rthe Arabs do to rthe Jew first?
Reuvgen   (08.18.12)
17. returning memory
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (08.19.12)
When his mom indicates that he can't remember due to the medication he is on I shudder to think what memory will come back after he is off meds. Probably the one that he is busy memorizing as mom feeds him the "facts" as she feels they need to be for the political "good" of their cause.
18. No. 8
NYC Girl   (08.19.12)
Why is it when people like you spew that "send them back to where they came from" crap they deliberately overlook the fact that half of Israelis originally came from the Middle East and North Africa. Is it because it doesn't fit your racist narrative?
19. yiddishkeit
yosef ,   williamsburg US   (08.19.12)
Satamr Rav was right...these thugs acted like goyim becuase of the (lack of) Torah they are being taught.
20. Watch the Arabs started it want to bet? and the cameras saw
Levi ,   Karmiel   (08.19.12)
This is why they have not released the footage yet. These Arab kids were looking for trouble I smell it.
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