Video: Soldiers beat journalists with clubs
Elior Levy
Published: 18.08.12, 19:19
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This is just a video of Lady Gagas' bodyguards mistreating an autograph seeker.....ha ha ha LOL.
2. For decades, various media have taken advantage of
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (08.18.12)
Israel's democratic ideals, freedom of press, etc in order to later select and produce any footage to their own advantage to use as anti-Israel propoganda. They have manipulated the "truth and facts" to serve their own anti-Israel agenda. The opinion of Israel in the World with no small measure has been somewhat negatively affected by " media" produced and selected news snippets and selected film footage. It's gone on too long, and now Israel has to fight an uphill hasbara campaign to redeem a negative Israel image, falsely created and duly eaten up by many people and organisations in the World.
3. Elior Levy should not be surprised if...
Israella   (08.18.12)
...regular sane Israelis regard him - and by extension his nefarious obnoxious media - as a lowlife last/ultimate traitor!
4. #1
AARON ,   Tel Aviv   (08.18.12)
right you are.............
5. Soldier video
Floriane ,   Israel   (08.18.12)
Look who is reporting? The most Antisemitic countries in the World: France(notorious for taking Palestinian side, one of the biggest journalist in France had to apologize publicly for having distorted reality and Lying about the Jewish side), China and Palestine. Total LIE!
6. No. The "journalists" were NOT hit,...
Gideon Reader   (08.18.12) soldiers. They, for the sake of a greater strengthening of the "Peace Process"; for an enlarged, more encompassing social justice for all, were "disengaged". August 18th 2012. ...and THAT's the way I see it.
7. My father hit me harder than that...
Dan ,   Tel-Aviv   (08.18.12)
That is not beating, but whatever
8. Where is the idf video?
Danny   (08.18.12)
One of the reasons the mavi mamara turned out to be a non-event was because of the videos clearly showing what happened. This should be standard operating procedure
9. What beating??
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (08.18.12)
Looked more like much ado about nothing. Time for all pals to leave Israel.
10. police and army do this all over the world. Advise, SIT
Sac ,   TA   (08.18.12)
11. This happens in many modern countries....
Frank ,   Z├╝rich, Switzerland   (08.18.12)
it just happened to some critical journalist in Russia few days ago when they demonstrated for pussy riot.
12. What I saw - "press trolling gangsters" looking for action
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (08.18.12)
It looks like a group of five large men, with "press" signs were following far behind Israeli soldiers who were ahead of them down the road. Then as if on cue, they went to the left where there was a wall, as the Israeli jeeps approached, and at least one of the " press" guys was wearing a gas mask. There was at least one other person following the others and was taking video from behind the other five. They seem , in my opinion, to have been looking for some "action" so they could film it, but they filmed it selectively. The camera filming the other five press people veered away so we could not see what the "reporters" were doing or how they were behaving. They did dis-obey Israeli soldiers orders, showing disrespect and arrogance. If they did this in China or France or in the Pal/Arab areas, ( and they would never dare to ) they would not have have had as nice an ending of their "press trolling picnic". It really seems that they came looking for pretexts for confrontations and for trouble, and then they cry afterwords.
13. Beatings
David ,   Australia   (08.19.12)
you are turning into nazis and arabs.
14. COWARDS!!!
Maxim ,   ISRAEL FOREVER!   (08.19.12)
Take your lousy cameras to Syria where you could get plentiful of action watching Arabs killing Arabs by the thousands. These yellow belly cowards do not have the guts to go where the action is. COWARDS! They do deserve an IDF batton up their behind.
15. thats NOT jewish!
Ze'ev ,   Nbg, germany   (08.19.12)
I cant believe it, why we do such things! There is no mitzva telling us to spread hate! We dont do such stuff! And why you all defending it? ITS NOT JEWISH to beat civilians with batons just so! Geez!
16. They are no civilians or press they are there to spread hate
Levi ,   Karmel   (08.19.12)
These Camera men were in a area they are no allowed in even with signs posted to stay out. They cam looking for trouble and to start trouble and to spread or hatred towards Israel. Nothing more Nothing less
17. #15. Drop the fake outrage
Tom W ,   USA   (08.19.12)
Have you seen what did the German police when your comrades, "Der Schwartze Block" protest? This is part of the Photoshop/Video editing propaganda war by the Arabs and their EU supporters. We don't fall for these crap because, mind you, nothing happened on this video. Nothing so don't salivate.
18. Journalists Beaten?
brynababy ,   Santa Clarita, usa   (08.20.12)
Where was this supposed beating? I watched the video. Are you kidding??! One soldier barely touched the leg of one of the guys who wasn't responding to being asked to move. This fraudulent mis-representation, for God's sake. What dishonesty!
19. They broke my hand
O boo hoo hoo   (08.20.12)
Cry like a baby why don't you...
20. soldiers beating journalists
Chris ,   Melbourne, Australia   (08.21.12)
and this is 'the most moral army in the world'? not on this evidence
21. Reply to Chris from Melbourne
Gary Katz ,   United States   (08.21.12)
Chris, a few whacks in the legs may not have been warranted, but they hardly deprive the IDF of the title, "most moral." Considering what Israel has to deal with every day, their restraint is world class. There can always be aberrations, of course, but this stuff was milder than what you'd encounter in an Australian saloon!
22. to #20 what would you do? when some "papparazi"
ghostq   (08.21.12)
shoved a camera to your face? you would do the same if not worse, it happened to civilians and to public figures and to soldiers, don't tell me you will jump from joy.
23. Beating ?
shimon ,   new zealand   (08.21.12)
The video is so poor and tells us very little and as usual the source of the video is extremely suspect IMO I am more likely to suffer greater hurt at a supermarket check out or baggage roundabout at the airport
24. It's a video PR war, & IDF REPEATEDLY comes unequipped!
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (08.22.12)
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