Hundreds protest against economic measures
Boaz Fyler
Published: 18.08.12, 23:55
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1. rabble and refuse
E. G. Marsch ,   Nahariya, Israel   (08.19.12)
dregs, nincompoops, losers, twerps
2. The neo-enslavement of the Jews
Cynic #2   (08.19.12)
by the Jews. That's what Israel has become!
3. Protesting is the only thing these Tel Aviv draft dodgers
stov   (08.19.12)
seem to be doing lately. They should be behind bars for draft dodging.
4. the protestors are the ones who are trying to kill democracy
zionist forever   (08.19.12)
Daphne Leef & her social justice mob one of their official aims is to topple this government. They are funded by many foreign & domestic left wing NGOS including the Israel communist party and Leef herself has now become a paid full time activist. As for this lot who were out protesting against the economic measures I would love to know how increasing taxes is taking us down the road to dictatorship? In democracies governments have a right to raise taxes without having to answer to protestors or idiots who want to go on hunger strike. We may well end up with a Labor government next election but if we do its because left wing NGOS have been funding weekly protests and brainwashing everybody into the idea that the rich are evil oppressors and if you want something and if you say its in the name of social justice your entitled to it and if the government won't give it to you the government has got to go. We got academics telling air force pilots to refuse orders to bomb Iran along with an increasingly organised movement to campaign against military action in Iran. We have social justice campaigners out with new demands every week. What we have to worry about is not becoming a dictatorship its democracy giving way to mob rule.
5. Real Courage
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay   (08.19.12)
"Courage is not a man with a gun in his hand. It's knowing you're licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do." - spoken by Atticus Finch, by Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird
6. Extreme leftists need dictionaries
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.19.12)
They seem to believe that democracy somehow means leftists rule and that dictatorship is any non-leftist rules. The education system has been hijacked by the extreme left for so long that they don't even know what either word actually means. They are so anti-democracy that they do not even under that basic concept
7. Socialism is slavery
Golan ,   modiin   (08.19.12)
Stop relying on government subsidies, stop the marxist over-regulations, end government intrusion into every aspect of our lives... no these losers want more government intrusion, more regulation and more subsidies. What losers.
8. could they be right?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.19.12)
Will Netanyahu declare he represents only a minority of Israelis, and tell the rest to spin like propellors? Will Netanyahu close newspapers and jail journalists who don't agree with the government line? Will Netanyahu send Shabak to entrap his political opponents? Will Netanyahu send troops to evict his political opponents from their homes, steal their property and force them into refugee camps? These are hallmarks of dictatorships. I'd love to hear a Leftist comment.
9. yawn...
ej ,   tlv   (08.19.12)
their populist, socialist agenda is NOT supported by the over whelming majority of Israeli citizens. Bibi has steered Israel away from recession and high unemployment, which is more than previous PMs have done. The difficulties in the Israeli economy are actually the result of decades of socialist mismanagement: 1) state monoplies 2) practically no competition 3) high tariffs or blocked imports 4) price controls 5) subsidies 6) high taxes to pay for so called "free" services- there is NO such thing as "free" 7) outrageous government over regulation and bureaucracy 8) welfare to arabs and haredim 9) Union teamsters making hiring and firing difficult, which keep costs high, forcing many businesses to close here while also driving away investors 10) the centralized socialist government created a coalition government without constituent representation, which give citizens little recourse in directly influencing politics.
10. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.19.12)
Oh, please. Don't you know the difference between fiction and reality? If not, how about the difference between a courtroom and the political arena? You are beyond an idiot; someplace irretrievable. Did someone forget to tell you that Atticus Finch is a FICTIONAL character?
11. 9
zionist forever   (08.19.12)
The social justice movement is for a large part funded by domestic and foreign left wing NGOS. We even have the communist party of Israel helping out which probably explains he sea of red flags you get at these protests. The hilarious thing is their attempt to create a socialist paradise they are actually making it harder to solve problems. They do not want privatisation of any state owned company, if the state owns & runs it the state must continue to own and run it even if it is losing money as a result all that matters is the state own and run it. The HIstadrut will always find something to moan about and strike over. They want the government to spend billions but not raise taxes to pay for it. Even before now when the government wanted to raise fuel taxes by about 50 Agarot people with and without cars were protesting against it. People are being brainwahsed to create the image of the evil oppressive tycoon who they think should pay for everything. They want a substantial increase in the minimum wage but at the same time unemployment must be brought down. They think the government has a duty to look after their every need from cradle to grave and that the country should revolve around them and what they want.
12. 7
zionist forever   (08.19.12)
Zehavia Gal-on leader of Meretz she went to court get the Arutz 7 pirate radio station closed down and she pulled it off. Once she got the radio closed she asked the court to close down their website which they refused to do and she later tried and failed to get the the Jpost website closed. They left claim they believe in free press & free speech but only if you support their beliefs and critics must be silenced. Haredi must be forced to serve but secular left wing draft dodgers are heroes which we wish had more of. The left think they have a right to rule because they are the enlightened ones.
13. To those protesting in TA:There's a little record in my body
that plays"My heart ,   bleeds for you".NOT!   (08.19.12)
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