Getting away with anti-Semitism
Lisa Abramowicz
Published: 19.08.12, 11:11
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1. Getting away with anti-Semitism
Calling the ,   kettle black   (08.19.12)
If anti-Semitism is happening in Israel by self-hating liberal Jews who hate religious Jews, especially haredim, can you expect anything better from Swedish goyim or any other goyim?
2. Sweden is already destroyed...
Beary White ,   Norway   (08.19.12)
by islamic followers. The "origin" swedish people with low confidense are loosing control, and by attacking Israel and pro-israel people they try to increase their own popularity at the islamic side. With Karlssons false citation of Theodore Hertzl, Karlson has made himself a liar and a verified anti-semite, at the same time got full backup from the new rulers of sweden.
3. If Karlsson
Paul ,   South Africa   (08.19.12)
is writing such rubbish, why are you promoting it by displaying this article & why are you so vigorously trying to disprove his writings. If its just "lies" why are you creating such an awareness campaign ?
4. Swedish author
gerry ,   raanana, Israel   (08.19.12)
He's not the only one. It has been reported that Henning Mankell, a best-selling Swedish author, donates a portion of his royalties to Hamas. Yet his books are sold by Steimatzky in Israel.
5. add G¨ran Rosenberg,an ex-Israeli,bashing Israel in Swedish
ab   (08.19.12)
press and on TV.
6. #3 Because ignoring propaganda doesn't work.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (08.19.12)
It's clever enough, and draws enough from half-truths, to sound true itself. Repeat a lie often enough, and it becomes truth. An utterly subjective truth. The kind of truth people later die from. And that's when you're far better off fighting for the objective truth, as otherwise you're just left with collecting your teeth from the sidewalk, and at best.
7. # 3
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (08.19.12)
Combat antisemitism? It is an uphill battle, its roots are centuries old, its causes are complex. Sweden is just one small segment of an antisemitic world, but we have a country now, small but strong and successful, it is a safe haven to the jewish people, let's be loyal and supportive if it!
8. We should write to this man
Lou ,   Bucharest, Romania   (08.19.12)
and tell him what a shameful act is his "work"!
9. The Shame of Sweden
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.19.12)
How can Sweden claim to be an enlightened society when it tolerates its elites openly fostering anti-Semitism? One wonders if there is some connection with its Nazi- helping actions in World War II and the present racist and prejudiced attitude against Israel. Contemptible.
10. The real problem with this issue
Charles S.   (08.19.12)
As the many inane comments show, people who fail to comprehend the essence and real tragedy of this. The entire Swedish state-machine, the Foreign Ministry/Minster and the so-called elites are in the dock here, justifiably so. The country has long ben an unofficial enemy of Israel. For decades now. Now it seems they feel the need to go a step further. Judging by the recent kippah walks, it seems they are openly antisemitic in their nature as well and not afraid to show it.
11. crux of the matter
Beauchard ,   Amsterdam   (08.20.12)
Karlsson prospers from his antisemitism. Moaning about it just increases his income. Antisemitism is a safe and profitable career choice. The solution: make it a dangerous and unprofitable career choice.
12. Sweden
Joseph ,   Usa   (08.20.12)
Spend some time in any Scandinavian country and you will find that isreal and USA are the bad guys,the immergrant problem is because of us.
13. Not just him
Arthur ,   Stockholm   (08.26.12)
Antisemitism is pervasive among our journalists and sort of a fashon accessory for the radical chick class. They cannot sea it because they primarily socialise with each other. The rest of us are not that bad though of course nothing that mitigates the demonic immage of Israel promulgated by the journalists can be heard in any swedish language television or radio station. The internet nowadays provides that opportunity.
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