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Facebook removes Hezbollah page
Published: 19.08.12, 10:27
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1. Maybe Mark Zuickerberg is feeling
Reuven   (08.19.12)
some more Jewish loyalty. I know he has some. I wish Facebook would take down F(profanity deleted) Israel, a repulsive anti-Israel site.
2. Oh the irony!
Fliss ,   Sydney, Australia   (08.19.12)
I suppose I'm not the only one who sees the irony of a terrorist group - Hezbollah - a group which hates all Jews yet had a Facebook page...which was started by a Jew. The same can be said for all those other anti - Semites out there who get on Facebook and rant about how much they hate Israel/Jews and boycott everything Israeli/Jewish...which they don't really, otherwise they wouldn't be on Facebook let alone a computer.
3. Facebook needs some good competition
Efraim ,   in Virginia   (08.19.12)
...that will not cater to terrorists and other vile elements.
4. Site take-down
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (08.19.12)
Facebook has committed a gross act of censorship and violation of free communication by a perfectly legitimate resistance movement. Shame!
5. If The U.S.Terror List Is The Guide To Rooting Out Evil
Aren't U.S. Allies Like u.k. And e.u. And organizations like interpole Using The Same List? If So WHY CAN'T these foreign allies Place hizbullah ON THEIR TERRORIST WATCH LIST?????????????????????????? Do They Say One Thing, But Mean Another????????????????????????
6. (2) nothing new under the sun
tiki ,   belgium   (08.19.12)
Dictators, Muslim Brotherhood, terrorist groups always come to power because they USE democracy which makes it so easy for them to get wat they want. Hitler was elected democraticly, so was Hamas and Achmad from Iran and many other dictators. If terrorist groups want to get their message around, they wil use everything, especially Jewish means (which is a double satisfaction), like the German used stolen Jewish money to transport Jews to the death camps.
7. # 4 graczec
Jorge   (08.20.12)
Be good, eat your grass, take your loony medicine and go lie down
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