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Tragic end for Jewish woman in custody battle with Saudi prince
Lior Zilberstein
Published: 20.08.12, 14:17
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1. Sorrow and more sorrow!!!!
Gabriel` ,   Montreal   (08.20.12)
Although It is a terrible and tragic story filled with sorrow, It is a great reminder that jewish women should never be close to muslim guys, let alone marrying them. My deepest condoleance to the family
2. Saudi prince?
Anshel ,   Toronto, Canada   (08.20.12)
There is a lesson for every Jewish women. You fool around with a Muslim man, you pay for it dearly. They don't share our values, how long it will take them to comprehend?
3. Woman falls to death after being threatened by saudi prince
Sol Morgenstern ,   Frankfurt Germany   (08.20.12)
Yeah, she fell.
4. Of all the guys in the world why she
Rachel ,   US   (08.20.12)
get involved with him?
5. Not the first time:
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (08.20.12)
This has happened before; a non-muslim woman, marries an muslim man and the child is kidnapped and the mother is held against her will. Islamic counties side with the Father, and the Mother loses. Now, it may be that she was murdered as well. Muslims murdering? Hardly uncommon!
6. nothing to do with Jews
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.20.12)
The fact that she was Jewish is not important. How could anyone be stupid enough to marry a Saudi man? Saudi Arabia is a racist apartheid state, where no one is worth anything unless they are an Arab Sunni male. All the rest are slaves or worse.
7. The French government's turn to act
Maurice ,   Montreal   (08.20.12)
Does anyone have any doubt that she was murdered or fell to her death while running away from being murdered? Now, the French government and police have to do all they can to catch the perpetrators, even if it may cause a crisis between France and the despicable racist Saudi Arabia. But will the French Government see justice as more important than oil? I doubt it very much!
8. sounds a bit suspicious to me
ma nishma ,   modiin   (08.20.12)
but even more so, what the heck does a nice Jewish girl do marrying an Arab sheik? We have many Jewish jerks too, if she want to marry a rich snot, look in her back yard, kinda hard now...
9. terrible. -
Dan   (08.20.12)
what do you think it is that attracted this lady to the billionaire saudi prince?
10. Brides beware
Arnold ,   Canada   (08.20.12)
There is a French Canadian woman that had married and had children with a Saudi man. When they left Quebec some years ago to visit the husband's family in Saudi Arabia the woman became a prisoner as soon as they landed on Saudi soil. She is physically and mentally abused by the husband's family. She has the choice to leave but never with her children. She is stuck is Islamic HELL..
11. the saudi "prince" got MONEY, so all is ALLOWED 2 them.
hot snow ,   tlv   (08.20.12)
12. It goes both ways
Ameridane ,   Aarhus, Denmark   (08.20.12)
An Israeli, divorced his Danish wife and abducted his daughter. He took her to Israel and left her with his family alone while he lived, together with his brother in Miami. The strange thing is nobody did anything to help the mother, including the Danish and the Israeli police. The girl was brought back to Denmark (legally) by a Danish- Arab who was himself kidnapped by his Jordanian father and managed to go back to Denmark. THIS IS A TRUE STORY.
13. Suspicious
Adam ,   Herndon VA, USA   (08.20.12)
This sounds very suspicious. I hope the authorities will investigate this in a fair and comprehensive manner.
14. #12, but she didn't die?
Jimmy ,   ca   (08.20.12)
15. Tragic end
Roxy ,   Israel   (08.20.12)
This has happened many times before in fact there was a movie starring Sally Field called not without my daughter, and it was about an American woman married to an Iranian man, They went to visit his family in Iran(post Shah) and she was a prisoner in the household treated like dirt and had to secretly make her way to the Swiss Embassy to get out...needless to say in oder to escape she had to hire mercenaries to smuggle her daughter out of that place! It is never wise to marry a Muslim man and go back with him to his homeland for a visit, women have no rights there, you and your kids are his property to do with as they wish!
16. The daughter is alive, she must remember that
Yossef   (08.20.12)
she is jewish
17. Petrodollars doing their positive work again!
Ram ,   London   (08.20.12)
Poor woman. May her soul rest in peace. One day the West will wake up to recognize the evil they have chosen to ignore, and sometimes cultivated, so far.
18. Converting from islam means death ?
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (08.20.12)
In Saudi Arabia and Iran yes. Why not an answer in Israel that converting from judaism should be punished with 25 days public work and 1250 shekalim penalty.
19. First mistake was to marry him
Dan ,   US   (08.20.12)
I hope it sets precedent for all those girls who marry these disgusting jazirs
20. what is a Jewish woman doing with a muslim man?
Laura ,   jerusalem Israel   (08.20.12)
21. The women...
Adina ,   Tel Aviv   (08.20.12)
The women converted to Islam for this Saudi creep. Seriously its sad but not worth my time. She knew it was a problem from the beginning but was fucking greedy. She wanted the money, got it but the karma got her back. Just hope her daughter knows better and comes back to her roots.
22. I am 100% behind this mother
Taner ,   NYC   (08.20.12)
May God allow her to get her child's custody and put this behind.
23. On the other hand US, Israel support Saudis
Taner ,   NYC   (08.20.12)
US and Israel alliance supports Saudi's dictatorial monarchs just for oil. Same applies to US-Israeli support to Mubarak. WHile the very same countries also nag about women's rights in the World and criticize other dictators. Why do we support such regimes as in Saudi?
24. "mysterious circumstances" a code for murder?
ygalg ,   israel   (08.20.12)
25. It is sad, but also it was her fault too.
E,M Jordan is Pale ,   SF   (08.20.12)
Do not trust any Muslim especial for relationship because in the final day he or she wills stub you on your back, I really feel sorry for her but that is what in final day we will get especial if the guy is part of Saudi kingdom, in politics the life of one innocent women is not that important because the interest of France government was involved.
26. The unfortunate reality of Islamic Shariah Law
Galut ia ,   Selah   (08.20.12)
an unfortunate reality that the western world needs to come to terms with and forcibly deal with....
27. Nothing to see here, move along
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (08.21.12)
She just tripped and fell out of an open window. It happens. Don't mess with the gang of Saud "royal" crime family.
28. Reply to #18
Didi ,   Canada   (08.21.12)
Please stop you false rumours, your accsations are lies, pure lies. coming from Hungary the most racist European city, the most disgusting people I ever met were in Hungary; rude, corrupt, liars, unwelcoming, bitter, ugly and racist! Can't wait until this country implodes.
29. How convenient for the Saudi Prince! The Jewish wife erred
Rivkah   (08.21.12)
Scripturally since the Prophet Nehemiah and his Scribe Ezra reflected the will of HaShem in telling the people to give up foreign (non-Jewish) spouses and children by them. She should have given up the child to the foreign husband and gotten a divorce and blotted out the child and the foreign husband from her memory. My oldest sister was in a similar situation and her only child was abducted by her husband before a divorce. She did not see the child again for 26 years, not knowing where she was. But when she did and met her grandchildren, the daughter was callous toward her and filled with hate toward her mother and her mother's family she was told had died, growing up with a foster mother in Texas. Her Anglo grandmother bought her a house she inherited when the grandmother died. Was she thankful? She refused to visit her grandmother when she was dying. The moral is that when a person marries out of the faith and the marriage ends, let it end. give up the unbelieving spouse and the children by him/her unless the unbelieving spouse wants to stay in the marriage. Males who want to get rid of a woman are dangerous, my mother said long ago. Give up the children by the heathen as instructed by Nehemiah and Ezra. Remarry and have a pure race family instead of a mixed multitude family. It was the mixed mulitude (offspring of Hebrew-Egyptian marriages or Arabs) who caused most of the problems for Moses long ago. That has not changed. Mixed race children cause a lot of problems and it is best not to have them or to give them up if the marriage fails.
30. The daughter is dead to the Jewish relatives. That is
how it should be since Nehemiah the Prophet and Ezra the Scribe told the Jews who returned to the land given to them by HaShem to put away foreign spouses and the children by them. This woman should have gone on as if her daughter was dead.
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