Oslo deal was good for the Jews
Dov Weisglass
Published: 21.08.12, 10:41
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1. Can't wait for the talkbacks.
Vlad   (08.21.12)
2. The writer is the conceiver of the hitnakut
Sam ,   Eretz Israel   (08.21.12)
He is directly responsible for the destruction of Gush Katif. He, also, should now shut his mouth.
3. Peres
21.08.2012   (08.21.12)
is today's silliest old twit living in Israel. Peres is already in his twilight years..... why doesn't he accept it like a man, and know when you shut the hell up?
4. This is satire, right?
Danny   (08.21.12)
5. What Was Good About Oslo ????
JM ,   Bet Shemesh   (08.21.12)
Nothing but war, terror, and a lot of dead Jews as a result of Oslo.
6. Weisglas failed
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.21.12)
Knocking down this fiction article with facts is too easy, so let's just have an embarrasing silence. What is fun is to realize that Weisglas did not say what he wanted to say. Weisglas is trying to convince the RightWingers he considers inferior that Peres is great. so he chuckles how Judea and Samaria is a prison. Weisglas thinks RightWingers are so stupid that they want Arabs in prison, but in fact Weisglas is saying that instead of striving for peace, Peres inhumanly locked millions of people in an open-air prison for another 20 years of humiliation and slavery, while arming them and teaching them hatred. Weisglas is affirming the RightWing opinion that Peres destroyed any chance of peace. If Weisglas really believes what he is saying, he should demand that Peres be tried for crimes against humanity.
7. Oslo was anti-Zionism and the attempt to
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.21.12)
destroy the Jewish state...it was TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. A more expensive prostitute
Ilan   (08.21.12)
He also charges by the hour and has no principles, just more money is required for his services.
9. Give us a break...What a crap
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome   (08.21.12)
10. The real Peres record.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (08.21.12)
This article is written proof of what is wrong with israel. The writer does not speak about the hatred, terror, violence and loss of Jewish and arab life engendered by Oslo. Oslo empowered the arabs to make war on the Jews.Empowered hatred, death and terror. Whose great idea was it to bring Arafat and his murderers to the land of Israel. Oslo planted the seeds of destruction of israel. Hate to tell this liar that the arabs already had administrative control over their lives before Oslo. Security control, out of necessity has remained in the hands of the IDF and will remain so forever. The only good ideas and policies that Peres implemented were all initiated and monitored by David Ben Gurion. Golda Meir called Peres a fantasizer who is capable of doing great harm to the state of Israel. The attack on Osiraq, Peres against, why it was not his idea. The attack on Iran, Peres against it is not his idea. The attack on Egypt in 1956, Peres for, Ben Gurion's idea. Oslo diseaster, Peres for, Peres' idea.
11. Peres, a fantasizer, out of touch with reality.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (08.21.12)
One more, Dimona, Peres for, David Ben Gurion's idea.
12. Oslo is the WORST thing that ever happened to Israel........
OMG ,   Israel   (08.21.12)
All of these so called "Piece Deals" have done nothing but fool the world into thinking Arabs would ever live in peace with us. They will NEVER live in peace with us and any attempt to give away land or deny that the WHOLE land of israel belongs to the Jews is the work of delusional traitors. Peres has NEVER done ANYTHING good for Israel. He is a pathlogical egoist and his only love, concern or focus is on himself (and his money).
13. Peres is loved by all israelis?
David ,   Haifa Israel   (08.21.12)
14. The art of glamous mistakes
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (08.21.12)
Every compromise, every twisted rational for trying to appear fair with Arabs, has always resulted in the opposite of what the genius thought they had brilliantly connived. Israel can't win on popular twisted logic, since what the Arabs agree to is what postilions them in the best way to accomplish their goal of either the elimination of any Jewish entity or glorious genocide of Jews. Whatever the Europeans or the Americans, or Russian support, is what positions best for the spoils.
15. Oslo = the worst wave of terrorism in the history of Israel
16. To bring palestinian terrorists in the doorstep of Israel is
17. Dov Weisglass the king of stand up comedy
Frederic   (08.21.12)
18. Perez helped the worst killer of jews to come to Israel
19. Thank You Mr. Peres!
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (08.21.12)
My friends and neighbors who were murdered by terrorists that you brought here to our land? Well, we'll have to overlook that. The people I know with prosthetic devices after having limbs blown off in suicide bombings? Well, we'll have to overlook that too. My former commanding officer who had part of his head blown off by weapons that you generously provided to our enemies? Well, we'll have to overlook that too. The terrorist ambush that nearly killed me as I drove home from work one night? Well, we'll have to overlook that too. I can go on and on, unfortunately. The only good thing about Oslo was that it once and for all proved that land for peace is a lie. A deadly lie.
20. Dov Weisglass Failed
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (08.21.12)
B"H - Dov Weisglass of course is wrong. He is wrong here and he is wrong historically. Historically he is wrong because he pronounced "'Thanks to Sharon we left that cursed land forever." phrase on Gaza. Now he is wrong because in parleamentary democracies like in Israel the President's is a ceremonial function and it is in front of evereone's eyes that Peres abuses his role. That doesn't change, just because Weisglass likes what he says. Actually, it shows that he is ready and willing to disregard the institutional setup of the country just to promote his failed ideas of distruction of the Jews.
21. Some raw data:
Igor ,   Germany   (08.21.12)
In the 7 years between Oslo and the 2nd Intifada more than twice as many Israelis have fallen victim to terror as in 20 (TWENTY!) years before Oslo. If that's a good deal for the Jews I don't want to know what a bad one looks like. BTW. Netanyahu couldn't and can't annul the agreements. It's legally impossible and not honoring them would be politically disastrous.
22. We did change land for suicide bomber.
Rosenvald ,   Brasil   (08.21.12)
Peres Zaken Metumtam.
23. Thousands of Israelis maimed, murdered by Oslo.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.21.12)
Leave it to Weisglass, who played a huge role in the Oslo Disaster and many of Peres' lunatic actions; to defend Peres. Oslo has been accurately described as "the worst self inflicted wound by any nation" in history. Thousands of Israelis lost their lives and well being as a direct result of Oslo. Yet Oslo was only one of the many calamities inflicted on Israel by Peres.
24. Oslo deal ias good for Jews? - Am I delusional
leo ,   usa   (08.21.12)
fool or these people are? For the sake of Jews I hope I am.
25. This is outrageous
Rivkah F. ,   jerusalem   (08.21.12)
1, Netanyahu could not have worked against the Oslo Accords from 1993-95 because like all others who saw the deceitful Arafat and the gullible Beilin & Peres & the unfortunate Rabin -- Bibi would have been called a " warmonger" and "an enemy of the peace." 2, Once an agreement is signed & guaranteed (in this case by the U.S.), it cannot be abrogated -- Israel would have lost its credibility. Even Bibi could not do much to change things when he was PM in 1996-99. 3, If there were a Jewish equivalent of a Trappist monastery, Peres, Beilin, Weisglass, Hirschfeld, etc. etc. should have been living there instead of making their misleading public pronouncements. 4, Oslo was a grave error. It brought Arafat here & the enemy to our doorstep, armed them & its perpetrators lied and continuously lie to the people. The blood of our murdered brothers and sisters, killed as "sacrifices for peace" (what Orwellian Newspeak that was) cries out to us from the earth. But Peres, Weisglass, etc. will never hear it.
26. weisglass = monkey business with the plo
Daniel ,   TA - IL   (08.21.12)
how unbelievable arrogant to write this b*ll. But then again whenever there has been monkey business with the arabs, such as the jericho casino and many dubious deals wih dahlan, the writer had a deep vinger in its profits. shame on you and stop your arrogance. It might have been profitable for you... it is desastrous for us citizens of Israel!
27. The "little people" don
28. Dov Weisglass sounds like Yossi Beilin
Dan Kelso   (08.21.12)
How does Dov Weisglass write an article and not mention the thousands of Israelis murdered and maimed because of Oslo. How does Dov not mention Peres gave the Fatah a base in the West Bank to murder Israeli civilians? How does Dov not mention the Fatah media which glorifies massacres of Israeli civilians and names streets after these terrorists? Finally just to remind Dov. Peres opposed bombing Iraq's nuclear facility in 81. Take a wild guess what Saddam Hussein would have done with these nukes if Israel didn't bomb Iraq's nuclear facility in the 2003 war? Peres opposed Israel going into Jenin in 2002, this after hundreds of Israeli civilians were massacred by homicide bombers coming from Jenin. Peres opposed going into Jenin, cause he was more concerned about his legacy with the murderer Arafat. Peres opposed killing Yassin in 04, after Yassin ordered hundreds of terrorist attacks against Israel.
29. Idiotic beyond berlief!
Reuven   (08.21.12)
30. Weisglass's first loyalty
E. G. Marsch ,   Nahariya, Israel   (08.21.12)
is always to his business partners--Peres, Arafat, Sharon, Martin Schlaff. The people of Israel, including those lying in early graves or maimed for life thanks to his friends' initiatives, are a very different second, or fifth, or tenth.
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