Arab Israelis 'have nowhere to hide' if war breaks out
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 21.08.12, 14:04
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1. Question to the Arabs.
Jules   (08.21.12)
When they voted Zoabi and her ilk into the Knesset - didn't they realize that the war and hatred, sooner or later, would backfire ?
2. Dear Arabs,
Igor ,   Germany   (08.21.12)
Why are you considering leaving Israel only in the case of war? Why do you insist on living in this racist, apartheid country which only discriminates against you and where you have no rights at all? Why don't you leave NOW for Hamastan and live there happily ever after?
3. israeli arabs fear attack from their brothers
milson   (08.21.12)
world should take note that israeli arabs, some of them wish to fee to judea and samaria and elsewhere. if you flee, then your citizenship will be removed and would not be allowed back!
4. so maybe...
daniela ,   panama   (08.21.12)
it would be a good idea for israeli arabs to remind their moslem ¨brothers¨not to shower Israel with missiles.. Remember the israeli arab that said that he was not willing to serve in the IDF because he could not shoot another ¨brother¨in case of war between Israel and its neighbors??? well.. in that case it would be good to remind Israel´s neighbors that when they attack Israel they might be killing you...and not only jews. Maybe that way your friend Nasrallah et company will go back on his words of showering Israel with 10,000 missiles.
5. Local authorities build shelters
Avi   (08.21.12)
Arab local authorities are full of corruption and debt. They refuse to collect taxes from residents who refuse to give taxes. But they want, want, want. The arab culture of trading in black money has to stop for their own good, and stop considering tax money as legal theft. They still live in a very ancient world.
6. What do they mean 'nowhere to hide? ...
robert renders ,   belgium   (08.21.12)
They can always flee and hide at their brother's countries in Syria, Lebanon or Egypt... Or even with their friends in Iran.
7. I'm curious whose fault this is
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (08.21.12)
I know when building a new building in Israel it needs to have a bomb shelter in it. That if you need to build a bomb shelter, you can get government help to do it. As far as gas masks, they have been available the past few years to be picked up almost anywhere. I picked them up for my whole family, no one looked twice at the guy on the bus carrying 14 gas mask boxes. The mayor and the city staff are in charge of public and municipal buildings as well as working with the national government in organizing distribution of masks. So if they don't have gas masks, and they don't have shelters, who is to blame? And just a thought, but maybe they were thinking that just the Jewish Israeli cities were going to be targeted and they will be spared.
8. They should not be allowed to return to Israel.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.21.12)
Let the Israeli Arabs flee. Both polls and elections prove that very few of them are loyal to Israel as a Jewish state. They should not be allowed to return to Israel; but should be fairly compensated for property left behind.
9. Why didn't you pick up your mask when you could?
Tova M. ,   Rehovot, Israel   (08.21.12)
Gas masks have been distributed since April 2010 to any citizen. All you had do was go pick it up for free or have it sent to you by mail for a small fee (25 nis). Also, if buildings are being built to code, they will have a designated protective space. But many Israelis are in the same boat and do not have newer apartments. It's not just an Arab-Israeli issue, and it's not fair reporting on Ynet's part to leave the impression that only Arab-Israelis are in this situation. The Home Front command's website tells you how to select / create a safe room. The site is in Arabic, Russian, English and Hebrew:
10. Ask your mk and municipality what they did with themoney
daniel ,   TA - IL   (08.21.12)
The arab MKs and towns representatives are chosen for there hatred towards israel. They pocket all state funds and now their voters whine. Too bad they voted for hatred, now they pay the price...
11. not only Arabs
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.21.12)
Most Israeli Arabs live in large houses, not tiny apartments like the Jews. They are less likely to be hit The underground shelters and parking garages will be death traps, especially if gas weapons are used. The average Israeli has only two choices. The first choice is the reinforced room every new house must have, be it an Arab or Jewish house. If someone broke the law and did not build such a room, what can we say? The second choice is to seek shelter in Judea and Samaria. The only question is why are Netanyahu and Barak doing their best to prevent Jews from finding safety?
12. same as the ISRAELI schools!
Talia ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.21.12)
These pictures and descriptions are the exact same as what the Jewish Israeli kids see when they go to school. The difference is, we don't have a platform to complain and make the world feel sorry for us. We also use our bomb shelters for storage and our schools are run down! P.S. I don't own a gas mask either!
13. B"H - Arabs Can Hide In Arabia
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (08.21.12)
14. Everyone Of The Terrorist Bunches Call
For The Destruction Of Israel, forgetting that their arab/bedouin kin Living within Israel's Border's? Nah They Didn't forget They JUST DON'T CARE! What's a bunch of More Dead arabs? Just Look To syria, no one Cares or Takes Action Against the Butcher of syria!!!!!!!!!!!! hassan syeed nasrallah Can't wait to exterminate the arab/bedouins in tripoli lebanon!!!
15. Thats what happens when you have a group at war with israel
hippocrates ,   earth   (08.21.12)
within Israel. They want want want but less than 5% pay taxes, the rest dont pay jack, dont serve the country, and instead vote in nk's who walk hand in hand with hamas and al aksa. and they build 10's of 1000's of illegal structures with impunity bc they know the government turns a blind eye to their activities. these buildings dont have required bomb shelters, surprise surprise. whose "fault " is that? how about your own. 1000's of terrorist fires, a culture that doesnt understand the term 2 way street. give and take, simple really.
16. Why do they think they will be safer in the "West Bank"???
Dror ,   Israel   (08.21.12)
Do they think missles are so accurate to only hit "Israel" inside the Green Line? There are absolutely no shelters in the PA controlled area. Fine with us if they leave Israel....
17. tell the truth!!!
carole ,   paris   (08.21.12)
now it is time for the israeli arabs to tell the truth!! good to live in israel:no apartheid , no discrimination (out of terrorism case) democracy , arabs in parliament who can speak freely , good level of life for a large part of them,work etc... tell the truth to iran , to ONU , to the militants of humanrights may be you can avoid the drama
18. I don't think the Mullahs will be targeting Wadi Ara
Tomer ,   israel   (08.21.12)
But then again the Crazies of Hezbola and Iran don't care if they butcher some israeli Arabs 'in mistake'. Its all in a good cause isn't it?
19. Do they not realize that If Iran strikes...
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (08.21.12)
They will hit the so called west bank and Gaza too. Ashkelon has many schools and homes without proper shelters. As I was typing this the alarm went off, and the only place I have to run to is a small square hall way. Ask your village/town elders why they have not build shelters or proper roads. You pay your taxes for it. Stop telling lies for Allah You are a bunch of "chicken lickings!"
20. The key sentence is
Jared ,   Haifa   (08.21.12)
"Home Front Command informed him that the construction of shelters is the responsibility of the local authorities." Blame your local leaders.
21. Why would they need a place to hide?
William ,   Israel   (08.21.12)
It's not like the Islamic bombs and suicide killers would be targeting them, right? Just Jews, and mostly women and children, because it's OK under Islam. That is what Zoabi, Bishara, Tibi, and so many Pally supports from among Israeli Arabs say when they march against Israel and wave the Pan-Arab Nationalism flag, isn't it? If anything, why hide in a shelter during a war when they can sit outside on picnic blankets and enjoy the scenery with family and friends?
22. Jewish government should stop racial discrimination
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (08.21.12)
2nd lebannon war showed us no one is immune to missle attackes. Both Jewish and Arab localities were targeted. Both jews and arabs were killed. Government should build shelters to all it's citizens, not just the jews.
23. Iran
Truthfull! ,   Perth,Australia   (08.21.12)
In 1948 they Arabs were told to leave their homes because of war , so many fled to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and today they are still there. Maybe if they leave now they also wont come back!!!
24. sad to see nothing but racist remarks
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (08.21.12)
Readers should know, while there are radicals among Israeli arabs, majority are loyal, law abiding citizens. No reason for racist remarks.
25. Rami #21 you know better
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.21.12)
It is not the job of the central government to build shelters. It is a REQUIREMENT for the municipalities to do that. The government will fund half, but half has to come from the local government or people. You know better, start with your city government. I had to build my own and the permits took many years.
26. What's your municipality doing about it?
Suzanne   (08.21.12)
They are mainly responsible! They should use the money they receive efficiently and correctly; which is, a.o., providing a safe environment for its inhabitants. File a complaint at the municipality first.
27. @22 The local authorities are responsible
Suzanne   (08.21.12)
Not the government.
28. "Arab communities long discriminated against"
William ,   Israel   (08.21.12)
yeah - by YOUR own Arab community leaders, not the State govt. Until you realize this and internalize it, your problems will never subside. Perhaps Israeli Arabs could, enmasse, join National Service, would would free up funds from other State-program budgets that could be directed towards the cleaning up of shelters and reinforcing of other buildings. That answers the concerns on both sides, and produces a positive outcome. Will the Israeli Arabs take the opportunity? No - and the reason is telling as to the community's own problems.
29. we don't have a shelter
orli ,   jerusalem   (08.21.12)
we live in an old building with no safe room either. nearest community shelter is about 10 min walk. got my gas mask GOING TO PICK IT UP...YOU CAN TOO. My Grandkids schools are older then that and very run down but pretty with kids drawings...
30. #9 - and the students of Arara have a nice computer room
William ,   Israel   (08.21.12)
in which to go and view the web link you provided. Thanks for sharing. Let's see if those who complain also take the opportunity to ACCESS the very resources that were provided for their benefit.
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