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Austria investigates alleged anti-Jewish cartoon
Associated Press
Published: 22.08.12, 08:37
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1. What do you expect? It's Austria!
Reuven   (08.22.12)
And Ynet, get that disgusting swatstika off your page.
2. Long list ,...
split ,   US   (08.22.12)
Yesterday it was Peru ,...
3. Can we limit YNet to one swastika?
Henry from New York ,   USA   (08.22.12)
Two on the front page of an Israeli site is just disconcerting.
4. Star of David drole
Steve ,   L.A   (08.22.12)
I think the greater crime is the complete lack of anything resembling wit in this "cartoon". It is neither clever nor ironic, completely lacking in any satirical value whatsoever. If you are going to draw a vile anti-Semitic cartoon at least make it funny!
5. check it out 400%
david ,   za   (08.22.12)
maybe the cuff-links
6. Typical Austrian
Rosl ,   Geneva, Switzerland   (08.22.12)
Typical Austrian. Antisemitism is in their blood.
7. to #4
Aiman ,   Egypt   (08.22.12)
Could not agree with you more. so was the cartoons about mohamad. Both are drawn just to insult.
8. Austrians in Israel pro Palestinians
AustriaInJerusalem ,   Jeruslem Israel   (08.23.12)
Beside the fact that the word "Austria" almost never appears in stories related to the horros of the Nazi regime alll lumpe dunder German" the spotlight needs to be focused on the Austrian 's major rold in the Holocaust but right here in Jerusalem at places like the Austrian Hospice one can find young volunteers with viralent anti Israel /Jewish views who spread it to those staying at the hospice who are almost entirely pro Paletinian you dont have to go to Austria anymore to experience the hate.
9. #8 - The rooms and location are still nice though.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (08.23.12)
10. May Strache join the fate of Jörg Haider !!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.27.12)
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