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Syria says willing to discuss Assad's resignation
Associated Press
Published: 21.08.12, 20:27
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1. another bullshit delaying tactic
zionist forever   (08.21.12)
In the early days of the uprising Assad said he was willing to end the emergency laws which pretty much are the laws that allow him to remain dictaitor but within a week that was ruled out. He did a deal with Koffi Annan but didn't tick with that. There is no way Assad would ever resign, this is probably something he discussed with Russia who have been talking about no demands for Assad's to stand down as a condition of talks and when he gets desperate despite Obama's threats he may well use chemical weapons.
2. LIAR!
3. #2 Who the F. are u to put conditions...
4. 3.
i am a liberal syrian who lost a family member to the butcher in damascus. that is who i am. i also think i am right as most of the international community agrees with my opinion. and who are you?
5. Nyet not Yet
Matt   (08.22.12)
Late 2013.
6. # 4 Liberal syrian.Don't you think that
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (08.22.12)
under the rule of a mob, that screams alla huakhbar, you'll be vorse off than under the rule of the Asad Dynasty ?.
7. To delay what?
Fritz ,   Germ   (08.22.12)
He is still the head of state
8. Should be talking with those who handled deprture of Khadafi
meir elazar   (08.22.12)
Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden as precondition to his exiting the Syrian Stage.
9. #4 correction
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.22.12)
You are a pawn. Two years ago, Obama and Clinton worshipped Assad as a great reformer and all-around nice guy. They did not care about you or the Lebanese he butchered. When Obama realized he needs to neutralize Iran, he started your civil war. The atrocities, massacres, false-flags are all part of the game, and the fact is that Obama's "rebels" are as bad or worse than Assad. If anyone cared about you and the innocents, they would partition Syria and guarantee the safety of the Alawi and Assad's family. Instead, Assad has no choice but to fight to the end to prevent the planned genocide of his people.
10. A pox on all theoir heads...when the dust settles guess who
Al   (08.22.12)
will be in more danger than now? ISRAEL. In the interim let them go at eachother till the end of days. The more they off themselves the less we will have to deal with in the future.
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