In wake of lynch, Arabs fear the streets
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 22.08.12, 09:05
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1. The last racist beating in Haifa
David ,   Haifa Israel   (08.22.12)
was done by ARAB thugs on a ISRAELI/JEWISH soldier. Feel free to go home to Jordan whenever you like.
2. this is what Jews feel in the old city
Golan ,   Modiin   (08.22.12)
and the solution according to the Left is get rid of those who "fear for their safety" (that includes population expulsion... at least when the innocent people are Jewish) and that is why the Left is wrong
3. Has anyone ever come out alive from Arab towns,like Ramallah
David ,   Jerusalem   (08.22.12)
Nazareth or even East Jerusalem?
4. How many Israelis do you see walking
eli ,   Yerushalayim   (08.22.12)
around in arab neighborhoods or villages even on daytime? And why do you think it is like this?
5. Concept of Jewish State is RACIST
Nina ,   NYC   (08.22.12)
Calling the country Israel and creating an integrated democratic state is one thing, but the very concept of a Jewish State is racist, period. You wanted it, now you have it. At least have the honesty to wear it with pride and stop fighting UN attempts to call Zionism is Racism when a Zionist State for you means a State for JEWS ONLY. Man up.
6. Multiculturalism has failed.Not an Israeli,but GB's PM Camer
ab   (08.22.12)
-on has said it. Arabs refuse to display Israeli flags,not even mentionning the IDF service,have totally cleansed Jews from "their" villages -and keep on complaining and whinning about "Israeli racism"
7. Tides turning.....
MK ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.22.12)
As someone who was attacked by a large group of is only to be expected that if a Jew cant walk in an Arab area, day or night, then eventually Arabs wont be able to do the same.
8. Get out!!!!
Gill ,   Hashmonaim   (08.22.12)
Israel. Is not named after muhammad. It's name after Yaacov avinou which you would really like to believe was an Arab. Sorry to bust your bubble.
9. Justice System
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.22.12)
Instead of dispensing justice, the "justice system" considers itself the operative arm of the extreme Left. The "justice system" invariably supports violent criminals if they are Arabs, just look at the Yom Kippur Acco attack, the Yom Kippur murder in Kfar Tavor or lack of handling of the organized crime attacks on Jewish farmers. When there is no justice, police, courts and the attorney general are viewed as being some combination of racism and corruption, so anarchy sets in. In view of their failuers, Weinstein and Aharonovitch should immediately resign and be replaced with someone competent.
10. No 5 Nina
Emma ,   London   (08.22.12)
There are 23 Muslim states in the region where other religions are not allowed to practise. Only this week some Christiains were reported to have been cruxified in Egypt. You can be imprisoned for wearing a cross in some Muslims countries and face death if you convert. But you happily accept the racism and intolerance of these states. Israel is a Jewish country that tolerates all religions, get over and learn to live with it.
11. Wheres the proof it was am attempted lynching:?
Jayjay ,   Israel   (08.22.12)
Too many times the leftists make up or exaggerate the crimes committed by Jews against Arabs. Why are they calling this a pogrom and a attempted lynching....when it was only just a fight between some kids,.....that we dont know ho9w was started....maybe the Arab kid instigated it...who knows. But what concerns me even more is the accountability of Israeli press.....they will print any allegation from Arabs or leftists, without any clear proof and only accounts from biased witnesses that always seem to be Arab or leftists..
12. Shaheen Nasser and Rabia Safir
Terry W.   (08.22.12)
judging by the picture and his (and others like his ilk) full regalia, the symbol of Arab terror he wears, their vitriolic words they as I suspect a Zoabi/Tibi-supporters should not be utterly hypocritical and whine about things in Haifa which is a figment of their own imagination!!!
13. a ridiculous statement
roger ,   zurich switzerland   (08.22.12)
I have been to Nazareth and East Jerusalem and I'm still alive. I've been to Hebron and I'm still alive. You should take a hard look at your irrational paranoia and actually go to these places yourself. Get a life.
14. that message was for # 3
roger ,   zurich switzerland   (08.22.12)
15. the most moral army in the world...
Miron ,   USA   (08.22.12)
16. to #5
Golan ,   modiin   (08.22.12)
supporting an Arab state called Palestine and demanding that "Jewish" settlers be evicted is racist. Israel is a Jewish state because that is the state's identity, its culture, and its makeup; this being said Israel is not "only" Jewish since we respect the Druze, the Beduin, the Muslim, the Charcassians, and the "other" among us. You cannot say this when talking about Muslim or Arab states. so "man up" about your own racism.
17. #3 I went to three of them even at night time
A Jew ,   Haifa   (08.22.12)
And many time...
18. what about arabs lynching jews in haifa
ghostq   (08.22.12),7340,L-4194551,00.html Rabia Safir doesn't tell the truth.
19. # 5 LOL Racist? Judaism is a Religion, not a 'race'.
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (08.22.12)
Speaking of the UN, after israel defeated several arab nations who attacked her in 1948, David Ben Gurion went before the UN to declare Israel a Nation. The UN agreed and when formally recognizing the reborn nation of Israel, ( the only nation ever to be reborn) stated this formality in their determination, "Israel The Homeland for The Jewish People." Maybe you should tell todays UN that and ask them to rescind their formal declaration of israel's statehood after Israel won over her enemies who never cease terror, threats, while at the same time, massacring their own unarmed defenseless people??? Waddayasay?
20. unfortunate result of suffering many years from Arab Racism.
21. #5 since there are Arab states, Moslem states, a Jewish
state is needed   (08.22.12)
Middle East is comprised of Arab states and Moslem states who are occupied by Moslems and Arab Moslems who have cleaned these countries from non-Moslems and specially Jews who lived in these countries even before Arab, Moslem invasion from Arabia. why do you think that Jews who have lived in Middle East even before Arabs came should move to Europe and U.S and not be able to stay in Middle East? Too much anti-Israel and pro-Arab propaganda by Leftist Idealists who have never lived in Middle East ?
22. Has the table turned? :-)
Ram ,   London   (08.22.12)
23. #5 Nina: after 2000 years of persecution
what's your solution   (08.22.12)
Well, how nice to call Israel a racist state. Can you offer a better solution to the "Jewish problem"? After all we did try to mingle in other countries for 2000 years. It didn't work out too well, did it? and not for the Jews' fault. Bottom line, the Jews were persecuted, discriminated against and slaughtered for 2000 years wherever they lived. So we got the message, the non Jews don't want us among them. We'll live in our own Jewish state. If this state were to become something else instead of Jewish it'll turn very quickly to yet another country were the Jews are a minority and are persecuted. Get the point?
24. To emulate the actions.....
Robert ,   Australia   (08.22.12)
.......of those for whom you have contempt makes the emulator just as contemptible.
25. Finally it's mutual...
Alex   (08.22.12)
I've been afraid of walking around at night in Ramla and Jerusalem due to fearing Arab violence for a long time. Did anyone write any articles on the Arab on Jew violence that has been going on for decades?
26. Did you do this with Kippa and Zizit or in tourist t-shirt
nethanel ,   jerusalem   (08.22.12)
Please do the Kippa test before writing nonsense. You know that Jews and Israelis are forbidden to enter most Islamic and Arab countries, just for being Jews. This is the real racsism!
27. Are the police investigating the rape
Mordechai   (08.22.12)
Shouldn't the police to investigating the rape of the Jewish teenage girl. Last time I checked it was still legal for the Jewish girl to tell an Arab NO when he demands sex. Or is it now racist to arrest Arabs who rape Jews.
28. You badly need us #5;you badly need a Jewish country
Keren ,   IL-BR   (08.22.12)
Do you know why?Because otherwise you would keep your stupidity stuck in your stuck mind. We Jews let "Egypt"long ago-thank G-d- while you are badly stuck in it yet.Very stuck. I am not sure you understand what I mean.
29. #15 - what is your post related to?
William ,   Israel   (08.22.12)
We're talking about individuals here, not the IDF. Did you bother to read the article or do you make it a habit to spread tired Leftist vitriolic comments whenever you can?
30. To: No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.22.12)
Must I remind you that you are not Jewish, let alone Israeli?
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