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Report: US puts Syria WMD contingencies in place
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 23.08.12, 07:34
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1. And of course the US will not
Lyward Dunghill ,   USA   (08.23.12)
These type of stories are something that would slide out of Hollywood. How long have stories like this been going on, such as Israel will attack Iran in the spring, then the summer, then the fall, now it's next spring. Now it's the US that is going into Syria. And we're to forget of course that Russia is parked there and we're to believe Russia is going to do nothing. Oh my, such stories are below that of the Hatter and the Tare, or the Lizard and the Lilac Train!
2. Meanwhile Rome is Burning
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (08.23.12)
And will Russia assume more of a tactical role in Syria, its only real client in the ME now? Will it send its own commandos to protect those launchers? It has a huge navy base in Syria...with navy seal type operations you know. Im assuming the missiles, shells, etc.. are mobile..and at first hint, will be relocated behind Syrian/Russian lines. And can US teams penetrate sufficiently to accomplish this missions? How long will they stay? What is the end game? How will Assad react? Will he launch missiles into Israel, knowing there will be retaliation for CB warheads? Is a wider war probable? Will Hamas.Hez, Islamic Jihad sit back and do nothing, or drag Israel into it? Then what? And lets not forget Iran's hegemony. Will it allow its surrogates to be attacked with impuithy by the "Big Devil" and "Little Devil"? Obama is withdrawing from the M.E. per timelines..and things are going to hell. The best option, is to vote him out. back to Chicago. and let real patriots get our country back. People who know what they are doing and who our friends are. Why did Obama wait for 15months to even suggest any action? Where has he been?
3. So Saddam Hussein never had this sort of stuff
Alan ,   SA   (08.23.12)
Syria has all these WMDs and was trying to make A bombs.... but Saddam never had this sort of weaponry.?Dont make me laugh!! Saddam moved his stuff to syria. He moved ROCKETS in hollowed out BUSES.. Didnt he even send some of his Fighter Jets to Iran You can be sure Hez and their friends in Gaza and Sinai also busy getting this type of stuff
4. Why the USA?
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (08.23.12)
Why not get the Israeli's, Turks or the Eurowimps to step up for a change. Leave America alone. Syria chemical weapons are no "direct" threat to the continental USA. America is broke and tired of war. Our soldiers need a rest. Israel, Turkey and Europe can do it they mobilize there forces.
5. #4 you really don't know?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.23.12)
You really don't know? I will explain If Iran takes Saudi Arabia, they own you. They will get revenge for everything including Operation Ajax, the Iran-Iraqi war and the 66 children of Flight 655. They will destroy your economy and you won't be able to do anything. And that is the answer, the Syrian civil war is all about Obama attacking Iran, so Obama needs to neutralize the chemical weapons. What you should be asking is why Obama supported Ahmadinejad and not the Green Revolution, a decision that will mark Obama as the worst US president ever.
6. @ 5 that is pure
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (08.23.12)
BS. America is tired of being cannon fodder for the world. Israel claims it has the "worlds best soldiers and commanders" and Syria is a neighbor of Israel. Maybe Israel should put some of those worlds best soldiers and commanders to use and neutralize the Syrian threat. I support Israel 110 percent, however America can't continue to fund endless wars and Syria won't be a picnic.
7. Pentagon shouldn't wait on orders to start detailed planning
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (08.23.12)
If things start to go awry there may not be time to prepare detailed operational plans. And you may never get the order to go - not if Obama would only respond "as part of an international effort" as that senior officer said.
8. 4+6. Israel cant alone pull US Chestnuts out of fire
alan ,   SA   (08.23.12)
9. another example of Russian influence
Matt   (08.31.12)
They were trying to get a ceasefire in Libya, for Qaddafi to stand down and the west to stop bombing. The got neither. Put that with Ahmadi and his threats Putin told him to stop, Assad assurance on the WMD's is not worth anything. It is not the 1980's it is not your fathers USSR. Russian influence is an illusion, which is why they have a schizophrenic foreign policy small step forward two backward to gain leverage from the influence the possess in reality. It is when they put the foot down and draw a line, the illusion is exposed. Israel would like nothing more than Putin to have control to stop Iran from building the bomb but he can't. That day in Tehran with Putin and Ahmadi and the regime actions afterwards convinced me of the need for military action.
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