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Morsi trying to erode peace treaty
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 23.08.12, 10:38
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1. Re-read your history books..67 is looking more and more real
Al   (08.23.12)
Its slow for now but once it rolls dont be surprised when a huge force will end up right against your border. You and I know that the Israelis today can talk the talk but they cant walk the walk. 2006 showed that very clearly. Today Israel is being bombed from Gaza with impunity. YOu ought to read the history of 56 to see what Ben Gurion did in Oct of that year. Israel today is a far cry from 67. I seriously doubt you have what it takes to stop the Egyptians today. I hope for my kids sake I am wrong.
2. Erode peace treaty?
Salah ,   Egypt   (08.23.12)
No body in the whole world can prevent us from protecting our land and we'll never take Israel's authorization to fight terrorism.
3. Suez Canal seizure started it, update treaty to new normal
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.23.12)
..between democracies.
4. it's called preparing for war
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.23.12)
Due to Egypt's inability to provide any hope or even feed its enormous population, Morsi knows that an Egyptian attack on Israel is inevitable. Maybe he will attack when the IAF is busy on another front, say Gaza, Lebanon, Syria or elsewhere. Maybe he will attack when the Egyptian people are enraged by some imagined slight to Islam, or Israeli defensive action against Muslim attack. Maybe he will attack so he won't appear to be an American collaborator. The only thing to remember is that this was foreseen by everyone except Israel's leaders.
5. A trial baloon
tiki ,   belgium   (08.23.12)
It's up to Israel to accept or to stop it before it goes any further. Making excuses for any Arab agression of any sort, doesn't work, it never did. Arabs are takers, nothing is ever enough for them.
6. Retake the Sinai forever.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.23.12)
The fig leaf has fallen from Israel's "peace treaty" with Egypt. Even at the time of the treaty signing, late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat admitted Israel got screwed. Sadat boasted, "I got the whole Sinai. Israel got a piece of paper". Now Egypt is tearing up the worthless paper. Reverse our lunatic Sinai retreat. Retake the Sinai forever.
7. Israelis saved Egypt many times-Egyptians show no gratitude
Jouko ,   Finland   (08.23.12)
Since the time of Joseph Israel have saved the Egyptian people so many times - the last time the Israeli army saved the Egyptian third division from complete destruction during the Yom Kippur war -- but Egyptians are not able to show any gratitude! Why? How ungrateful people can be!!!
8. The Lubavitcher Rebbe's anguish protests fell on deaf ears
Nachman   (08.23.12)
When they first signed Camp David Accords The Lubavitcher Rebbe said the peace treaty is not worth the paper it was signed on. Israel gave Vast needed lands and strtegic oil fields for a peice of paper. Egypt in the mean time got american aid to the tune of billions of dollars mostly not to feed the people but to acquire the most modern destructive weapons, had time to train its army for 30+ years. If the Israely leaders would only listen to the Lubavitcher Rebbe which his opinion was totally based on Shulchan Aruch the code of Jewish law.
9. stop lying to yourself
dani ,   USA   (08.23.12)
its clear what he wants. the goal is to prevent it. israel will have to neutralize the iranian and hezbollah threat first and then concentrate on egypt. this places more pressure than ever to destroy hezbollah. again, another example why olmert failed in 2006 and why israel then should have continued, no matter the cost, to uproot hezbollah.
10. change in leadership
mohson   (08.23.12)
as good as bibi is and he is light years ahead of olmert, he does not want to take war decisions and is not up to it, as the same applies to merridor. Bibi is not comfortable in his own skin as say landau, lieberman, yaalon, and begin are. its time for bibi to move portfolios,step down and hand the reins to lieberman who knows how to make a decision and can sleep with it. As for barak, he has turned into olmert in the last 12 years, avoiding any action and kissing abbas' s ass when he knows he is just a mild form of arafat, a liar and holocaust denier. Barak who has led egypt up and down - bring in troops and armor and now take them out, is unfit to do any attack and has rendered israel toothless.
11. to mr.ali #1
gene ,   nY.USA   (08.23.12)
i think u talking crazy my man. we will destroy them like they r toyz and enslave ur country and make u build us a new jewish empire. dont be fooled we fear death cause its survival issue and all is on the table for us.
12. Psalm 83
DavidR ,   USA   (08.23.12)
One more piece of the puzzle is falling into place for the Psalm 83 conflict. #2 Your bravado is nothing but hot air and everyone knows it. If you think morsi can defeat the IDF you are in for a huge surprise. #6, Amen to that!
13. Don't be too smart with Morsi, he is a fast and dirty player
Norman Beck ,   Ottawa, Canada   (08.23.12)
Sorry, but it is idiotic (unless it itself wants a show down), on the part of Israel, to permit anything extra to Egypt until Morsi declares an unequivocal confirmation of the peace treaty with Israel!
14. Continuation from #8 The Rebbe further said
Nachman   (08.23.12)
The Rebbe further said not to give an iota of land for peace. It is clearly against the Shulchan Aruch Siman 29. Refering to the palestinians the Rebbe said not to make any peace deals if it reqires giving up land. I hope the Israeli leadership listens to him now.
15. Egypt Needs Nuclear Power Plants immediately for Energy!
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (08.25.12)
Morsi shoul be asked why not immediately start Nuclear Power Plant projects in Egypt which is in desperate shortage of Energy. They cannot produce Energy more cheaper than nuclear. Egyptian economy may flourish if nukes built!
16. an Opinion from n Egyptian
Peace ,   Italy   (08.25.12)
I'm Egyptian and Egyptians does not want war like you do as well , We made the revolution bot to lose our economy ..we know what war brings ..in age of generals in egypt they involved us in war like abd el nassar , of course people here dont love Israel but they still love their children more than pals , I want to see my country like France or UK, i dont wanna see it like Iran ..
17. Camp David's Treaty .....
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (08.25.12)
was the best agreement among Israel and Arab countries, since 1948. It must be fully respected, except if one part breaks it up. Since now, it has not occurred. Sinai belongs to Egypt, like Negev to Israel, Alaska to U.S.A, Crete to Greece and Corse to France. Firmness, against your bad enemies, does never justify the phrase "take Sinai forever". Sure.
18. Morsi's great problem.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (08.26.12)
Early morning, Morsi decides himself to erode the peace treaty with Israel. But around 8'o clock it is breakfast time and get hungry. During the breakfast he changes his mind, not to act against peace treaty, because all meals were imported from west. As he is a faithful muslim Mursi around 11'o clock decides again to cease all connections with Israel.But unfortunately lunch time is nearing and the grand leader gets hungry again. An eternal friendship with Israel guaranteed.
19. #17 Luiz
DavidR ,   USA   (08.26.12)
All the land from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates river and from the Med. sea belongs to Israel. Learn to read Tanach!
20. Egypt Israel Treaty
Robert Kaufman ,   Seattle, USA   (09.02.12)
With all the talk about whether the 1978 treaty will be abrogated let us not forget that one of its main features was unilaterally abrogated within 2 years of the signing. There were 50 areas of cooperation in that treaty, cultural, business, science etc, the kind of joint projects that erode the hatred between peoples and ensure the peace. Egypt canceled those almost immediately, and explained that they no longer served Egypt' interest. So much for peace with Arab governments.
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