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Report: Hezbollah exercise includes 10,000 operatives
Roi Kais
Published: 23.08.12, 11:46
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1. Was Nassrallah hiding
Shalom ,   Ashdod, IL   (08.23.12)
in his hole like a rat? The article stated he personally supervised the drill. How? through closed circuit TV sine this "fearless" leader is too scared to come out of his hole!!
2. Now might be the time
Aaron ,   Australia   (08.23.12)
With the current wave of unrest being unleashed by Shi'ite gangs in Lebanon (and the armed response by Sunni militias), now might be a good time to start pounding Southern Lebanon. Several leaders from the March 14 alliance are blaming the current unrest on Hezbollah already and if they were weakened, it might provide the opportunity for these groups to act decisively against this menace.
3. Interesting that Hezbollah
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (08.23.12)
intend to keep the battlefield clear of civilians by building air raid shelters for them. Also interesting that Hezbollah can have 10,000 armed men running about the Lebanese countryside and Netanyahu doesn't even jump up and down waving his arms about complaining to the UN that it is a breach of 1701. Or is Netanyahu reeling back from the war talk after been told to dgo away by the US administration.
4. ?
Jos ,   Belgium   (08.23.12)
I don't understand how this can happen under the nose of IDF that monitors the borders with Lebanon, such numbers of terrorists can be spotted by the naked eye on all this small border. In any case, better for Israel to Strike them first
5. #3, #4 - how do we know it really happened?
solomon ,   bklyn   (08.23.12)
6. It's a safe bet!
Taz Man ,   USA   (08.23.12)
Soon, Lebanon and Hezbollah won't exist anymore--guaranteed!!!
7. This is not what it seems
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (08.23.12)
Its purpose is to prepare Hezbollah for a coup..the total seizure of Lebanon If as looks likely Assad goes...Iran is desparate to keep hold of a presence in the area and are hoping that Hezbollah will do the job.. Except... Should that happen...we have almost TWICE as many armed Militia PLUS most of the Lebanese Army who WILL confront them - because this is a conflict that Lebanon cannot afford to lose And the ONE MAIN factor? We know South Lebanon just as well or even better than Hezbollah. We know where they are, where their missile dumps are, their C and C locations are and even some of the locations of the launchers are And when it comes to fighting for the integrity Lebanon - there are no fighters FIERCER than Lebanese Patriots
8. 4# ignorance
yousef ,   Palestine , Hebron   (08.23.12)
Ignorance leads to total destruction
9. Contingency plan of invading and occupying Galilee
William ,   Israel   (08.23.12)
How did that work out for you in the past, Nasrallah? Remember 2006, when you apologized publicly for your folly? The Lebanese do.
10. #9, they tried to "occupy" Metulla in 2006
Danny   (08.23.12)
11. I send my condolesces
daniela ,   panama   (08.23.12)
to the lebanese people that was once, a democratic country, in which christian, moslems, druzes and jews lived and prospered together. Today the lebanse people are refugees in their own country, overtaken by the gang of terrorist like Hezbollah. Pitty they did not do, in time, what King Hussein did in the 70´s. Today ther is no more Lebanon. It should be called Hezbolland, and their flag should be the yellow one of Hezbollah.. pretty soon we will have a new wage of refugees.. this time lebanese people fleeing their homeland from their ¨brothers¨ palestinians.
12. 40000 hezbollah operatives
alexi   (08.23.12)
gantz and idf better know that 40000 hezbollah soldiers in motorized vehicles will try to occupy one of israel's town. IDF should be in place to slaughter hezbollah as they came in and grind them into bloody dust-=no excuses or no win on points as halutz stupidly said.
13. Hezboullah War Plans
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (08.23.12)
I was in Israel in 73 and cannot ignore any news about war drills maneuvers and threats. It would be foolish to. Israel must be prepared for any contingincy. Please note this article See worldnetdaily WND article titled "Plans to invade Israel prepared" dated 3/27/2011
14. Wake Up Lebanon!
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (08.23.12)
You have turned your once-wonderful country over to Iran's pet mongrels who are just poisoned enough to believe their own - or the Mad Mullahs' - propaganda about destroying Israel. Once the first missile hits Tel Aviv or Haifa the gloves will come off and this time, the results will be absolutely devastating - for Lebanon.
15. Israel shold think fast
Robert Busika ,   Kampala, Uganda   (08.23.12)
If Hezbollah has decided to take the battle to Israel, definitely as guerillas, Israel should respond in kind. Now that we know this, surprise theirs is no longer, but surprise Israel should prepare them one.
16. Are These People For Real?
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (08.23.12)
Does Hez believe they can occupy the northern Gallilee, for real? We've read about this before..they have 25,000 fighters ready to slice Israel in two..thinking they can emulate the 73 War. This war will be more like the 67 War..quick and decisive. I mean come on, 700 Israeli warplanes, 5,000 tanks, 10,000 artillery pieces, 6 Dolphin subs, hundreds of cruise missiles, thousands of other missiles (Jerichos/Popeyes, etc.), 700,000 reservists most with military experience, Apache/Cobra Gunships, laser weapons..and finally 500 tactical and strategic nuke warheads on 3 platforms..and Hez thinks it can slice Israel in two, with a few thousand Iranian thugs? Get real. (Platforms: F15Is, F16Is, Phantom 2,000, Jerichos, artillery, Dolphin cruise missiles, other WMD warheads..some in suitcases, cobalt/lithium anti-personnel warheads.For the doubters, read Wikipedia and Janes for verification. And millions of Jews and Christians are ready to aid little Israel, the only democracy in the M.E. Just give us plane tickets. Volunteers will be running into themselves at the airports to replace Israelis called up for duty. Talking about aint seen nothing yet. To Mr. Goldstone, you are not wanted.
17. Pitty Lebanon
Robert Busika ,   Kampala, Uganda   (08.23.12)
When will the Lebanese themselves wake up and realize that their country was not created to act as a theater of war. If Hezbollah ever carries out this threat, I pity humble Lebanon, it will suffer the full might of a no nonsense Israel that needs to defend itself. Was 2006 no destruction enough for Lebanon, and so do they want more? Arab people should wake up and realize that violence has never paid them well, especially since 1948. Leave Israel alone, mind your business and stay at peace in your countries.
18. Nasrallah's mob Drilling their tuckhas off
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (08.23.12)
The Sewer rat knows Israel has what it takes to drill his skull once he dares show; he's probvably disguised as a woman under a nikad, and Abayah as all brave soldier do. We ought to send cats to sniff him out.
19. Preparing to help Assad and
Brad ,   USA   (08.23.12)
take WMD sites for Iran in Syria ??
20. Sammy.Why did Lebanon allow Hez to get so cheeky.Coz they
Alan ,   SA   (08.23.12)
love them and turned blind eye .
21. #3
DavidR ,   USA   (08.23.12)
Do you really think that Netanyahu and the IDF knew nothing of this? That is utterly ignorant! Do you think that possibly they are gathering intelligence and keeping quiet for a reason? It is always good to engage ones brain before opening their mouth. Perhaps that is what they are doing. Maybe we should follow their example.
22. Hezbollah has trained battalion-sized units to seize
Stephen in New York   (08.23.12)
There have been reports over the last few years that Hezbollah has trained battalion-sized units to seize and hold Israeli territory in the event of hostilities. There are also concerns about Hezbollah underground, not just in defense, but also offense. My expectation is that any Hezbollah units that manage to cross the border will be wiped out within hours, if that long.
23. WE HEARD THAT BEFORE...............#22
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.23.12)
Your 2006 invasion plans.Nothing more than humiliating m scenerio which your leaders are still discussing.Please be rational in writing in the talk-back coloumn before you scribble stupidity.Hezbollah's power is far too advanced than what a person like you can even imagine.Nevertheless,keep a copy of your talk-back for you to refer to should anything happen
24. TERRORISTS not "operatives"
Reuven   (08.23.12)
25. We have heard this before
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.23.12)
Back in '67 the PLO created the 20th Palestinian Liberation Division to invade Israel. It was met by one company from the IDF and when last seen the remains were found leading to Egypt - first losing all their personal equipment, then their boots and the rest of the clothes. The ran away so fast that most escaped over the canal.
26. #23
mahmood, both you and i as muslims know only too well that the hizbullah plans are completely based on wishful thinking. there is no way to compare hizbullah with israel's might no matter what happened in 2006. lebanon lay in ruins, sir. in ruins! is this what you wish for a second time? hizbullah didn't make a dent inside israel and you know it in terms of property damage and casualties. as a matter of fact, more arab palestinians died at hizbullah missiles in israel than israeli jews. most of the ruin was on arab villages in the north of haifa. read a book about it and newspapers to see how mandane and idiotic your comments are. if hizbullah as much as lifts a finger in aggression towards israel, lebanon will be wiped out from the air and from tank missiles. no one will be spared because israel, after the un debacle in 2006 stopping israel from advancing and poor israeli high military echelon planning (which they have learned from and this time it will be totally different consequence for lebanon), israe warned lebanon that since hizbullah now is part of the government, the gloves are off and the entirety of lebanon and its government and cities will be subject to attacks. these attacks will be devastating for lebanon's population and infrastructure in which israel will not use 5% of its power, but 100% to totally devastate what they have not finished in 2006. israel warned lebanon and its leaders that this will happen and i believe them. god forbid this should happen to lebanon because this time, no matter un cries or hizbullah apologies by nasrallah, nor fuad saniora crying to the un on tv, will help the lebanese. lebanon will blame hizbullah outright and this will spell the demise or hizbullah and the retaking of southern lebanon by the lebanese government, ousting hizbullah as jorda's king ousted the plo in the 80. is this what you want happening to the lebanese people? if so, you are a violent moron and totally blinded by hate. hameed aboughaze, iranian
27. #4. Ehud "Creampuff" Barak
A ,   Belgium   (08.23.12)
thast the answer to your guestion, landgenote.
28. salaam al ekum Hameed Aboughaze, Iranian
Sue ,   Tel Aviv   (08.24.12)
May peace be wth you and thank you for your precise insight...There are too many armchair off the cuff loons that comment here who have no idea what nonsense they retort,
29. They already have Lebanon, Sammy
Cameron ,   USA   (08.24.12)
The other power brokers in Leb. are thoroughly spooked. The Hez are the de facto rulers of Lebanon. The rank & file of Lebanese Army are primarily Shiite and so the national Leb forces are null in terms of being a real factor in internal unrest.
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