Caught on tape: Caretaker abuses Holocaust survivor
Gilad Morag
Published: 23.08.12, 21:45
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1. Disgraceful
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.23.12)
After she spends a suitable amount of time in prison, ship her despicable ass off to Katmandu. Send a letter to whomever in Nepal explaining the circumstances surrounding the reason she is being sent home.
2. investigate sex abuse not beating
Mira ,   Natanya   (08.23.12)
he is not a child....he simply could have told his family about her abuses...!!! may be sex is in the middle
3. Old Fuddy duddy
Lisa ,   N.J.   (08.23.12)
We know whats up with all this play, and sadism, there wasn't any abuse, this old gieser was having some fun, ain't no telling what this senior told this caretaker to do to him or it. Old fuddy duddy.
4. Why weren't the relatives taking care of him????
Rivkah   (08.23.12)
I took care of my mother for six years in her great old age and she was difficult to handle. God will hold these relatives accountable for having such a vile person care for this man. They should be arrested, too.
5. Why do we even bring they nasty goyim here??????
Esther ,   Jerusalem   (08.23.12)
Do we not have enough Jews to take care of our elderly??? Isn't it a mitzvah? Why don't we have a system to train young heredi men and women to do this? And others too of course??? Solve two problems at the same time. Stop importing these people.
7. caretaker abuses holocaust survivor
kelly kellz ,   philippines   (08.23.12)
"caretaker abuses holocaust survivor" she is from Nepal but why in TV they said she is pilipinit, it destroys our image. it happen many times already if you remember. why always give the wrong info in TV every time there are metapelet abusing their employer? who are they trying to destroy???
8. Deport all the Goim!!!!!
Phoenix ,   Israel   (08.23.12)
What do we need all these parasites here that anyways hate us while feeding from our hands. Deport all the Africans, Asians, Latinos. And we will really live in better Jewish country with a higher type of life without all these parasites. More work and higher life for real Israelis; Jewish Israelis.
9. research first
celi ,   jerusalem   (08.24.12)
Then why don't you take care of your own old people? why do you have to import people to take care of your old parents
10. Correction
Icel ,   Philippines   (08.24.12)
Why does the announcer din't verify his report first? It's nepali, not filipinim! Yeah We are goyims! But we didn't come here if you don't need us. Take care of your old parents then!
11. #2 Mira, he can be like a child, he could have dementia
Jill   (08.23.12)
Such harsh comments. You know nothing about his mental condition and assume he can communicate normally. Perhaps he's terrified of talking and what she can do to him if he does. Obviously his family suspected enough to set that camera there. They must have failed to get info from him.
12. What a dreadfull person you are
Kevin ,   Tel aviv   (08.23.12)
13. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.24.12)
The family did the right thing -- they documented the abuse -- otherwise it's a case of "he said, she said." Your suggestion that "sex is in the middle" is beyond disgusting. Don't project your own fetish on others.
14. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.24.12)
You are disgusting.
15. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.24.12)
Perhaps they work full-time and cannot afford to give up their employment. Perhaps the old gentleman wanted to live independently, and only needed assistance part of the time. Perhaps their reasons are none of your business.
16. Is this any worse than how the government treats them
JS ,   Boston USA   (08.23.12)
17. Hard to refute the film..
big bad Jew ,   United States   (08.24.12)
what a beast. Thank G-d she's filmed and is charged. Throw the book at her.
18. # 3 You're one sick puppy.
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (08.24.12)
You probably laugh when a puppy is run over. May you share his 'fun' and have the bruises to prove it.? One can only hope.
19. # 2 another nut job, YOU!
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (08.24.12)
The abuse of the elderly is a crime. So is the sick of mind like you who doesn't know the difference. May you receive a beating as did he and may it not be filmed as was the film of this Napalese sadistic shit.
20. I do belive this is sufficient evidence
Baruch ,   Israel/Houston   (08.24.12)
to settle the illegal immigration and undocumented foriegn worker issue. Either act now and help us preserve the Jewish State. Or, develop paralysis and become a stagnant hostile environment like America, UK, or Europe. The advantage of being Israel is that we are small and therefore responsive. The other advantage is that only some lunatic fringe thinks that we need to guide this country without hurting at least somebody's feelings. We can not become the dismal collapse that is America, this is not going to be popular, and some people will be offended. It, however, is in the best interests of the nation, the counties of origin, and these "immigrants". Lets wake up from this national nightmare!!!!
21. It it was Sweden or Denmark the family'd be on trial for "il
ab   (08.23.12)
legally filming ". In an Old Age home in Copenhagen family installed camera caught caretakes abusing a helpless olding who had his legs amputated. Furious management banned the family from visits and threatened Court action . Only after they went to the press the olding was,as a favor moved to another Home and the Management dropped the suit ,which they were almost assured to win.
22. holocaust survivor abused by caretaker
KELLY KELLZ ,   philippines   (08.23.12)
dear ynet, inbehalf of my people we are begging ur help. we want that TV reporter to do a public apology to all filipinos working here in Israel. he must not talk in TV with out confirmation first.
23. hello pheonix
kelly kellz ,   philippines   (08.23.12)
we are not parasites. you Israelis can not do the job Asian can do. If you think you can live better with out us why keep on hiring workers from other countries?
24. Caught on tape!caretaker abuse!
renita ,   philippines   (08.23.12)
In behalf of my filipino community here in Israel we demand a sincere apology to the anchorman for airing a false identity of this nasty case,she is not from the Philippines,shes Nepalese.It was a bad feeling that affects us all,we felt ashamed cuz we taught shes as filipina as the anchorman had told on tv.Its moral defamation against us.
25. Sara B: absolutely spot on.
Sue ,   Tel Aviv   (08.23.12)
Numbers 2 and 3 are you out of your minds? I suggest you look at the video again and surmise who is exactly abusing who. I hope the agressor gets the punishment deserved. Who knows, maybe one day the table wll be turned....
26. Sickening
Avi ,   BELGIUM   (08.23.12)
they should be happy they get a job!!! and than do such a thing to a old man who cant defend himself. go back to nepal and eat ur own shit there!!!
27. #8 Phoenix
LAZERBENABBA ,   London   (08.23.12)
You really are pathetic; so you want Israel to become nothing but a Jewish ghetto.There are no nasty Jewish Israelis? You should read your own newspapers, watch your own TV and perhaps you will realise that to insulate yourselves from other peoples and other races is no solution to the abuse of our elders. You cannot get more Jewish than the Haredi and of course they are never guilty of antisocial or criminal behaviour. I suggest that you start to get a brain and think before you make such idiotic comments.
28. Mira you are an idiot
Stephen ,   westmount   (08.24.12)
He is an elderly man and probably embarrassed to tell his family. And what does "sex" have to do with him being beaten? Is that how you treat the man in your life?
29. OMG tears in my eye!
Sarah ,   Holland   (08.23.12)
30. abuse
Ehud bar av ,   qyriat shemona   (08.24.12)
Esther , why bring these "goyim" Because 1) Jewish banks are stealing money of Jewish victims of the Holocaust, Jewish government is not paying for dignified care, and Jewish people don't want to work cleaning "****" So lets get national service looking after our elderly if their families can't ( or won't)
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