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Report: Iran expands nuclear capacity underground
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Published: 23.08.12, 21:47
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1. Our "hold me back" strategy isn't working
ZionistBill ,   Israel   (08.23.12)
Iran doesn't believe us, the US is sick of us, the Europeans don't like us, and the rest of the world wants us destroyed. So it's no surprise no one is buying our "hold me back" strategy. Everyone knows we talk a lot of smack and that we dont' have the capability to substantially diminish Iran's nuclear program (unless we go nuclear, but using nukes to stop another nation from going nuclear is too pathetic even for us.) So what do we do? I'm not sure. But I know part of the answer is for us to become a little more humble as a people. When Israelis go around acting all arrogant and ignorant it only makes people dislike us. We're making our enemies hate us more and our friends question why they bother with us. I guess what I'm saying is we need to find a way to put a muzzle on those like Sarah B, Alexander, devorah and the rest of the fools who make us look bad. Then we should learn a little gratitude instead of always expecting the world to feel sorry for us.
2. Another "unit"?
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (08.23.12)
If the liberals and impotent politicians have their way, before it's over, they'll have to commission an investigative unit to assess the levels of radioactivity in the wasteland of Israel. I love how when "talks" don't achieve their goals (though they're not really goals are they?) they schedule further talks. They'll be talking when the bombs are falling.
3. Who Is Selling These Centrifuges To
the ILLEGAL regimein tehran? Could it be kim jun un??????????? the paki's???????????????????? How Much Medical Isotopes DO THEY REALLY NEED, METRIC TONS???????????????????????? So Does amano Have Anything to say? Or The Pathetic 5+1??????
4. Could Bunker Buster's Say Times 10 or 20
bring down this mountain?
5. The Guards Will Run For Cover
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (08.23.12)
Deja vu, where have we head this before and how many times? There are a few bottom lines re; Iran's enrichment program. (1) violations of UNSC resolutions re: enrichment (2) Legitimate concerns by the world that the program is meant to give Iran nuclear capability and not for peaceful purposes only (3) Iran has manufactured the means to deliver nuclear warheads (4) Iran can have enriched uraniaum using fuel rods supplied by other countries and refused, claiming sovereignty (5) statement from Iranian leaders civilian and military closely repeating Hitler's Mein Kampf manifesto, vicious anti-Semitic speeches, books and diatribes both prior to Hitler on the scene and during WW2 (6) denial that the Holocaust ever happened and that it is but an industry to garner sympathy for Israel's occupation and existene (7) threats to world Jewry and Western interests (8) advocating terrorist attacks throughout the world over the West's concern about Syria (9) arming terrorist groups in the region to attack US and Israeli interests and (10) recent threats to obliterate Israel, it being "a cancer" "a tumor and responsible for all of Islams troubles. It sees the US and the West relunctant to take out it's nuke sites, using all kinds of excuses....the most famous it will only hamper the production of atomic bombs. Thats like telling the Allies during WW2, that most of the battles were futile, Germany was too strong to be defeated. Had the Allies agreed, we would today all be living under the heel of the "Reich", except of course the "untermenchen".. Iran has never fought Israel, they share no borders. Yet they are out to protect the Palestinians..apparently not knowig, caring or understanding the history of the region. Simply put, states were established, one Jewish and (another) one Arab in Western Palestine by the UNGA. The Arabs refused any Jewish entity. The Iranians are backing a fraud by the Palestinians, just as Hitler used the Jews to unite disparate people's in his New World Order scheme. Like pre-WW2, the Iranians see the relunctance of the free non-Muslim world to stop it's agenda, until such time, it will continue to add new centrifuges. It's that simple folks. Is there an easy answer? Yes. The West should, as with Syria's chemical weapons, warn Iran...that further enrichment crosses our red line and start the B-2 engines humming. That is the language Assad and Ahmad understand. Everything else is sophistry. Once the bombs start falling, as in Iraq, the Rev Guards will run for the nearest cover.
6. Thank you #1
Gregg ,   Haifa IL   (08.23.12)
I was despaired with finding people like you here...
7. Maybe they are decoys?
zelig ,   Memphis u.s.a.   (08.23.12)
It would appear more logical that Iran would place its centrifuges in the basements of mosques,nursing homes,and kindergardens.they know that Israel is watching them from space.they know that google is also watching them.They will NEVER play fair.
8. How About Alternating Between
BLU-82 Bravo's and Bunker Buster's Until The Mountain Caves In On ALL THOSE WASTED tomans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.24.12)
You seem to be sleeping all this while.Iran manufactures its own centrifuges.You may not like the fact but it is true.Ask some sensible people around you,dumb.
10. Iran
jomal ,   sydney, australia   (08.23.12)
The world should rush to the help of Israel, who has hundreds of nuclear warheads aimed at all the arabic countries, and some that are in europe, and the world should attack Iran because it is enriching uranium to 20%. Now here is the logic the world is going by today...............
11. #3 -Iran is a technologically advanced country
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (08.24.12)
It designs and builds very advanced types of uranium centrifuges. There is no need for Iran to buy them from someone else. In fact I suspect that NK might be more than willing to buy them from Iran, but there is no indication Iran has sold any. Per the NPT there is no limit on how much low enriched uranium (less than 20%) a country can have. There is nothing the US or Israel can do about this, nothing.
12. #4 - No
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (08.24.12)
And any attack on Iran woudl be devastating to Israel and the US.
13. Fordo, meet Stuxnet...
Vlad   (08.24.12)
14. neyanyahu beaten ....
forehead1 ,   usa   (08.24.12)
at his own game. Obama has placed the PM in a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation. he has no way out. he can bluster all he wants. the USA will not bail him out. Obama is repaying the Pm for his tirade in the last USA trip and truthfully it is well earned. LOL LOL
15. Small tactical nukes can certainly be used on Fordo
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (08.24.12)
and nobody should be surprised if they are.
16. small picked nuclear bomb
DANNY TAWIL ,   ENGLAND   (08.24.12)
17. Iran has gone RABID...and there is only
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.23.12)
ONE cure...
18. BOMB...BOMB...BOMB Iran !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.24.12)
19. Peres, Dagan, Mofaz sings:
Peres, Dagan, Mofaz sings: Kumbaya O' Kumbaya ! Lets hug the nice Ayatollah, cuddle his soft fluffy beard, lil' Ahmedinijad so sweet, and Khameini like a sugar beet, Kumbaya O' Kumbaya !
20. @1 Zionist.So the answer is? Ignore those lovely Mullahs?
And their Hamas Hezbollah proxies? Because then they will ignore us and live and let live? You are right that some of the talkbackers here are armchair heroes who make one cringe and have never seen a healthy young person ours or theirs die with horrible wounds. Having said that I do not hesitate to stick it to the ignorant arrogant Israel hating sloganeeers, they are not here to make peace, just to get their kicks from abusing Israel and Jews
21. @3 Pakistan has sold nuclear technology,while taking billion
in aid and stabbing NATO in the back. Nth Korea does as well.
22. P5.1 & Ashton are fooling Israel
Dan Goldman   (08.24.12)
P5.1 & Ashton are fooling Israel. Moscow was supposed to be the final talks, but now it seems to be getting extended indefinitely. By the time these P5.1 scoundrels finish their "meetings, consultations, expert-level, deputy-level, confidence building measures, yada yada" and other such time-wasting tactics, mushrooms clouds will be rising over Tel Aviv and Israel. The Iranian centrifuges are spinning non-stop and nuke work is going on at breakneck speed. The Zone of Immunity has almost been reached. Its time for Israel to act, before its too late. Obama, the Europeans and Ashton can jump into the nearest sewer.
23. @11 Iran is obligated by treaty to allow inspection.How do
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (08.24.12)
know how much enrichment they are up to.? How technologically advanced they are.? Have you shared your inside knowledge with your govt.?
24. 1 - you are a ray of light here....
Dave   (08.24.12)
reason for optimism.
25. 9
as you speak, israel is now in possession of bunker busting bombs from the usa. don't be an arab bravado. it doesn't work. you guys wanted to wipe the jews off the map for centuries, working even with the nazis (haj amin al husseini) and what happened? israel was born and defeated you many many times. if israel wanted iran gone it will be gone. pure and simple.
26. Netanyahu talks a good game
Rachel ,   US   (08.24.12)
But he doesn't have the courage to bomb Iran and the Iranians know it.
27. The final word!
John Prophet   (08.24.12)
The rubicon has been crossed, what transpires next will reshape the direction of the 21st century. It is written!
28. #23 - Iran is in FULL COMPLIANCE with the NPT
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (08.24.12)
Every bit of uranium in Iran is fully accounted for by the IAEA, which the IAEA has certified. As for Iranian technology, it is well documented at lots of public sources.
29. @@8 Actually it is not. What inspection? Iran is reverse
engineering other peoples technology or adapting it including stolen technology with the help of the "new" South Africa and the high speed British boats adapted to carry weapons. Their missiles are N Korean and others and so it goes on. Do feel free to share your doccumented confirmable inside info. with the CIA
30. # 1 every thing you said is correct
David ,   On this planet   (08.24.12)
except you did not come up with a solution to the problem. Iran wants to destroy Israel, they cannot do it with what they have on hand , hence they are building a nuclear bomb do be able to have their dream. what do you suggest for Israel to do. be nice? depend on the rest of the world or just pack and leave
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