Ashkenazi comes out against Iran strike
Itamar Eichner
Published: 24.08.12, 11:59
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1. I would also like to hear from
Henry from New York ,   USA   (08.24.12)
Generals Mizrakhi, Sphardi and Beta Israel. Maybe Colonels Bene Roma and Kaifeng as well, maybe....
2. So Peres has nobody to talk to,specially after Lenny Kravitz
tom ,   tel aviv   (08.24.12)
cancelled... Oy vey: our ex-generalissimos are tough to bear! The comparison between opinions & lower body orfices comes to mind...
3. An Ex Aluf Mishne should be more responsable when giving ..
opinions. He is hurt because Barak did't give him an additional year to be Aluf Mishneh. Ex Army Generalsn and Ex directors of tyhe Mossad shoud not be so careless making public declarations that hurt the unity of the country
4. EXECUTE the military option NOW, or face
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.24.12)
the Iranian bomb !
5. Ashkenazi was against buying more submarines
zionist forever   (08.24.12)
Ashkenazi's term as Chief of Staff has been overrated, he was not anything special but he replaced a corrupt fool and if your replacing somebody like that then its easy to be the best Chief of Staff the country has ever had. He was against buying things like more submarines, its thanks to Barak personally we got them. Attacking Iran is something we cannot do alone but if we can play it right and force the Americans to get involved its worth considering. We make the first move to provoke an Iranian response forcing Obama to finish the job because he cannot abandon his ally in its time of need so close to an election, at least not unless he wants to lose the Jewish vote which will be essential in such a close race. If we are 200% certain we can drag Obama into it then late September / early October then lets get things moving. If we are not sure we can get the US to do the job then we should consider other tactics because it will only work with American help.
6. He is also on the record advocating giving Golan to Assad...
ab   (08.24.12)
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.24.12)
More at war with each other than Iran.Come to their rescue and get more involved in domestic issues in Israel.
8. That is why he is ex
Patrick Henry ,   USA   (08.24.12)
More from the (bend over and grab their ankles crowd). Just wait till two a-bombs go off cowards ! NEVER AGAIN ?
9. Consensus
Robert Busika ,   Kampala, Uganda   (08.24.12)
I cannot underestimate the judgement of anyone who has served in the government of Israel, because all these are smart people. I think, however, that there should be consensus on the common problem of Iran, that Israel mat stand strong as one. Joseph in Genesis told his brothers not to quarrel on the way.
10. quiet
yafe nefesh ,   nahariya   (08.24.12)
All the big mouths shouting that we should go to war coveniently live in other countries. Please keep your advice to yourselves. Shalom/Salaam
11. Mackmood #7
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (08.24.12)
People in a true democracy can disagree with each other. It's called freedom of speech. Unlike in Eygpt, Gaza, Iran, Syria you won't be jailed, beaten or murdered for your having or expressing a different opinion than their clueless leaders!
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (08.25.12)
OTHER or run away to Eaurope and try to kill each other and us there. At least we talk amongst each other and have normal discussions as human beings do. What do YOUR PEOPLE do? Sit in Hookah cafes in London and talk about how brave they could be if they did nto live in London?
13. Well, I have to admit...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.25.12)
That when some one of the caliber of Ashenazi speaks, we should all listen. After all, he sure does have access to information that the rest of the public does not.
14. loser
A Pernat ,   Paris   (08.24.12)
is this the guy whose credit card data and handgun were stolen and given to an arab called Mohammad Majadele ? what a loser !
15. #7 mahmud...IN A DEMOCRACY people r allowed to have opinions
you don't know DEMOCRACY, so it seems like verbal's freedom of speech, something you and your iranians don't know about...won't know about under the crushing sadistic shallow heels of the insane mullets and their "leader" Kakameini the Myopic! and his boy toy, mahmud adminajackass (monkey face.)
16. Bibi is a threat to world peace
titi ,   Canada   (08.25.12)
He should be arrested before he starts WW3.
17. #5 zionist
solomon ,   bklyn   (08.25.12)
He got the IDF back on its feet; got them to go back to basics. You don’t like his opinions? Fine. But that’s no reason to trash him as if he didn’t contribute anything. Not everything is black and white, especially reality.
Barry Small ,   detroit usa   (08.24.12)
only israel's NUKES will save israel.
19. Ashkenazi is wrong
Brod ,   USA   (08.25.12)
If he thinks the fanatical Ayatollahists are angels, he must be out of his mind. The Ayatollahists will have no hesitancy to wipe off Israel once they have their nuke. Why? Because they are fanatics like those Saudi thugs who attacked America on 9/11 and slaughtered 3000 Americans in cold blood! And Obama has the temerity to vow to the Saudi Wahhabhist King! Congress should have impeached him along time ago!
20. #7 Do not start celebrating MAHMOOD...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.25.12)
I agree with you that at present my people "seem more at war with each other than Iran". I will return to Israel soon, and I expect one day to become the Prime Minister of Israel, and I will teach Iran a lesson it will never forget. I will bring Ahmadenajad to his knees begging for forgiveness... Patience MAHMOOD, patience...
21. Sarah
jason white ,   afula, israel   (08.25.12)
A draft dodging blowhard like you could never be prime minister.
22. is ashkenazi a referee in a beauty contest?
michael ,   zurich   (08.25.12)
this whole public discussion by security pundits and mInstream politicians strikes me as extremely odd. i wonder if it's a well coordinated hoax to bamboozle iran or a modern way of squandering one's strategic assets. i can hardly believe the latter allthough i'm really not sure.
23. 16 titi canada
ms world   (08.25.12)
it's the likes of you titi (who crowned you with that one?) that would start a war. Ach tooti titti.... shut the hell up
24. #6 Who is on record giving the
Moragh   (08.25.12)
Golan to Assad. Somebody is nuts here, and it aint me!
25. #20 is most definitely
Moragh   (08.25.12)
NOT from SarahB. Somebody is trying to have fun on Sara's name. But they are not...... just an idiot on the move!
26. I note the most vocal proponents
Sarah B   (08.25.12)
for war are those living far out of the range of the missiles which may be fired at Israel. Or you can see are the whackiest whackjobs on the Planet. Although some may be Iranian stooges trying to get Netanyahu to actually do something instead of waving his arms around shouting.
27. #25 Moragh
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.25.12)
Don't be such an a$$ Moragh...Don't you think that I qualify for the post of Prime Minister? I have over fifty years of experience as a successful attorney at law in New York. What is your resume? Are you on welfare?
28. 17
zionist forever   (08.26.12)
i agree he did get the IDF back in its feet but that doesn't make him a really special chief of staff it just makes him one who is putting right what others have allowed to go wrong so its easy to overrate him. Not saying he was a really bad COS but just an average and overrated one
29. #28 zionist
solomon ,   bklyn   (08.26.12)
Fair enough. Thanks.
30. #27
reason ,   sa   (08.28.12)
Just what we need, an attorney as priminister.SarahB your remarks lack wisdom. Guidance is needed not all the hyped up political (mission accomplished!) brovado you display.
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