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Exposing Israeli teens to IDF child abuse
Oded Shalom
Published: 25.08.12, 22:46
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1. Israeli society and education system
roger ,   zurich switzerland   (08.25.12)
Israeli society brainwashes and indoctrinates its children to demonise and dehumanise the Palestinians. So it's not surprising this brutality occurs.
2. Welcome to the middle east reality
Jerome ,   AKL   (08.25.12)
the last time IDF used moral values they had their ass beaten by a group of Lebanese thugs and I lost my cousin, with his helicopter crew, who hesitated firing near civilians. Add this to the report please, so next generations know who do we deal with in the middle east.
3. So now tell me
Moshe   (08.25.12)
May delicate haredim join such an army?
4. Head butt
Dr Jack ,   Canada   (08.25.12)
I need some help. In the picture, with an alleged "head butt" I see nothing!! The only thing I see is an Arab with his hands at the throat of an IDF soldier, who is fighting back. In any other army in the world, if a person would try to attack a soldier in such a manner, he would be shot dead! In Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia or South Africa, he would be dead, for NO reason!!
5. Roger,your Switzerland dehumanized all Muslims and forbade a
ab   (08.25.12)
ll minarets in your ultra clean Alps. Not mentionning deportation of crimnals ,even if Swiss citizens,but only of "first generation"
6. Teenagers ? They look as big as Israeli soldiers
ab   (08.25.12)
7. Teens? Which Ones
Ssgt ,   Zion   (08.25.12)
These palestinian teens.. many are approx. the same age as the soldiers.. at 19 year old is still considered a teenager by the liberal media. Abuse is wrong at any age..but a 19 year old with a weapon of any kind can kill someone just as dead.. as 30 year old .
8. Values
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (08.25.12)
Some people should be expelled from this country, no doubt about that!
9. Context
Jay Abouaf ,   Jaffa, Israel   (08.25.12)
An old Arab saying: "He beats me and beats me, then he cries and complains." It's a tragedy that we are at war. It;s a tragedy we have to sometimes be bastards. Unfortunately, our cousins have been told that ...'they love death like we love life'... and due to their terribly corrupt and thieving leaders, they believe it. Thus, they teach their children violence and that we are the devil. Hence, the above article.
10. Not important how old they are ...
Stéphane ,   France   (08.25.12)
An antisémit has no old , no mercy for them from 10 to 100 years old . Watch them throwing stones on israeli women and babies , no mercy !!! Kol ha kavod le mish mar ha gvul !
11. Jerome
So you prefer remembering your cousin as a hero who tried to put civilians lives before his or as warmonger who would have shoot anything that is not Jewish?
12. #1 actually
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.25.12)
"Shovrim Shtika" is the foreign-funded organization that supplied Goldstone with "evidence" (proven to be 100% fabricated) that allowed him to support the Hamas genocide of the Jews. Its well-paid members never served in the IDF. And if any member of "Shovrim Shtika" is reading this. A "Storm" is a jeep, not an armored personnel carrier. But you would know that if you ever served in the IDF.
13. #1 wrong
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (08.25.12)
It makes no difference whether you treat them good or bad,They've been braiwashed from the time they took their first breath to HATE US so it doesn't matter what you do to them they'll still hate us.
14. why do they hate you so much?
roger ,   zurich switzerland   (08.26.12)
Because you are occupying and oppressing them. Understand that? In 1948 you stole their land and destroyed their villages and since 1967 you have been treating them like animals.
15. There is a cynical saying: Only bad news is good news
N ,   N   (08.26.12)
There are Palestinian children who don't want to throw stones at (innocent) Israeli soldiers. Not because they are scared but because it's wrong. And there are Israeli soldiers who are very reluctant to scare (innocent) Palestinians. - Not because they are Leftists but because it's wrong. Most good actions are forgotten easily.
16. Occupiers acting like occupiers
Abdalla   (08.26.12)
17. Why do we hate so much? #14
Israeli ,   Israel   (08.26.12)
So we stole their land in 1948? What did your grandfathers do to us from 1937-1945ish? They did far worse than steal land, they stole the lives of an entire population. Why not champion a state for Jews in Europe if you feel so terrible for the Palestinians? If you feel bad for them, no doubt you feel ten times worse for what happened to the Jews. No doubt, you agree a large swathe of a land should be carved out of Germany, Austria, France, and Switzerland to create a Jewish state. What do you propose the Jews should have done after WW2? You Europeans created the mess and now you blame Jews? Even with all the wars and crap down here, it's more safe than Europe every was for us. See Roger, the smarter anti-Semites say "1967, evil". The dumb ones go straight to the perceived cardinal sin "1948". What you imply is that the Jews had/have no right to be in Israel. We lived in Europe for 2000 years. Your grandparents generation ended it nicely didn't it. You Europeans NEVER atoned for your vile sins. A bit of blood money here, a bit of blood money there. The Swiss robbed money from any Jew they could, including my grandparents. You talk about thieves Roger? You're the greatest of them all, and the mark of a true swindler is to blame others for their own crimes. I A Guten Nacht, Heir Roger.
Paul ,   USA   (08.26.12)
Why do you think they are throwing stones or rocks at you in the west bank?? Is it because your Jews?? NO! The answer is simple...OCCUPATION. When you occupy people what do you expect people to do? be nice?? People are probably going to say "Judea and Samara are OUR land not the pals" or "the pals are not real" fact of the matter is the pals well never leave the west bank. There is only two option to ending this conflict. One is a country of everyone Jews, Muslim, christian or Two a country for the pals encompassing the West bank and Gaza strip.
19. Police have told me that about a third of the police are
sadistic, but if the others report them they will be targeted.
20. Roger,many a billion of donations to pals placed in Swiss ba
ab   (08.26.12)
nks,it's you who treats pals like milking cows,animals
21. Ta gueule Roger de suisse !
Stéphane ,   France   (08.26.12)
If you are so smart Roger switzerland .... Tell us where did thé jewish people was born ??? Because you Know Roger ... On this planet ; every people was born somewhere , and also us we were born in judea , we didn't fall from thé Space ignorant ! Thé only land stolers are thé so-called palestiniens who comes from Jordan .
22. Blahblah. Who cares Arabs slaughter each other every day
Cynic ,   USA   (08.26.12)
23. Bullies Everywhere
Zivron   (08.26.12)
There are Bullies All Through Human Species it's a big problem in schools at some work laces with domestic abuse and I'm sure in the media industry . The youth are defiant the army sadistic .Good that there are people that want the vicious cycle clogged up a bit
24. #18. Paul: You did much worse
Tom W ,   USA   (08.26.12)
The US occupied and gobbled up the independent nation of Hawaii and imprisoned her queen Liliuokalani. It happened in our modern era that the imperialist US simply forcefully created a "State". Hopefully "Aztlan" a new Spanish speaking nation will be cut out from the US Southwest and we should support the break up of the artificial USA.
25. Arab teens are often violent
Reuven   (08.26.12)
and dangerous. Don't expect our IDF young men to just be their targets and not respond.
26. Breaking the Silence Report
Joshua ,   USA   (08.26.12)
I believe that this report needs to trigger a genuine investigation by the IDF to find how much unnecessary abuse may be practiced by our troops. That said, "Breaking the Silence" would also do the right thing if along with their report, they would distribute some Palestinian school textbooks inciting their children to hate Israel.
27. "Breaking The Silence" members should be tried for treason.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.26.12)
"Palestinian' terrorists threaten to maim and murder us every day. Too often they succeed. But all "Breaking The Silence" cares about is demonizing our I.D.F. protectors, around the world. It' despicable members should be tried for treason.
28. #18. Judea & Samaria legally belong to Jews.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.26.12)
#18. The reason "Palestinians" throw rocks at Jews today is the same reason they did before Israel even existed. They are full of mindless hatred. There is no "occupation" by Israel. Judea and Samaria have legally belong to Israel and have for more than 3,500 years. This has been incontrovertibly proven by countless legal scholars. Even the terrorist P.A. won't publicly debate it, as Israeli MK Danny Ayalon has challenged them to. Deep inside, even the P.A. knows Judea and Samaria belong to Israel.
29. Just the facts!!!
Genuine Tosefta   (08.26.12)
Oded Shalom sadly, but predictably failed to do his homework. Is he a closet sympathisant??? This group's real aim and highest goal is the destruction of the state of Israel, no less. did he ask these people i the report if they think that Israel has a rightto exist? No? Why not? So is he astonishingly naive or just as malicious and devious? One, no two things are sure. BtS is a heavuily foreign-funded group that is supported by enemy forces all around the globe. The second is as I said the dismantlement, euphemism for the distraction of a Jewish or Jewish majority state that it carefully hides at all costs. Why did Ynet fail to do its homewrok? Why did it not ask NGO Monitor, for example who these people are?????
30. One-sided exaggeration - What about Ramallah 2000
Mark   (08.26.12)
Two soldiers strayed into Ramallah and were lynched. They were not only captured and killed but the perpetrators went on a frenzy. Those who criticize the IDF don't have a clue about what happens when soldiers are either helpless or show weakness. I used to apply my own Western values to situations in the territories. No more. I've learned a lot since then. Jews are not only a minority in the ME, but one with painful memories of massacres at the hand of the Arabs.
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