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Iran takes on WoW gamers
Harel Eilam, Calcalist
Published: 27.08.12, 14:22
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1. what!
hooman   (08.27.12)
so after reading all this about Iran blocking content there is one last paragraph that says "So it would seem that it is not in fact the Iranian government that is behind the content block, rather the sanctions against Iran that are to blame. " so Blizzard has stopped its services not iran blocking it!!!!!!!!
2. "Promotion of violence due to too much violence"
William ,   Israel   (08.27.12)
Yeah - don't want too many Iranians growing up with the desire to join the Basij and commit "too much violence". Save that for the valued friends of the Mullahs themselves.
3. Iran blocks WoW - ‚Äúpromotion of superstition and mythology"
William ,   Israel   (08.27.12)
Doesn't that basically describe Islam as well?
4. It's clear that Iran is trying to have more kids
Henry from New York ,   Currently under the Tuscan Sun   (08.28.12)
It is well known that WoW is the world's most effect prophylactic.
5. they cant help it
Iranian Hunter   (08.28.12)
usually kids that play these games are anti mullah and believes their parents that brought the mullah are stupid and crazy for ousting the shah. can not blame them.
6. Blocking of websites
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (08.28.12)
If it is possible to block Iran's games websites, why not to do the same with Hungary's 120 neo nazi and antisemitic ones ?
7. This is good news Israel !
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (08.28.12)
Maybe the dimwits will actually block all of their internet and we could possibly see an uprising? The Iranian kids will be pissed if they keep pulling these stunts and then hopefully, they will rise up and say enough is enough. We all know how popular the internet games are these days.
8. Blaming Iran when it was the US...
Chris ,   UK   (08.28.12)
The US ordered Blizzard to block Iran... You're blaming the wrong side. . Blizzard was ordered to stop trading with Iran by US trade regulators. . Sports and games have long been a unifying force between nations, and it is sad to see a country driving a stake into the heart of this. The Iranians in this game would naturally of regularly interacted with Europeans and Israelis, which one can easily see leading to moderation and peace between Nations.
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