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Report: France opens Arafat murder enquiry
Published: 28.08.12, 19:29
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1. Who Cares How He Died
Just another dead Terrorist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May he Rot in Hell with saddam, momar and hopefully soon, the little bearded monkey??????????????
2. Will they be able to find out which of the "boys" infected
Adam Smith   (08.28.12)
him during the many visits by the "boys" from Ramallah?
3. France opens Arafat murder enquiry
mat ,   uk   (08.28.12)
strange that this was not found by the french doctors in 2003 and they did not want make thier finding public they knew why arafat died and what about the way he looked to come out with this murder charge is alot to say for the french doctors are they defending their findings this is to cover up what he realy died of and to try and blame israel
4. Arafat the terrorist had a lot of enemies
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (08.28.12)
But in 2004 he was an old, sick and freightened man. Israel had no reason to kill him In view of the accusation of his widow it must be clar, that the military hospital, where he died, must completely disclose the real reasons for his death. My he never ever rest in peace but in pieces.
5. Try to revive Arafat.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (08.28.12)
Science has developed a lot since the death of this monster. Follow Frankenstein and try to revive him with the help of H bozons. If succesful the world will laugh again at this clown.
6. Arafat
Ralph ,   Caesarea   (08.28.12)
comit sucide!!!
7. Headline: Terrorist Dies!
Carl ,   USA   (08.28.12)
In other breaking news, scientists predict that the earth will continue orbiting the sun for the remainder of this week.
8. France opens Arafat murder enquiry
Johannes ,   NORWAY   (08.28.12)
Many attempts are being made to blur the fact that the sexually perverted Arafat died of Aids. To invent a myth that it was the Jews that killed him with Polonium would be in accordance with Palestinian propaganda. However, it is self-evident that this is just nonsense. From a conspiratory point of view it is much more probable that Israel would try to keep such a miserable leader alive as long as possible.
9. Did someone murder the mass
Reuven   (08.29.12)
10. Aids killed arafat, but it´s so much shame
Arad ,   Arad   (08.29.12)
for the arabs to handle the fact that their egyptian leader was a promiscous thief pedophile (for the terrorist murderer part, they are very proud, nevertheless).
11. I Did 911 thu Hollywood Programming
Bryan Ranger ,   Los Angeles, USA   (08.29.12)
Why doesn't US just give me my $6m plus any future earning let me go. It's cheaper or I can do the Lebanon public domain RC jet defense system concept completely original not based on US technology.
12. I doubt Israel did it
Avramele   (08.29.12)
But as a leftist and a Zionist and one glad that America took out bin laden, there would, in light of the morally indefensible second intifada, be nothing wrong if some good guys from wherever were the culprits. Arafat proved himself a gangster and a murderer.
13. #2
Helene   (08.29.12)
No, he must have been infected by one of his handsome young german bodygard while on a visit in Rumania
14. #7
Helene   (08.29.12)
At last, some good news !!
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