Minister Aharonovitch: Extreme rightists – terrorists
Neri Brenner
Published: 28.08.12, 21:31
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1. Aharonovitch you are simply CRAZY
2. aharonovitch must be probed for incitement
3. Just allegations so far - Still
Tracy W   (08.28.12)
whether these kids did actually commit the crime, or it's another false flag operation, one needs to question whether Jews are being manipulated by agents provocateurs within their communities. There's nothing authorities would want more than to use this event as a justification to further bermish the reputation of Jews living across the Green Line. Isn't it very strange that grassroots leaders have abstained for decades from bringing up the issue of Israel's legal right to the land according to the League of Nations Mandate and the St Remo Resolution. Not even a word about it. Grassroots leaders have instead focused on building - oblivious to the fact that building alone did not save large Jewish communities in Sinai and Gaza. Grassroots Jewish leadership in Judea and Samaria are failing not only the local Jews but Israel itself. They don't realize that it wasn't the Arabs who expelled Jews from Sinai and Gaza, but their own government, with the assistance of local Jewish leadership.
4. Israeli govt terrorizes Jewish homebuilders
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.28.12)
One thing the government of Israel has made clear to everyone including Israel's children is that violence pays very well. They've been watching the government drive out fellow Jews to reward the violent ones. If the faith challenged hypocrites in Jerusalem are fair and balanced they will release these prisoners as a 'goodwill gesture.' We all know how well terrorism has paid off for the Palestinian jihadist murderers. It should work just as well for Jews and the more violence ,the more the lemmings Netanyahu and Barak will capitulate and surrender land to them. . The irrational Israeli government has been rewarding violence since they signed the Olso accord on the White House lawn in 1993. Look at how they reward Hamas to this day sending truck into Gaza loaded with goodies for all the missiles and destruction they send into Israel. One thing Netanyahu and Barak have proven is that violence pays.... pays well indeed. And that is why it is spreading to little Jewish children who have been watching the grown ups and learning from them.
5. Terrorist groups
Torvid Høiland ,   Bryne, Norway   (08.28.12)
Minister Aharonovitch is right. The Mossad should keep a close watch on these groups. Such groups are the true face of religion, unfortunately. The best weapon against extremism is enlightenment (= atheism).
6. So what
eli ,   Yerushalayim   (08.28.12)
Zur Baher & Djabel Mukhaber are terror organizations?
7. innocent until found guilty
esty ,   israel   (08.28.12)
it is slander to accuse people(children) before they have been found guilty!!
8. Peace ONLY via BALANCE, balance ONLY via SECURE BIG ISRAEL.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (08.28.12)
9. Lol, "terrorists," what a joke...
Disproportionately conflating these cases with real terrorism only sabotages the war on terror.
10. Another article in today's paper
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (08.28.12)
showed a Jew that had been attacked by an Arab, using an axe, blood all over the place, as if it were borsht I do wish, the Government would get its acts together Jews must be in a postion to defend themselves, otherwise another Fogel family slaughter is in the offing
11. I would hope that Israeli's would
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (08.28.12)
not stoop to their level by inciting kids to do such acts. Kids are very impressionable and will do almost anything to alleviate peer pressure and it doesn't matter what race or religion they are from. Let's hope there will be no more firebombs from either side.
12. Biased law enforcement....
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (08.29.12)
These incidents are happening because the jewish population is not protected against arab violence. Jewish people are not allowed to worship on the Temple Mount, illegal construction is illegal only when jewish "settlers" are reoccupying jewish lands, at the same time illegal arab construction goes on all over in Israel, including Jerusalem.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (08.29.12)
This whole Likud led government is a joke. Aharonovitch sounds like a hystirical moron, who does not have a properly functioning braincel in his head. It is the government that acts like a terrorist clan releasing murderers offf IDF soldiers and locking up childeren without real proof. Bibi's gang are a bunch of loosers, running after thgeir their own tails like a bunch of dogs.
14. #12 - biased ?!
Yosef Y. MSc' ,   USA   (08.29.12)
The cowardly duplicity of the Israeli elite - "What would the Goyim think and say" ?! This spinelessness is more dangerous to the Jewish nation's survival than Iran and the rest of the loonies. Jews who support Obama are not much better either. Moshiach Tzidkeinu, be meheira, Amen
15. No difference in maturity or wisdom between
Ilan   (08.29.12)
Ahronovitch and a 12 year olde
16. OMG
Walter ,   Germany   (08.29.12)
Forget everything what I said in the past. If this is meant serious Israel is on a good way to get really the light under the nations!
17. Nice to see Israel addressing the issue of Jewish terrorism.
Marcus   (08.29.12)
When you open Israel's borders to any immigrants that are remotely Jewish you never know what sort of people you let in. The Israeli authorities know now they've opened a Pandora's Box of religious freaks with this policy, and need to sort them out before they destroy Israel and what's left of its International standing as a democracy.
18. Aharonovich for Prime Minister!
Dan   (08.29.12)
At last, an Israeli politician who can see the disastrous effect of the extreme right on Israel's international standing and its chances of survival.
19. The leftists dream(including YNet):Zahal bombing settlements
YNet lover   (08.29.12)
For Israels left ( including leftist media like YNet) a dream would come true : finally Zahal could send in jets to bomb the settlements (Assad style ). The state of Israel has many enemies - one of the worst is the inner enemy . Fighting those who live in the historical heartland of Israel ( the socalled westbank) is definitely an act of agression against the jewish state. But like all of Israels enemies, the inner enemies too will fail to destroy Israel and will pay the price.
20. #5 Yes, we all see how well it works in Norway...
Alex   (08.29.12)
With all the "enlightenment" in Norway shouldn't you have been able to avoid Breivik? Radical atheism is no different than radical religion. Reform religion is the most humane form of human belief, and I say that as a secular person myself.
21. If extreme leftists are equally seen as terrorists...
Alex   (08.29.12)
then sure, this could work.
22. Right wing religious jewish terrorists destroying Israel
haim ,   TA   (08.29.12)
23. Well Done, Aharonovitch!
Cohen,Israel   (08.29.12)
We should call the boy in his name: The radical settlers are on the verge of terrorism- Who ever hurl a molotov coktail at a passing car is a TERRORIST, doesn't atter if it's an Arab or a Jew!
24. left winf anti torah north tel aviv draft dodgers
David ,   Haifa Israel   (08.29.12)
destroying israel.
25. Aharonovitch
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.29.12)
Wasn't he the one who blamed Jews for the attack at Tuba-Zangaria until it turned out it was Arabs? And wasn't he praising himself when Teitel admitted doing the Gay-club massacre, until it turned out Teitel was innocent and the real murderer is free because of Aharonovitvh's incompetence?
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