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German Jews oppose award for US philosopher
Published: 29.08.12, 14:05
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1. A Shame and a Disgrace
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.29.12)
This is a shame and a disgrace. Butler is an Israel- hating zealot. The awarding of a prize to her is Anti-Semitism by other means. Shame on the German officials who did this.
2. Butler was caught posturing&lying about her family's achieve
ab   (08.29.12)
ments : About 3 years ago she produced an article in "Haaretz" on her criticisim og Israel,in which she mentioned her aunt allegedly travelling thru Hungary ,with mortal danger to own life "trying to save her family there" . As one reader observed and commened on talkbacks the alleged travel took place in 1938,years before rounding up Hungarian Jews in 1944 and a year before the Ww2 ,so no "mortal danger" existed for an American citizen her aunt was.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (08.29.12)
4. Self confessed hater, sorry but what is
Ameridane ,   Aarhus, Denmark   (08.29.12)
the difference between her and the ultra-orthodox Jews- they get also money and bite the hand that feeds them.
5. Muddying the water in German pond again ,...
split ,   US   (08.29.12)
Just like in Weimar Republic - Didn't learned a diddly squat from the past -It's not your f. bussines whom do they appreciate or reward.
6. This coin has only one side
Tom W ,   USA   (08.29.12)
Adorno, along with H. Marcuse was one of the Marxist "Frankfurt School" philosophers and because of his Jewish origin he had to emigrate from Hitler's Germany. His Jewish upbringing was a personal affair in the context of Nazi Germany, it has nothing to do with his neo-Marxist philosophy. That group - along with A. Gramsci of Italy earlier - wanted to destroy the Western bourgeois societies by using cultural tools, hence the ideology of "Cultural Marxism" was born. In the light of the well documented hatred of Israel by the academic left one can assume - without hard evidence or proof - that Adorno would have joined other leftist Jewish "intellectuals" like Chomsky, T. Judt, Finkelstein etc. who are representing the Stalinist radical left. Adorno and Judit Butler share the same ideology so they deserve each other. The vile dishonesty hidden in this affair is that the referenced "German Jews" failed to introduce who the hell Adorno was. He was a Communists and not a Jewish hero.
7. Philosopher without high school education
Mark Bernadiner ,   Pearland, USA   (08.29.12)
Onlin America and Europe people without credible high school education can hold academic positions as a reward for bushing Israel and spitting fraudulent information on Israeli past and present.
8. Butler
Dennis ,   NJ USA   (08.29.12)
Maybe they need to move the ceremony to Wannsee. More fitting!
9. I wish someone of fitting posture would have the guts to ex-
tom ,   tel aviv   (08.30.12)
claim: the Emperor has no clothes! This inellectual impostor has no integrity of any kind. What a cheap, disgusting woman!
10. Micha Brumlik and Cilly Kugelmann have no problem
Dan   (08.30.12)
There are German Jews who have no problem with Butler. For example the left professor Micha Brumlik and the head of the Jewish museum in Berlin Cilly Kugelmann.
11. Ad hominem attack won't do the trick
Leo   (08.30.12)
anymore. Sorry. Your comment has nothing to do with the subject and Judith Butler's own achievements in her field.
12. self-satisfied moron.
rick ,   walnut creek   (08.31.12)
it might not occur to a moron but what was Israel supposed to about the occupation? was there ever a time when Israel had an opportunity to cede territory to a credible, durable, power that was interested in permanent peace with the Jewish State? and, why should Israel be forced to leave territories from which the Jews were expelled by the Arabs? don't be stupid.
13. to no 4 and who says we condone those fanatics
14. Anti-Zionism is not Antisemitism, one is racism
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay   (08.31.12)
...the other is legitimate criticism.
15. Reverse prize for Judy Butler
Dinah ,   USA   (08.31.12)
When people like Butler twist the truth especially against her own people, I feel strongly that traitors should be punished not rewarded. Unfortunately, we are living in a world with mentally sick people like Ms. Butler who supports terrorists and murders of innocent Israelis. She and the committee should be ashamed of themselves.
16. #14 - Inaccurate
ThinkAgain ,   Australia   (08.31.12)
If you are opposed to idea of the Jewish nation having a state of their own, then by definition, you are an Anti-Zionist AND an AntiSemite. Both are forms of racism. It's time to call a spade a spade.
17. To No. 16
Bertram ,   London, UK   (08.31.12)
Believe it or not, there are those Jews who identify themselves in religious terms, in ethnic terms, in cultural terms, but not in national terms. Hence, abut half the world's Jewish population remain solely nationals of other states. So, are they all self-harting, antisemitic Jews?
18. To # 17. "So, are they all...?" Yes.
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