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Protocols from '72 Munich massacre released
Roi Mandel, Eyal Lehmann
Published: 29.08.12, 16:46
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1. German Police '72
U.Z.   (08.29.12)
Until Munich Germany had no sort of special police force at all, this was part of the post-war demilitarized society. Some of the officers involved were traffic policemen. This had to go wrong.
2. Bc of WW II the germans were at this time not allowed to..
Neo ,   EU   (08.29.12)
use their military (with professional snipers) inside the borders to free the hostages, so they hat to use common police patrolmen, which werent qualified for such a complex operation. After this shamefull event germany founded police swat units like the GSG9..
3. Then the germuns should have realised the need to make
Moshe ,   Usa   (08.29.12)
protection of the Jews a special exception not only because of their national shame for the Holocaust, but because of arob antisemitism, and because of the lack of appropriately trained germun police protection units, the germuns should have had the Jews followed with close proximity protection or invited the Israelis to do this task themselves because of it. Also, the Israelis stupidly acceded to the possibility of this calamity by not insisting on providing protection themselves.
4. Olympics 1972
Nils ,   Hamburg, Germany   (08.29.12)
Managment of German authorities has been a disaster. EoM. Don't ever forget!
5. Why didn't the old POS meir threaten to
jason white ,   afula,israel   (08.29.12)
kill 1000 palis for every Israeli held captive each hour? The 200 pali terrorists in prison should have been killed within 15 mins of Israel hearing about the terror attack.
6. They also weren't even snipers
David ,   Israel   (08.29.12)
They were regular policemen with regular rifles that didn't have microscopic sights. Ridiculous that with all their stupidity they didn't allow Israel to perform an operation to save them either
7. Part 1 - German govt and PLO colluded to release terrorists
Tracy W   (08.29.12)
Barely two months after the massacre, the German government and Black September reached a secret agreement to use a fake "hijacking" as an excuse to release terrorists in German custody. Germany demanded that the fake hijacking should have neither women nor children passengers. The flight eventually had barely eleven passengers on board. This collusion was revealed by the only terrorist to survive the subsequent hunt by Mossad. He spoke openly about this secret complicity with the German government in the documentary "One Day in September". (The Guardian: "Bonn Faked Hijack to Free Killers")
8. Part 2 - After WW2 defeat Nazis outsourced killing of Jews
Tracy W   (08.29.12)
Immediately after the end of World War II some escaped Nazis fled to the Middle East and began training terrorist groups to fight Israel. This outsourcing of anti-Jewish activities is obvious in how European governments and human rights groups financed Middle East anti-Israel groups during the post-war years, and they do so to this day through the European Union. The main recipient of European largesse is the Palestinian Authority. During the Cold War years Communist East Germany hosted, trained, and armed PLO terrorists. Other European countries, such as Italy, also turned a blind eye to the presence of Arab terrorists, in the tacit or explicit understanding that terrorists would abstain from targeting their own nationals.
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