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Anti-Semitism resolution hits anti-Israel protests
Associated Press
Published: 29.08.12, 15:47
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1. Anti-semitism
Samuel ,   Australia   (08.29.12)
And anti-Israel are NOT the same thing. Also, one can be both pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel. It's a false dichotomy.
2. Land of fruits and nuts not so nutty after all
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (08.29.12)
3. Islamic students..
Beary White ,   Norway   (08.29.12)
..almost NEVER criticise islamic killings and violence around the world. I have NEVER seen universities where islamic students EVER speak out against islamic terror and killings. This means that ISLAMIC STUDENTS LOOKS AT ISLAMIC KILLERS AS NORMAL BEHAVIOUR. We have to start to look at islam in the way it deserve..I have no words...except evilnes.! This is also the situation in norwegian universities.
4. Wake-up America, israeli is taking over the country
American Vet   (08.29.12)
First. they want to take away "free speech" 2nd, American take money is supporting israeli (national health care, national child-care, free dental-care, until the age of 12, national religion, while persecuting Christian & Moslems. 3rd jews wanting American to obpress fellow American-Arabs
5. What's with my right for being anti Semitic?
I don't have to like the Jews as well as they don't have to like me and have right to protest...
6. I live in a country where people dislike non Jews
Gregg ,   Haifa IL   (08.29.12)
There is a price to everything.
7. @1 Of course anti-Israel is antisemitism
tf ,   herzliya il   (08.29.12)
You are advocating for the genocide or at best ethnic cleansing of Jews, taking away all of their established rights and forcing them to become refugees.
8. @6 what country is that? I live in Israel & they worship USA
tf ,   herzliya il   (08.29.12)
9. #6 Thou art at liberty to make thyself scarce
Jake   (08.29.12)
if thou dost not like it!
10. #1 Will you take comfort when those that seek your death
Jake   (08.29.12)
are motivated simply by anti-Australia hatred, and not necessarily a racial hatred of those of Anglo-Celtic stock, who make up the majority of Australians?
11. #6
David   (08.29.12)
We especially dislike Gregg!
12. Zionist Censorship
David ,   San Francisco   (08.29.12)
This is California Universities trying to avoid lawsuits from Zionist organizations. Sorry, but it won't work! The protests wont stop and you can't censor the pro Palestinian voice. In fact its illegal to do so! In fact, they just made it far worse.
13. #1 pro pal and pro Israel? that would be a first.
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (08.29.12)
Find me one flag waver who has waved an Israeli flag at a pro Israel rally and waved the PLO flag at the pal rally.
14. Who Is Assemblywoman Linda Halderman?
World Citizen ,   the world   (08.29.12)
And Assemblywoman for what? AIPAC? The bottom line is that the First Amendment of the US Constitution reigns supreme in that country and there are probably one hundred Jewish lawyers in the ACLU that would love to argue on the side of the protestors if Halderman's resolution was even considered at the California universities. This article was written so that Israeli readers of Ynetnews can have a "nice" daydream.
15. American joke!
Abdul ,   Punjab, India   (08.29.12)
Don't read too much into it. It's ironically more negative than positive for curbing antisimitism: 1. It creates a revolt in free American youth against a dictation. 2. Rhetorics of 'Sympathy for Jewish Cause' are more irritants than having an emotional appeals when Jews are richest, most powerful and cunning-every American teenager knows. 3. It will build up a Neo-nazi type reaction slumbering inside youthful brains. Hence Jews must hurry to get this resolution (a propaganda slur) repealed as soon as possible.
16. Moslem immigrants bring their Violent Racist culture to
Western Universities   (08.29.12)
the same Arab and Moselm people who are killing each other in Syria , Iraq, Iran and other cuontries used to kill the Jews who lived in those countries. how else did Jews disappear from middle East Arab states? now they are spreading their violent culture in West.
17. Seriously?
Eric ,   USA   (08.29.12)
The State of California is going bankrupt and these lawmakers have nothing better to do? Do they represent the people of California or do they represent the State of Israel? Sometimes I wonder about some of our "American" politicians.
18. The source of anti-semitic, anti-Israeli propaganda
Jakarta ,   San Francisco, USA   (08.29.12)
People are not born to this world with a set opinion about Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They adopt this opinion through a carefully crafted propaganda that starts in school and then flourishes in University. Who brings this type of propaganda to the students? Their teachers at schools and professors at Universities. Remove politics from school classrooms. Remove politics from the Universities. Is it appropriate for a math professors to go on and on about his personal opinion and his prospective on Palestinian-Israeli conflict? Islamic propaganda is everywhere. Their funding is in hundreds of millions. They poison our children's mind with lies, omissions, creating large crowds where one cannot think for himself, making the entire environment at UC not only uncomfortable for those who think differently but also dangerous. UC has to raise professionals in the first place and not pro-Palestinian political activists. Those politics that induce hate (and this one does) have to be out of our colleges and universities.
ALBERTO   (08.29.12)
20. Cregg, Haifa
Alice ,   Israel/Canada   (08.29.12)
Cregg, mooove, please and fast.
21. David
Alice ,   Israel/canada   (08.29.12)
You and share the same feeling toward Gregg. Have a wonderful day.
22. #20 21 Alice
Gregg ,   Haifa, Il   (08.30.12)
Why should I move? My life's here and I have all the rights to criticize Israel as much as I want to... Meanwhile, I build my house on a land that I own here. Enjoy hating me as much as you wish... I couldn't care less
23. It is NOT antisemitic to condemn Israel's crimes.
Patricia ,   Sydney Australia   (08.30.12)
For the comprehension deficited: Israelis could be Hindu, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, green, from the moon; it's actions, not their religion, is the issue. Any nation that commits international crimes can be, needs to be, condemned. Israel's crimes are way too numerous to name them all, but any nation that uses white phosphorus bombs against over a million trapped human beings cannot take any moral high ground.
24. Getting silly in California!
Michael Rivero ,   Honolulu, USA   (08.30.12)
In a similar move, the legislators also passed a resolution prohibiting criticism of Obama, calling it "racism", and banned all studies of Hitler for being "Anti-German."
25. Last time i checked, Israel was secular?
Eamon Early ,   NY NY   (08.30.12)
I love how a country can arbitrarily decide when it is a secular nation and when it needs to be a jewish state. Convenient, aint it? Its sad that more Californians know the names of all the Kardashians and could care less to know the history of the world. Transfer agreement, Balfour Agrement, Apollo Affair, Lavon Affair, USS Liberty attack, Rubenstein spies, Jonathan Pollard, 9/11dancing israelis, on and on. America deserves to be the epicenter of the next deluge. My boogie board is on my lawn. I'm so sick and tired on placating this ridiculous notion of anti-semitism and I'm so sick of ethnic cleansing of arabs/Christians in occupied Palestine. Yahweh is not pleased with the human suffering either, I'm sure.
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