Athletes' widows 'shocked' by Munich protocols
Shahar Chai
Published: 29.08.12, 18:55
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1. Time to relent, Spitzer and Romano, time to forgive.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.29.12)
Find a little love in your hearts, extend your own life on this earth by reducing your own stress. I wish you peace with yourselves. Forty years is a very long time for a human to rebuild her/his life. May you have luck at it.
stude ham   (08.29.12)
3. There should be no exceptions..even for israelis
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (08.29.12)
What was so special about the israelis who were killed? I'll tell there needs to be absolutely no room for a minute of silence or anything alike...PERIOD!!!!
4. #3 Peter, Vienna-Austria
Marco ,   Spain   (08.29.12)
You are perfectly right...
5. #1 Relent, Forgive? ##3 No room for 1 min
Angel ,   Eilat   (08.29.12)
1. Oh angel of peace, you are drunk or blind not to see the hatred going on today. These widows should never forget, as the world seems to want to forget even the Holocaust, thanks to Nazi and Arab propaganda 3. Your nasty nature comes out of your words as you reek a stench of hate' you will live a bitter life all your days and deserve it.
6. What's special about israelis killed
Moshe ,   Petach Tikva, Israel   (08.29.12)
#s 3 & 4 You're right. There's nothing special about the israelis who were killed. there is something special about the Olympic athletes how were murdered in cold blood at the Olympics. The Olympics should recognize that with a moment of silence in their memory.
7. Family Deaths
Marvyn ,   London   (08.29.12)
Those on here who think that murdering innocent people is not that bad and their families should move on, how would you like members of your family murdered?
8. Hey #3 & #4 you & Europe are wrong
David ,   Israel   (08.29.12)
What's with lack of a moral compass within Europe? Just stand by as people get slaughtered. It was wrong for Germany to stand idle during the '72 Olympics. Just as it was wrong to stand idle in the face of Hitler - and the Inquisition - and Anti-Semetism. Now there's a wrong approach to politics in Middle East and appeasing the enemies of Israel- who will soon be your enemies too. So wake up Europe and take a bath in morality.
9. #1
Howard ,   Seattle USA   (08.29.12)
After forty years will you forgive the Muslim jihadis who murdered 3,000 Americans on 9/11????.Are you willing for that tragic event to be forgotten or ignored??? You are a moron.
10.  ex-Israeli Alex Giladi,member of IOC,multimillionaire " If
ab   (08.30.12)
we commemorate the Israeli sportsmen killed we must also commemorate the palestinians killed in this action ".This what he said to widows during meeting before the London Olympiade.. He was on the Israeli press team covering the massacre 40 years ago....
11. Nothing special...
steve ,   USA   (08.30.12)
Leave it to the Austrian skin heads to show they are unchanged from WWII. I spent allot of time doing business with these hateful mean Austrians as the arrogant fools and idiots full of hate. Stop buying or visiting Austria as the virulent Antisemites they all are. No you are the ones that are not special or anything new at all. Stop supporting countries that want to kill the Jews as the truly " humanitarian" frauds they are.
12. No we won't forget..
Steve ,   USA   (08.30.12)
Another sunshine liberal telling us what to forget. Typical American liberal telling us to forget. Not with the Posts from Austria nor the German awards to folksthat clearly hate and want to destroy us. As a Jewish American we are sick of " liberal" Jews and folks that are just cowards appeasing and feeding our enemies ONCE AGAIN. No we want TRUE facts and history not the kind rewritten by lefties as the very same " Communosocialists " millions died fighting against. Why does the world keep trying to genocide us is all I want to know.
13. Numbers 3 and 4
ME ,   USA   (08.30.12)
What pathetic answers from 3 and 4. We should never forget Avery Brundage's fawning of Hitler in the 1936 Olympics. Thus, no one should be surprised that he refused a moment of silence in 1972. As for the comments here over who cares about Israeli athletes, this is symptomatic of the mass immigration of Muslims to Europe whose baggage includes a enormous amount of Jew hatred. Spreading this in Europe seems to be on the level with reading the Koran.
14. 3 and 4
Walt K ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (08.30.12)
That event was a crime against the Humanity. Olympics were supposed to be a time of peace where every adversaries have to make a truce for compete and find solutions for their problems. Israelis were deceived.
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