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UN chief to Khamenei: Stop threatening Israel
Dudi Cohen, agencies
Published: 29.08.12, 22:38
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1. What a waste of time.
Alexander ,   David, Panama   (08.29.12)
2. ARE WE MADE TO BELIEVE................
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.29.12)
That Banki Moon had nothing to say about the NAM Summit to the Iranian leaders except to sit with them and discuss what we read in the above article.Sounds little bit made up comments suggested by the reporter rather than the actual diuscussion. Nevertheless,Banki Moon,on his return to New York,may not be scolded as much as we expected,now that he sat with Ayatullah Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad scolding them from the begining right upto the ennd of his meeting.
3. the Iranian propaganda is working
Iranian Hunter   (08.29.12)
These people are great at creating conspiracy, lies, deceit. These are shias. Muslims knows they are good at lying. Dont be a fool. The muslims have been used by Iran to becomes their tool to weaken Saudi, USA. By creating lies about USA doing 9-11. By creating lies that syrians rebels are al queda. Thinks sunnis, you fool. I am former jafari shia. The only people benefiting from this anti american propaganda that weakens saudi and usa are Iran, Hezbollah, Iraq, Syria. They wanted to make you hate US and Saudi their main enemies. The ultimate objective is to becomes Islam and takes back Mecca Medina and to makes everyone becomes shia and shia as Islam. You dont have to believe me. Just look at how they treat muslims in Syria, Iran, Iraq. Go there if you dont believe.
4. Total BS, no proof he said this, refused to say it in public
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (08.29.12)
Ban refused to criticize Iran in his personal, public comments in the Non-Aligned conference, yet he wants us to believe he said these things in a private, off-the-record meeting with Iran's leaders. This is the UN trying to have it both ways. No public denunciation of Iran's genocidal designs on Israel by Ban, yet Ban wants to get credit for doing it in private. We should not be fooled. Ban said no such thing to Khameni or anybody else in Iran's goivernment. Where's the proof?
5. UN to Khanenei
Irjun ,   Istanbul   (08.29.12)
Is Ban Ki Moon the modern version of Neville Chamerlain? - Maybe he is giving the Iranians legitimacy just by being there - look at the exposure and the photo ops! When will you Jews realize they are implacable enemies and you will never appease them. Be Strong Jews!
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.30.12)
You is that you state that you were formerly a Jafferia.You did very well in changing your sect as you sound a disgraceful person amongst the believers of the Holy Prophet and his Holy Household(Peace be upon the Prophet and his Pregeny) You would have caused more harm to the believers.Stay put where you are.
7. 120 countries are saying "Israel, your people are
Jewish Doctor ,   AMERICA THE BEAUTIUL   (08.30.12)
too arrogant, too self centered and your bigoted mean spirited ultras spit on others yet scream foul when they are treated that same way (worldwide). People in Jewish houses shouldn't spit on anyone else. As a professional secular Jew, (who sponsors Israeli philanthropy, children's activities and aliyas since 1969) I am not proud reading Haaretz and Ynet each morning and seeing the day before's disgraceful acts by over zealous self righteous angry Jews upon everyone else Jewish or not Spitting on Women and Catholic Priests, obnoxious punishing of Christian tourists, beating Pal kid's, arresting Beduins, psycho-terrorizing settlers running amuck vandalizing mosques, children cars..., harrrassing & burning out Africans... MY FELLOW JEWS...don't you realize the world wants us gone because of our others belligerent hateful actions? Ask any hotel owner in the world if they want high maintenance Jewish tourists? Nope! Heal thyself or 120 countries will grow to 180 countries ...or more. Wake up and be menches. Ditch the attitudes!
8. @7 I've heard exactly the same about US citizens&just about
Also a Jewish Dr ,   So what?   (08.30.12)
any other group you care to mention.Rich Arabs?? Of course misbehaviour is unacceptable from any group including Jews secular or frum, both parties can be equally guilty. Yes I do cringe when I see it. It is something to be avoided across the board. Wondering what your post was really about,dear seccular Doctor. BTW As an orthodox MD I make a point of working pro bono for non Jewish causes,Plenty of my Jewish colleagues do the same,probably in disproportionate numbers . All self centered Jews??
9. #7 Wake up doc
Israeli Texan   (08.30.12)
You sir are living in a complete fantasy world. The world does not want us gone for the reasons you listed. When we were so called "good and well behaved" Jews living in Europe what happened to us? Point is these 120 countries want us gone because of the unfortunate fact that they are anti-semitic and some anti-zionist! You and your leftist so called "jewish" friends who voted for Hussein Obama in 2008 need to wake up before it's too late. As an Israeli philanthropist, you should notice the elevated tensions and unstable atmosphere Obama created in the Mid East.
10. To N 7, "Jewish Doctor".
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (08.30.12)
As a Christian, true friend of Israel, I think there is no reason for your pessimism. Despite of some errors and past prejudices, the great majority of world's people, that lives under Democracy, and has a basic conscience, supports, in fact, the Jewish State. Some of them may criticize it, about Arab Palestinian problem, but your government, and your country as a whole, can erase it, through firm and good attitudes. Don't lose your faith. Salutes.
11. Either kill the killers or be killed, destroy iran.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.30.12)
12. In civilized countries death threats get you in jail
Alan ,   Canada   (08.30.12)
The verbal threats (not to speak of world wide terror acts) are enough to get anyone arrested in lawful countries. Ban Ki-moon's caracterisation of the Iranian leaders threats as "offensive, inflammatory" is no more appropriate than is his presence in Tehran. It is as if he still believe soft diplomatic words can operate a 180 degree shift in the minds & the hearts of obtuse irremediably perverted individuals imbibed with a deathly ideology (not even a true religion). As someone else said in other somewhat similar conditions of a solemn ceremony hiding the bleak future implied by the celebrated tyrant : "Comediante, Tragediante" .
13. 7
David ,   NY USA   (08.30.12)
14. No. 7 Jewish Doctor
NYC Girl   (08.30.12)
Don't you find it strange that the world turns against Israel, supposedly for the reasons you mentioned, yet they show less rage against those Arabs and Muslims who've committed murder and mayhem against civilized society? Believe me, as an atheist, I have absolutely no use for religious fanatics and, frankly, the Israeli government can round them all up and ship them to Brooklyn for all I care. However, I find your comments disturbing because you sound as if you're justifying the hatred against Israel out of your own embarrassment. And while I don't blame you for being embarrassed by it (because I am as well), you express no dismay at the hypocrisy and double standards where Israel is concerned, when some of the most racist, homophobic, and misogynistic regimes on the planet receive far less of the world's opprobrium. Also, if you really believe that the world wants to annihilate the Jews because some Israeli tourists trash their hotel rooms, you're coming perilously close to justifying the hatred and persecution that pre-dates the State of Israel by a few thousand years.
15. "Verbal attacks on Israel are unacceptable"
Adam Helberg ,   USA   (08.30.12)
Ban Ki Moon is uncomfortable with the honesty of the Iranian Mullahs. It's preferable to the diplomat that Iran be more shrewd and just quietly build their bombs and carry out their plans to annihilate Israel. I prefer the present situation where the Iranian rulers reveal themselves as the litlle Hitler-wannnabe they really are and we know what we're dealing with.
16. #5, Irjun
Zoe ,   Los Angeles/Rishon   (08.30.12)
most of us have known it since WWII, unfortunatlie our media is run by liberal suicidal lunatics. Thank you for speaking the truth.
17. 6
thank god he escaped your perverted religion and its consequences for our humanity. it seems though, that you yourself escaped it. otherwise you'd still be in a backward arab or muslim country espousing your disgusting religious ideologies. by the way, what are you doing in london? it is a civilized countrythat necessarily marginalizes backwards like yourself. it would be more appropriate, given your inclinations, to have moved back where you are needed, a hole in the wall with no sewers on the street of any muslim entity.
18. Isn't Such Incitement Against the Law?
Dallas ,   Canada   (08.30.12)
Instead of a nice suggestion that Iran stop the public incitement of genocide against Israel, all the time telling us that their nukes are "peaceful", I can't understand why the Irannan leaders aren't in International Court in the Hague. Is the rule of law only advisory?
19. #7
T A ,   Colorado   (08.30.12)
I agree calm down not everyone is against you but if you push to far they will all gange up.
20. mr ban ki moon as you sit face to face with
ayatollah Cockamamie, he has chosen long ago to stay on his present coarse. the ILLEGAL regime in tehran Thinks That The Aligned Nations Won't Stand Up to the persian arabs Threats? But Ultimately They Will Have To Answer To Ha Shem !!!???!!!???
21. Jewish doctor, your "nope" attitude is
DI   (08.30.12)
only meant to generalize without actually seeing reality. Obviously,one has to be in Israel to see it. It's not an overall situation as you so hysterically put it and the 120 countries may very well look into their own garden before patronizing the "bad Jews". Don't you see the old pattern, the old stereotype? It's all over again European pre-Nazi history, but this time dressed in a much more virrulent Islamic form. And, tacitly helped out by the European mainstream ! I guess dockie, this is what should really bother you, truly and genuinely, not some hoolligan behaviour here and there.
22. #7:Unfortunately you hate yourself and the
whole Jewish nation. Jewish collaborators with Nazis probably shared your opinion on their own people. You are generalazing like all antisemites. They will not like youmore for it but scorn you for your self humiliating attitude. Go see a psychiatrist urgently.
23. It is impossible to explain
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (08.30.12)
a blood thirsty hyena, how good thing to eat grass.
24. To No.7: wrong generalisations & omissions
Alan ,   Canada   (08.30.12)
Other posters have rightly criticized your genralisations about what you read on the behavior of some Israelis. But you completely omitted to cite the various activities of Israelis benefiting non Jews in foreign countries. For instance Israeli medical teams were the first to provide full hospital care to Haitians stricken by the earthquake (even before the US). Israelis are also involved in various African countries in the areas of agriculture, health care, etc... On the anecdotal side, you failed to notice in the media that an Israeli hospital, not long ago took care of a sister of Hamas leader Hanyeh!
25. We see how the UN protects the Syrian people, the Sudanese..
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (08.30.12)
The UN has failed it's charter and has proved to be a defunct organization. Moons empty words to Iran will not keep Israel safe from Iran's nuclear jihad. Only Israel will keep Israel safe.
26. With Iran being a "Stain on Humanity".......
Robert ,   Australia   (08.30.12)
......and Israel being a "Cancer that must be removed", the middle east hasn't got much going for it.
27. @ # 7
Jewish Lawyer ,   UK   (08.30.12)
A "menche" would not have written what you wrote . Of course we Jews are not perfect but compared to many we are not doing so badly. Crime in our societies is comparatively low, family is still viewed as important, being industrious and achieving is still a common goal, being charitable and having altruistic goals is still a frequent attribute of Jews. The list of good goes on... Israel was created as a direct result of lunatic Nazis who tried to justify their irrational hatred. Ever since 1948 Israel has not seen peace. Perhaps focus your attentions on the hardships that Israel has had to overcome and those challenges it has yet to face. And remember - the Jews who kowtowed or self blamed in Nazi germany ....were gassed.
28. #4 "No proof"
Robert ,   Australia   (08.30.12)
Your entire post is the epitome of ignorance. Ban ki-moon publicly stated all you claim he did not during his opening address. With your claim to Dr. as your title one would expect more from you. Get with it.
29. Please
Matt   (08.31.12)
If they don't listen to Putin and the withholding of the S-300 they will not listen to Ban. The point is the UN is useless on Syria and Ban would go to Mar and talk to Martians if he could get some traction on Syria. If things keep going the way they are perhaps he has just been to Mars and met little green men.
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