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Pro-Palestinian activists disrupt Batsheva show at Edinburgh festival
Itamar Eichner
Published: 31.08.12, 14:16
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1. These protesters are sick need psychiatric medication
Reginald ,   Great Britain   (08.31.12)
A bunch of Islmonazi fascists are these so called invented fraudsters who protests for nothing but lies repeated several times as facts,but was an " April Fool" story. There was not a "Palestine"; and never will be. Shame on them disgusting!
2. No Single Malt at kiddush this Shabbat!
barry ,   chicago usa   (08.31.12)
3. Doing Israel a favour
Henry from New York ,   Currently under the Tuscan Clouds   (08.31.12)
Every time these people rudely disrupt these shows, the audience always goes away with a more sympathetic view of Israel.
4. Courage of Batsheva Dance Company
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (08.31.12)
Many thanks to the Batsheva Dance Company (and all other Israeli cultural and scientific entities) for showing "grace under pressure" when these BDS disrupters attempt to prevent their performances and presentations. We are very proud of your artistic and exceptional abilities and encourage you not to allow these anti-Israel and anti-Semetic disrupters to gain the upper hand. Do not be silenced! Keep up the great work!
5. 2 of my most favorite choreographers:
Ypip ,   Canada   (08.31.12)
Ohad Naharin (Minus-16) and Twyla Tharp (The Catherine Wheel). These protesters don't know or understand art much the same way Hitler didn't. Standing ovation for the Batsheva Dance Co. and all the beautiful audience for their support.
6. bat sheva dance company
dr daniel mostrel ,   paris   (08.31.12)
fight the propals everywhere
7. "disrupted several times"
Devorah   (08.31.12)
Why weren't they arrested after the second time? Or the third time? Why weren't they permanently thrown off the premises? Sloppy excuse for law enforcement.
8. One more illustration how some call for Israel's demise,
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.31.12)
instead of urging the Arabs to come to the table and talk peace. "Free Palestine" means one thing: Bring about the demise of the sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people, from any parcel of land between the Jordan River and the Med. Sea. Sadly, some naive people go along such slogans, not realizing that what these people call for contradict international law, ethical values and historical rights of the Jewish people. And we say: Never Again!!
9. morons
Stephen ,   UK   (08.31.12)
These "activists" are so moronic that even their chant is a meaningless demand! They shout "free palestine" ...Errrm - did they fail to notice that Gaza is ruled by Hamas and has open borders with Egypt and is not "ocupied" by even one Israeli! Did they also forget that the Palestinians control the West Bank and its daily activities! And where is "Palestine?" There was NEVER EVER a state of Palestine .... nor have Palestinians ever ruled the land ... PALESTINIAN is a made up name for nomadic Arabs that influxed from neighbouring Arab countries to the Biblical land of the Jews.
10. Even Germany Purges Neo Nazis
Baruch ,   Israel/Houston   (08.31.12)
When the attacks are not only upon representatives of the cultural community but also on the large number of audience members who paid good time and money to enjoy that culture we can conclude with certainty that this is not longer a matter of protest. It is an attempt to drown out the voice of the Jewish people. It is only a small step from bombings and fatal attacks which appear to be next. This is antisemitism, the Arabs do not welcome this, no dignified human would. The concern is that there was warning that this would happen and Scotland took no measures to deter these hateful punks. Perhaps it is time for the world Jewish community to reconsider things like the Jewish Defense League. It was as clear then as it is now that only Jews will protect Jews.
11. 300 million Arabs+supporters can't defeat Israel
Sam ,   Canada   (08.31.12)
300 million Arabs and their supporters can't defeat Israel so they fight like little girls instead. Very brave of these protesters to act like idiots.
12. Would love a live stream to subscribe to!
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.31.12)
You know, what these boycotters typically do is attract tremendous attention to the shows that they are hoping to boycott. Those who put on the shows have a substantial revenue opportunity to sell access via a live stream to the Internet audience, who is curious both about the show and about how it will unfold. I would certainly have paid 10 GBP to subscribe, both to watch and as a show of solidarity with Batsheva. Somebody should get on this!
13. Legitimate protest
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (08.31.12)
Normal decent Israelis cannot be allowed to associate normally with the rest of Planet Earth whilst tolerating and thereby supporting the illegal occupation of Palestinian Land
14. How is bullying talented artists going to help their cause?
Yaniv ,   Israel   (08.31.12)
15. Every epoch has it's psychiatric disorder
Yael Schlichting ,   currently Munich   (08.31.12)
During the times of Sigmund Freund, we had the hysterics but today, we cannot find many of them. The psychiatric disorders of this epoch are anorexia and psychopathy. My recommendation for the psychopaths: Haloperidol I recommend an intramuscular injection! Among the psychopathic Palestine supporters we find the following traits, that also show up in psychiatric checklists: Interpersonal: - grandios sense of self-worth - pathological lying - cunning/manipulative Affective - lack of remores or guilt - emotionally shallow - callous/lack of empathy - failure to accept responsibility for own actions Lifestyle - Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom - Parasitic lifestyle - lack of realistic, long-term goals - impulsiveness - irresponsibility Antisocial - poor behavioral controls - juvenile delinquencies (I mean that's what they do) - criminal versatility
16. Euro-Trash
BK ,   USA   (08.31.12)
Thousands slaughtered in Syria, people beheaded by the Taliban for having a party--say what?-- a party!!, the mullahs would shoot protesters on sight, and these morons have nothing better to do. Shame. Go to H*LL!
17. Ivor 13: you do not speak for the Planet
dc ,   New York, US   (08.31.12)
Jews have reclaimed their ancestral lands. Presumptuous of you to speak on behalf of the "planet". Most Scots at the festival have apparently cheered the Israelis. We have lived through worse and will keep on dancing.
18. World is pro Israel
Pedro ,   Brazil   (08.31.12)
The evil illuminattie media that put Anti Israel poison and let some bandits to have rights that they hadnt at all.
19. Congratulations to the protesters
Ivan ,   Haifa   (08.31.12)
You are heros.
20. charge and sue the pants off them
ralph   (08.31.12)
21. Was Obama with the protesters?
shep ,   Memphis, TN - USA   (08.31.12)
22. #13 - Seek help as soon as possible
Brian ,   London UK   (08.31.12)
23. thanks Scottish audience!!
Ilana   (08.31.12)
Thank you for standing up for culture and peace. Good people should make the world a better place!
24. irish dimension
friend of israel ,   londonderry, n irela   (08.31.12)
i have no doubts that these protestors are of irish descent, typical republican, lovers of the vatican, friends of islam and pro palestinian....stand strong israel!! good will always win over evil.
25. typical anti- israeli
friend of israel ,   londonderry n irelan   (08.31.12)
have no doubts the protesters have a history of irish/ roman catholic hatred running through their veins.... anti israeli, pro palestinain, children of rome and linked to the love of islam. there love of terrorism enrages me!!
26. Muslim invasion, plague, trash...
Andre ,   Clichy, France   (08.31.12)
The Green Plague is all over Europe. RECONQUISTA !
27. A correct move
Mike Abu-Reed ,   London   (08.31.12)
As a proud British, i am honored for see more and more people adhering to the BDS. The pressure is growing and Israelis are thinking twice before assuming artistic or sportive commitments abroad. I am sorry for the artists, most of them supporting our cause, but the innocents always pay the price. Thank you, Britain.
28. deport them
Noel Murphy ,   Cork, Ireland   (08.31.12)
These scumbag protestors should be locked up and then deported - they are cowards who prey on easy targets, cowering behind the comforts of a UK lifestyle and who would never live dream of living in "Palestine". People are getting sick of their ridiculous protests and will start hitting back.
29. #19, Ivan the Terrible, go back Cossack-land.
Jake   (08.31.12)
YOU occupying OUR land!
30. #13 "Legitimate protest" by thugs and barbarians
Jake   (08.31.12)
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