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US reiterates commitment to Israel's security
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 31.08.12, 22:55
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1. Israel would do well to remember...
tina clark ,   austin, usa   (09.01.12)
"He (Obama) abandoned our friends in Poland by walking away from our missile defense commitments, but is eager to give Russia’s President Putin the flexibility he desires, after the election," Romney said. "Under my administration, our friends will see more loyalty, and Mr. Putin will see a little less flexibility and more backbone."
2. What?
Steve ,   USA   (08.31.12)
Mr President, so what is all the pressure you place on Israel daily (see Gen Dempsey's latest remarks to the 'Guardian'). Just so you can have a better chance of re-election? Why would we wish another 4 years of you? It is more than clear here in the US, the Dems, because of their major shift to the left (during the last several years) have taken sides. Countries like Israel are not high on your list, while Eurostan, Russia and the new 'Arab Spring' (dictatorships) are more in the same 'frame of you (Democrats). It is now the Republican party that is the 'pro- Israel' party. American Jews have apparently made the choice to prioritize their social agendas over Israels safety. Mr. President, how many of the American 'human rights' advocates for Gaza (flotilla people) are Republican? I would think 0. How many are Democrats? All Point given.
3. Obama supports Israel!!!
Anon ,   Johannesburg   (09.01.12)
and in other news... US scales back drill with Israel "Pentagon slashes troop count, cuts down on gear slotted to be deployed to Israel for joint exercise" at least we now know Obama's true colors... Obama talks well, but is worth zero in action. America is weak under Obama end of story.
4. We'll see how committed they are after the attack on Iran
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.01.12)
5. Pres Obama lies, lies, and lies
rozie   (09.01.12)
Obama hates Israel...look at his close friends...Soros, Khalidi, Louie Farakhan, Ayers, Rev. Wright..just to name a few. These haters have been his close friends for years. Jay Carney..the WH spokesperson that acts dumb or maybe is dumb refused to name Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. I hope the wonderful people of the USA will wake up and fire Obama. If he has 4 more years without an election looming over his head, imagine what he will do to USA and Israel. nows wha
6. Obama
Why does this man keep lying and lying?
7. Obama is full of crap.
EZ ,   US/Israel   (09.01.12)
Obama made clear today who he is and what he supports. He is the most disastrous president in US history. May Hashem deal with this lunatic as HE will. Am Yisrael Chai. Screw Obamonster. May karma visit him ASAP.
8. Great job Bibi (not)
Avramele   (09.01.12)
Bibi destroys the trust hard won not just with the Obama administration but with the American defense, military and security establishment much of which will remain in place beyond November regardless of the election outcome. Yes one head of government must go and it's not Obama!
9. #1 Tina reminds us how Obama broke promises to Poland
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (09.01.12)
Long standing commitments to Poland were broken by Obama - because he favors the Russians - as he favors Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and other marxist leaders. Recall how Obama was caught on an open microphone telling Medvedev that he would have more "flexibility" after his re-election in November. Today Ynet reports that Obama broke another promise - to Israel - by reducing long-promised troops and equipment for a joint drill this fall. Obama is not to be trusted with Israel's security. Not now. Not ever!
10. Good news for Jonathan Pollard watchers...
Rivkah   (09.01.12)
Billionaire Sheldon Adelson is pouring money into Governor Mitt Romney's campaign in exchange for a pardon for Jonathan Pollard if Romney is elected according to Texe Marrs of Austin, Texas.
11. What a liar!!!!!!
Belinda ,   Texas, USA   (09.01.12)
Does ANYONE in Israel trust Obama anymore???
12. Obama
Beauchard ,   Amsterdam   (09.01.12)
"I have Israel's back". That's beginning to worry me.
13. Hypocrites - their committment depends on the Jewish vote
Eli   (09.01.12)
The Americans were just as guilty as the other states that refused entry to Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi tyranny and persecution. Roosevelt is on record requesting reports of the Holocaust be filed away in the interests of the war, strange how the Americans now need the Jews for the sake of expediency, how long that lasts is open to speculation.
14. CAUTION: Do NOT push Americans too much
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (09.01.12)
Right now Israel has fairly wide BUT shallow support in the US. As long as Israel does not cause Americans any pain, slightly over half of Americans will continue to support Israel. BUT, if Israel causes Americans pain, such as starting a war in the ME, the support for Israel in the US will plummet o less than 20% overnight and because politicians read polls like their political life depended on it, the US politicians will gleefully and publicly throw Israel to the wolves to satisfy their constituents. Why is it so hard for Israelis to understand that Americans will NOT support another war for at least ten years if not longer? While Bibi may get a decent reception from the bought and paid for congress critters, his belligerence will NOT play well with the US population which is tired of war.
15. here we go
adamant ,   rockville centre us   (09.01.12)
guilty of what? not acting on spielberg style ludicrous claims? 2012 my friend ,people can google historical fact
16.  14, caution against cautioners. If that is
CD   (09.01.12)
what you suggest Israel to wait for another 10 years till the American public opinion will support again some action against the destruction of Israel, then you must be utterly mad or have brains the size of a peanut. Israel will never wait for America to allow us protect ourselves or try to survive another holocaust. This time, an Iranian nuclear holocaust. Whilst UN and another 120 countries have been on an appeasing pillgrimage in Tehran to kiss the muhllahs on both their cheeks, we ,here,are on an existential countdown which is arriving at zero hour very rapidly. So, spyguy, your imperative sentence with who pushes who is nothing but a personal bluff without any substance for the great majority of Israelis. With such friends like you.....
17. Never again
P. Henry ,   Longmont,USA   (09.01.12)
Will the "bend over and grab their ankles liberals" be instrumental in the destruction of Israel ? Obama cannot be trusted with the security of the U.S.
18. @#14
Belinda ,   Texas, USA   (09.01.12)
I think the "shallow" support you speak of is ALOT deeper than you think! Most Americans, at least in the southern half of the US, FULLY supports Israel! What's the magic in 10 years?
19. Obama and his alleged administration
Gideon Reader   (09.01.12)
are not to believed or trusted. The basic ignorance and incompetence of rhw aelfish and corrupt man coupled with a barely controlled or concealed antipathy towards Israel are a blatant photo descriptor of Obama and his core beliefs. (or lack thereof) The man is a snake.
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