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Report: US downsizes military drill with Israel
Published: 01.09.12, 06:56
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1. Deputy Defence
Zivron   (09.01.12)
Did not a deputy defence minister threaten to bomb Pakistan back into the stone age .whats with this Dempsy The Jews assisted the USA into being A greatly feared superpower with military defence helping the USA get there first .
2. Romney's right. Obama is throwing
Reuven   (09.01.12)
Israel under the bus!
3. Obama's opinion is irrelevant. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.01.12)
Hopefully, four months from now Obama will be somewhere other than the White House. However, Israel's government is obligated to save Israel from the lunatic genocidal Iranian regime. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
4. Nothing like...
Steve ,   USA   (09.01.12)
..having a good friend like Pres Obama to back us up in times of need. LOL Fellow American Jews, particularly those who are so far left, that you can't turn anymore without driving up your own a**es, please do the rest of us a favor and stop using the now ridicules analogy that Obama is the best Pres/friend that Israel has ever had. It is as hollow as your real support for Israel is. You, the 'liberal Jews' are on the wrong side of what is right for Israel. Nothing you say will be taken seriously anymore. The blacks of the civil rights movements now hate you (so much for marching with them) and your own party is now the anti-Israel party or at least encompasses the anti- Israel crowd.
5. No American Jew should vote for Obama...
RichInBoston ,   Boston USA   (09.01.12)
Let this be a clear lesson. The past is our future. A strong Israel is our only hope. NO American Jew should support this administration. Not one!
6. The "Big Lie"
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.01.12)
German version... "the Jews had begun a "war of extermination" against Germany, and so Germany had a duty and a right to "exterminate" and "annihilate" the Jews in self defense." Israeli version.... The Iranians had begun a "war of extermination" against Israel, and so Israel had a duty and a right to "exterminate" and "annihilate" the Iranians in self defense.
7. Well, there you have it
Sam ,   Texas   (09.01.12)
Israel cannot, and will not, depend on the USA, smart move. Since Obama cares nothing about Israel except for Jewish dollars to get reelected. Do what you already know you must do, sadly
8. Good news. Still a waste of my tax dollars
Joy ,   NJ   (09.01.12)
9. Two Can Play this game
Terry Feld ,   Houston, Texas   (09.01.12)
Two can play the same game. Just wait Obamaniks...the Jews will win in the end!
10. More than likely means
Simon Isherwood   (09.01.12)
there is going to be another big push against either the Taliban in Afghanistan, or Al Qaeda in the Yemen or Somalia. Or even Syria, no accident the Russians are pulling out, and Israel has uniformally failed to step up to the plate, yet again
11. U.S. Jews will vote for him like sheep anyway!
David ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (09.01.12)
Why even bother trying to explain the obvious. It's like talking to a wall. Iran will get what they want and Obama scales down all initiatives just to make sure to show who's boss and throw Israel under the bus.
12. Can we still play our 'hold me back' game?
ZionistBill ,   Israel   (09.01.12)
Because that's all we really care about. We certainly don't want to attack Iran on our own (and look foolish, as happened in Lebanon.) And it appears we can't sucker the Americans into attacking Iran for us. It sucks belonging to a loud-mouth, militant nation who half the world hates and the other half laughs at.
13. obama is a lyer -us jews don't vote for this crap
tomer ,   or akiva Israel   (09.01.12)
obama threw israel under the bus its the real reality us jews my brothers don't give him a penny for this crap obama will certainly start a syrian smallest possible but CNN operation to make usa people think about his bravoure and don't speak to the disastrous usa economy obama is a lyer and more he is a treator , usa great people will not allow to reelect this for their sake of usa trust
14. #8 - I disagree
Henry from New York ,   Under the Tuscan Sun   (09.01.12)
I think that using our tax dollars to prepare our soldiers to deal with a ballistic missile attack is always a prudent investment.
15. The sad reality!!!!
Jusanz77 ,   Vzla.   (09.01.12)
Military exercises are the theater to get the votes and Jews' dollars. General Dempsey's statements yesterday the sad reality, "In the conflict with Iran, Israel is alone." Nothing new under the sun, as it has been in every conflict from 48. May God bless the people of Israel forever.
16. And now the 'punishment' from our 'ally' begins.
ex-frummie ,   Johannesburg S.A.   (09.01.12)
Israel should cancel the drill and attack Iran ASAP.
17. Let's face it Iran will become nuclear
David ,   Israel   (09.01.12)
The US makes too much money selling military equipment to the surrounded countries ($ 66 billion in 2011), doesn't have public approval, is still in debt from the War on Terror and Obama wants reelection. Israel as has been stated repeatedly hasnt the capability to completely destroy their program and even if they did are not strong enough to keep it that way. Finally Europe as they have always been as spineless as they've always been (I.e not allowing US cargo planes to refuel after they gave Israel munitions in the Yom Kippur War to their constant bias against Israel in every conflict since) . Their economies are in the gutter and they fear price hikes in oil. Any attack against Iran will obviously have them completely condemning Israel like they did of Osirak. The questions that remain to be answered is, so if Iran has a bomb, forgetting whether or not they'll use it, What then for stability in the region? What then for Israel with foes like Hezbollah and Hamas that will have a far stronger Iran backing them?
18. Coordination will Still be Practiced
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (09.01.12)
The exercise will still take place and coordination will still be practiced. The X-Band will remain along with US forces to man it. Much ado about nothing.
19. Israel's Choice
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (09.01.12)
Israel was told, last May, that the available US forces would be fewer in the fall. Israel chose to delay the drill knowing that. US Reserves are already fighting in several wars around the world. The US has obligations all over the world. Has Israel called up its reserves?
20. lets be real
adamant ,   rockville centre us   (09.01.12)
when your support is gained through blackmail using 5 million jewish donors to account for 70% of all congressional and senate races,you get a real spanking when the victims feel they have the public backing to fight back,if all 300 million americans knew how aipac and its complicit jewish media control our elected officials there would be pogroms tommorrow, so you insects live in fear of antisemitism which really means "the host country finding out what you have done to their nation"
21. Who needs the US anyway?
Sarah B , ,   U.S.A./Israel   (09.01.12)
Oh, I am so scared. This US does not count anymore. It is a decadent nation with no more real power. Time to us to take the lead in our issues.
22. Stevie Benasshole
HaifaGuy   (09.01.12)
YOur post is a clear manifestation of your morbid hate towards us. There is nothing else to your spiteful rantings but sickening jealousy and venom. Die already, will you?
23. meanwhile, in reality,
Israeli ,   Israel   (09.01.12)
The Iranians are the only one who declare their desire to exterminate Israelis. Israelis are, at most, threatening to attack their nuclear infrastructure.
24. US is punishing us yet again.
Time to seperate ,   Israel   (09.01.12)
1st, the US is behaving just like a manipulative control freak. "Due to concurrent opperations"? Obama is trying to manipulate and embarrass us, yet again. 2nd, if the US can detect an Iranian missel 6-7 times FASTER than our best radar, and is UNWILLING to do so, they are saying, "we are going to let you be destroyed. It suites our own interests."
25. Israel really needs to stop...
Jake Stone ,   USA   (09.01.12)
...relying, caring about the clown in the White House! Israel needs to tell Obamanutless to get lost! Israeli leadership really needs to start turning to HaShem and not to the Muslim-in-chief of a dying country, dying because of his failed policies! With one blow of God's nostril, He could wipe the world out, so why are the Israeli leaders' so worried? because they're godless secularists'. Israel needs God-fearing Zionists' to lead during these dangerous days. Despite these fools, God will take care of His Israel...His Jerusalem!!! Christian Zionist
26. 14
anton ,   istanbul   (09.01.12)
when you say "we" who exactly are you implying? what business does usa has with iran? iran maybe a threat to israel but not to usa if usa wont meddle with iran then you have noting to fear about:) american jews tend to speak on behalf of americans if their priority is first for israel then i think they are not american the number at 8 is right american public dont want to get involved in someoneelses wars anymore and spend money on it Obama is most balanced president usa history ever seen regarding middle east and its problems, even thou he still "has to" favour israel more than any other middle eastern country, he knows some problesm stems from tel aviv ;)
27. Obama is dangerous for Israel
Obama=Carter   (09.01.12)
28. 3 - stop demonstrating your idiocy and ignorence
Abe ,   AZ   (09.01.12)
you convinced us of that quite some time ago. Now take the blue ones and go take a nap like food boi.
29. tax $$$
Justin ,   USA   (09.01.12)
I work, pay tax and would prefer my tax dollars being used in USA. Obama's priorities should be firstly with his people. Israel should stop USA this, Obama that. You claim to be the chosen people, then stop being the kids having to be looked after and protected by another nation. You are not the USA, so waist your own tax dollars. SarrahB, pack up and go to Israel.
30. To 20@ adamant.
Jusanz77 ,   Vzla.   (09.01.12)
You're just saying, "The filthy envy the NAAA can not do the same", or the fervent desire to do the same if you could??. You have a very fertile mind, you should be a writer, try Science Fiction and The Twilight Zone. A fool do not get, you already are. Greetings.
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