Jerusalem: Haredim stone Shufat Arabs; 3 hurt
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 01.09.12, 19:04
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1. the religious mind is devoid of love
roger ,   zurich switzerland   (09.01.12)
These God-fearing racist savages are poisoned and brainwashed with dogma and law. Scriptural fundamentalism is cruel beyond measure and the thief of mercy.
2. A refugee "Camp" ??? so these people were thowing
Daniel   (09.01.12)
rocks at people in tents? Israel Be ashamed. Or don't be so stupid and call cement and tiled buildings Camps!
3. What can you expect from the nation of israel?!
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (09.01.12)
4. Fanatics
Me   (09.01.12)
I wonder what their motives are. Did the Honored Rabbi demand them to stone the victims, or perchance God Himself?
5. This "story" is very strange.... ??!!!
Julian ,   Israel   (09.01.12)
Why would Heredim walk all to way to this nomans land on Shabbat? Religious Jews are forbidden to pick up stone on Shabbat. They are "muktzeh". Jews don't drive there so how are Arabs throwing stones at Jewish cars? Honestly, none of this makes sense.
XXX   (09.01.12)
7. Get These Radicals Under Control!
elizabethlynne ,   Dallas, Texas!   (09.01.12)
This is not and should not be the way that Jews behave. As a Jewish woman, it makes me sick that this is happening to innocent Palestinians. I don't want to be identified with this cruel, hateful behavior. I don't want the world to believe that we Jews tolerate this from within our society. Those who are committing these vile and evil acts must be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Those in the community who are inciting this behavior should be ashamed. My heart goes out to those Palestinian people who were attacked in this unforgivable manner. I cannot apologize for behavior that I did not do, but I can totally condemn it.
8. Reply to #2
Liz ,   Dallas, Texas!   (09.01.12)
Daniel, I agree; this is a horrible crime. Please do not blame all Jews; most of us condemn these acts and want those responsible held accountable.
9. who said? who are you quoting without name blaming the Jews?
elianna ,   Jerusalem   (09.01.12)
very one sided
10. A reporting typical for ultra left YNet
Vladimir ,   Yerushalayim   (09.01.12)
For them religious Jews are much worse than the Arab terrorists. So it happened that racist charedim attacked without reason the peace-loving Arabs and the latter only "retaliated" damaging the cars and wounding the Jews.
11. Julian, #5
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (09.01.12)
Unfortunately, it doies make sense. Haredim, whether they are forbidden to pick up stones on Shabbat, have a history of throwing stones at people they deem "Shabbat desecrators" that goes back decades. Haredim have also walked long distances on Shabbat to protest, such as when groups walked from Bnei Brak to the center of Petah Tikva to protest movies opening on Friday nights, some years ago. The article here mentions that "an olive grove, not a particularly big one, separates Ramat Shlomo from Shufat." Try as I may, I have never been able to understand how Haredim justify harrassing "Shabbat desecrators" by... desecrating Shabbat. I'm just an ordinary secular, but it seems to me that there's some kind of hypocrisy in that.
12. Re #7
Andrew Brehm ,   Zurich   (09.01.12)
Calm down! What's the matter with you? Lots of violent crime happens everywhere in the world. But when it happens in Israel and the perpetrator is a Jew, it's somehow worse, isn't it? You don't want to be identified with cruel, hateful behaviour? Well, leave the US. The US has much more violent crime than Israel.
13. IDF
Mark ,   London, UK   (09.01.12)
Are these the same haredim who won't join the army?
14. @11 hypocrisy
Tambour ,   Eilat   (09.01.12)
It is out and out hypocrisy. Sectarians partially blinded by ignorance of their leaders misunderstanding Torah they learn but do not understand neither apply to their own lives. Stems from Hasidic movements which reinvented a way to bind these people. How else do they, living in Israel justify wearing Libush Goim? Ballet shoes, and silk stockings, Shtreimels ? There was a herem against them by the vilna Gaon and the Rabbis of Babylon , but today's modern rabbis ignore them rather than show them up
15. you can't call it a refugee camp if...
ber   (09.02.12)
all the denizens live in concrete skyscrapers and have done so for generations. A camp is by definition temporary and itinerant. Just saying this is absurd to call it a refugee camp. Can they even be refugees if the are living in the exact same place for at least 70 years? If so, I want to be a refugee too, because I want public sympathy to get me some actually decent treatment from the Israeli gov't for being an American oleh....or refugee with Mitt's new job plan, why not...americans will be soon enough, Here's a man who after he liquidated so many to China for rapacious gain, wants to be president on the claim that he's the answer man to the very problem he got rich creating. He's more of national traitor than presidential material, and asking him to be president to fix this economy is like asking calling in the wolves to solve the mystery of the disappearing chickens.
16. Poor refugees!
Jhan   (09.02.12)
So it's a camp? They sleep on cots and queue up for milk powder every morning? Poor little things... /sarcasm off
17. "Haredim taunt" get real its the other way
YNEtGoneMad ,   Jerusalem ISrael   (09.02.12)
Enclave" it is a huge neigborhood of at least 20,000 people if not more who suffer daily at the hands of the local Arabs from break ins and not long ago a Haredi boy was stabbed on Shabbat from antoher local Aran "neighbor" .Thank goodness for Israel HaYom which will report the true story,
18. No refugees, means No Israël.
Other X   (09.02.12)
19. This is Judaism?
Johanna ,   Orlando, USA   (09.02.12)
The haredim aren't exactly exciting any wild enthusiasm for Jews or Israel with their recent behavior. If they aren't terrorizing eight year old schoolgirls or demeaning women, they're picking fights with Arabs who apparently were doing nothing to initiate such behavior. I've withdrawn all support from orthodox Jewish causes until they straighten themselves out.
20. A little spark can start a
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (09.02.12)
forest fire. No matter who is to blame for starting an incident like this, throwing stones could be the spark to start a forest fire and end rockets. When people have had enough of something, all it takes is a small incident to escalate out of control.
21. very strange story, check the facts
Moti ,   Jerusalem   (09.02.12)
this story appears to be upside down. I would imagine the arabs struck first, and the haredim attacked as a response. I really cannot believe the haredim started it. it just doesn't make sense. but everything is possible.
22. Amateurish Article
EGGM ,   Petah Tikva, Israel   (09.02.12)
The so-called Shuafat Refugee Camp is located between Pisgat Ze'ev and Mount Scopus, while the wealthy Arab neighborhood of Shuafat is located next to Ramat Shlomo. Geographically they are almost adjacent, but in every other respect they are worlds apart. The author of the article not knowing simple facts says more about the reliability of the article than anything.
23. lowest third world behavior
Steve ,   USA   (09.02.12)
Stone throwing is a particularly repugnant act reminicent of primates flinging their feces. There is violence to be found everywhere, hoiwever the act of stone throwing belongs to a primitive time and those who partake are as unevolved as their methods.
24. #2
G ,   Israel   (09.02.12)
It is called a refugee camp, but in reality, this neighborhood consists of beautiful housing, even villas. They live much more comfortably than most Israelis. And this is true for many other so called refugee camps. Come to this country and see for yourself.
25. This is just wrong
Rachel   (09.02.12)
It's never right to throw stones at anyone. It's cruel and inexcusable. What I don't understand is why there is never any articles about Arab violence against Jews. Almost everyday Israelis are attacked by Arabs in their cars, buses,homes, playgrounds, and sometimes even little children in their schools and kindergartens with stones,boulders, and firebombs. Jewish children are taunted and threatened by Arabs. Jewish girls are sexually harrassed and attacked by Arab boys,and a lot of times these incidents result in injuries too, but it never makes news unless it results in serious injury,or deaths.
26. Can someone explain Israeli law?
Sean ,   Montréal, Québec   (09.02.12)
As I wasn't present at the incident, I don't know if there wasn't something that precipitated the Haredim youth to throw stones. I have noticed; however, that Palestinian youths who throw stones at tanks and armed members of the IDF can spend serious time in prison. Does Israeli law recognize the obvious parallels and treat all stone throwers equally? Or is one considered a terrorist and the other a misguided youth?
27. #1 Tell that to Tehran or Syria.....
big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.01.12)
Stones can't compare with islamic slaughter.
28. # 7 Go live in Gaza babe.
big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.01.12)
Or Iran, Syria or Somalia.....
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.01.12)
Iran will, if and when she gets a bomb.
30. # 23 LOL Not so with Little David
big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.01.12)
he took out Goliath with one good shot to the head by a stone. That's excellent marksmanship. Fit for a King...
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