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Official: Iran would take action if US attacked Syria
Published: 01.09.12, 20:37
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1. Mind Your Own Business
For the ILLEGAL regime in tehran Should But Out Of foreign countries internal affairs. Continual Mortal Threats Will Be Countered With Good Reason? Expect It When It's Least Expected?
2. america has become an embarassment
JL   (09.01.12)
3. Neither Syria or Iran
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (09.01.12)
need worry about a war with obama the bowing eunuch in office. Of course, this is but a temporary arrangement, he'll be out of office come nov. 6th. Then, the game changes, a man will take his place. ROMNEY!!
4. Yea Yea
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (09.01.12)
This stupid Jihad General better shut his trap. The US Military will wipe the floor of the Iranians in weeks if they ever did anything overtly and attacked the US. On another note the countries that border Syria should take the lead. America is not the worlds policemen and we shouldn't have to fight on every continent. Turkey has the second largest military in Nato and is more than capable of handling Syria. The US could assist with air strikes and clear the skies of Syrian jets/radar etc., but that's all we should do.
5. Obama has turned the U.S. into France
JHL NYC   (09.01.12)
Turkey and Saudi Arabia are stronger than America. How we could have allowed this disgrace into the White House is just beyond comprehension.
6. Iranian vs USA Planes. Wha?
Noah Lev ,   LosangelesUSA   (09.02.12)
Axil of Evil Iraq and Iran...eroding our (US deterrent) by bleeding us dry. Over 6,000 US killed and 40,000 wounded (2 wars) n 10 years.Trillions of dolars borrowed from the Chinese. Romney says we will finally show some spine if elected. Obama applauds himself for aiding Israel ( military credits/10 years, alongwith sales to keep her competitive),while selling Egypt and Arabia 60b in planes, etc. Lots of words back and forth..while USs 33 fleets and thousands of bombers and bunker busters can eliminate Iran within days, not to mention nuke sites. And just how will Iran attack US while their cities are burning and military is hiding in caves..satellites confsing their weaponry,not to forget little Israel's power. As Iran's leadershi said, "just give us anexcuse to destroy Israel"..Okay,Iran,just give US an excuse. During WW2, we waited til Pearl Harbor,...lets not emulate and wait until Iran bombs Jerusaem and or Washi D.C. Thhran is a big targert for our military...from 1,000 out. And will they dog fight US...their Migs against our F18 Tomcats?
7. Iran's calculus is correct
Jhan   (09.02.12)
We have seen that the USA is not in wars to win, but to deliberately lose: Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq. The American people do not have the political will to prosecute a war winningly. They also refuse to use air power in massive ways because they are more concerned about their enemies' well-being than their own troops'. These are indisputable facts. By the way, the same goes for Israel.
8. 3
john Darren ,   cairns-Austraalia   (09.02.12)
I hope that Obama loses election but he wont because he does not have a strong opposition in Romney.
9. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.02.12)
Millions of civilian dead in Afghanistan; hundreds of thousands of civilian dead in Iraq. The United States isn't shy about using air power; it just doesn't care about collateral damage. I wish Israel would take a page out of that book. We worry too much about collateral damage, to the detriment of Israeli troops and the purpose of military engagement against Israel's enemies. In Gaza and Lebanon, terrorists hide among the civilian population for a reason -- they know that Israel will not deliberately target civilian population centers. That needs to change. Israel isn't responsible for Hamas' and Hezbollah's despicable acts. Any civilian losses therefore accrue to the account of Hamas and Hezbollah. Israel has every right to defend itself against terrorists bent on Israel's destruction. No matter who might be in the way.
10. An a-ha moment . . . .
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (09.02.12)
Maybe Obama has been saving an attack on Syria to do right before November? Makes sense to me.
11. not a chance in hell they would go through with that threat
zionist forever   (09.02.12)
The Iranians can be stupid sometimes but they are not so stupid they would go to war with the United States to protect Assad who is approaching the final stretch before he is toppled and Iran can manage without Syria. If Iran attacked America over Assad then it would be a formal declaration of war and all those bombers and Tomahawk missiles in the Gulf would fly and smash the entire Iranian military machine and their nuclear facilities. The Iranian's know that a war with the US is a war they cannot win and they are not going to start it. What both the Iranians and Russians are doing right now so stupid is publicly supporting Assad. They all know he doesn't have much time left but they are still supporting him and anybody who supported Assad is an enemy of the revolution. Russia risks losing its naval base in Tartus & Iran its good relations with Syria. Support Assad behind the scenes but publicly don't support him and give him a little condemnation now and again just for image so they can play both sides. If Assad survives the good relations will continue but if he falls these countries didn't support Assad so it will be easier for them to get in with the new regime. I kind of hope now Iran does attack America over Syria because it will mean Obama will destroy the Iranian nuclear program for us.
12. Pot Calling The Kettle Black
Irony ,   US   (09.02.12)
If that isn't the biggest hypocritical BS I've seen lately. The FUKUS should take it's own advice and leave sovereign nations alone. They are the biggest threat to humanity. No one else.
13. Syria
Moshe ,   Anywhere, USA   (09.05.12)
Israhell will do anything to get America to bomb Iran including lie about non existent weapons like they did to get us to bomb Iraq.
14. eager for war?
hp ,   austin, usa   (09.05.12)
Those missiles and bombs have a bad habit of sometimes being "errant" in war time. Mistakes happen.. How many nuclear armed incoming supersonic cruise missiles flying mach 3 at at 50 feet will it take? Horror works both ways and instigating it will surely produce it.
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