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Nixon in '73: Stop obsessing over Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 02.09.12, 01:05
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1. Israel has no friends
Ali ,   Mexico   (09.02.12)
'Israel has no friends. They are totally dependent on the United States' Couldn't agree more
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (09.02.12)
he neglected to mention that he was complicit in a burglary Kissinger married a Shiksa on Shabat
3. An interesting glimpse into
Henry from New York ,   By the Roman Ghetto   (09.02.12)
how foreign policy was made at the time of the bi-polar world.
4. One day ALL nations will be arrayed against Israel.
Galut ia ,   Selah   (09.02.12)
One day ALL nations will be arrayed against Israel per the book of books... Then the book of books says the only one Israel can depend upon is God .... . with the US slowly turning from its support of Israel that time is fast approaching...
5. False opinion.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (09.02.12)
Hundreds of millions sympathise with Israel in every country of the world. Now maybe supressed by traditional anti judaists, but tomorow the truth will win. ISRAEL MUST IMPROVE ITS PROPAGANDA ACTIVITY ALL OVER THE WORLD !!!
6. Henry from NY, ynet is not Twitter
HaifaGuy   (09.02.12)
Why would anyone care where you currently are? Besides, what are you doing talkbacking on ynet while traveling in Rome? Guy from Haifa, by the toilet bowl
7. #6
Henry from New York ,   By the Roman Ghetto   (09.02.12)
I have no idea what Twits do as I do not use Twitter. It is merely an attempt to get Israelis interested in travelling to other places. A few people seem to have shown interest, actually. No need to get upset. If you do not like reading about where I am then you can ignore it. I generally look at the news on my smartphone while queuing or waiting for things to open. I'm just in Rome to stock up on kosher food. It is better to think calming thoughts while on the can, good sir. Might I suggest Pachelbel's Canon?
8. Ali Numero uno
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (09.02.12)
Look at what is happening in Sweden me heffe. There is a big demonstration of Los Amigos De Israel. Comprendes? Israel has enough friends in the world bun unfortunately many would stay silent from the fear of Islamic extremists reprisals. Buenos diaz senior Ali.
9. Ali @1, there no friend in politics, but I think you might
leo ,   usa   (09.02.12)
like these two pieces of today news: "Sweden hosts rare pro-Israel rally " "Berlin's 'kippah flashmob' "
10. #4
Sara ,   Israel.   (09.02.12)
You are 1OO% right on !
11. Tricky Dick, Nixon, and Ali.......
Marek, Sweden. ,   Stockholm, Sweden.   (09.03.12)
What a total & absolute rubbish, Ali from Mexico. Israel has many friend around the world. But - of course not within the Islamist circles..... So, it is only your very own wishful thinking, and your very own wet dreams, Ali......
12. Nixon actually saved Israel in Yom Kippur War
Ben Tzur ,   Melbourne, Australia   (09.16.12)
It is strange that neither this article nor the commentators to it note that actually Nixon saved Israel during the 73 war. Golda Meir pleaded for more war materiel, saying that they were running out of everything and could not hold their lines; Nixon organized a massive airlift (despite Soviet's threatening nuclear war, and European allies refusing landing and refueling). Israel got its resupply, and won anyway. Nixon's crucial role should be recognized and honored.
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