Official: Obama will make Bibi pay after elections
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 02.09.12, 00:39
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1. Iran's threat
Henry ,   Cavite, Philippines   (09.02.12)
There is no stopping Iran. The mullahs and ayatollahs are bent on suicide which they believe will take them to heaven. Unfortunately it is "heaven" with Satan. The US, however strong they are, is irrelevant in the events that will come. Israel cannot be destroyed. Many might die but the chosen people will survive. There is no stopping the events that Ezequiel prophesied. WW3 must come to pass.
2. The scenario unfolding couldn't be more clear
Shep ,   Memphis, tn - USA   (09.02.12)
Unless, the media scrum is a diversion tactic on part of the USA and Israel, the handwriting is on the wall. The USA wil not back up Israel, which leaves Israel with no choice other than to take out iran's nuclear assets to the best of it's ability. Obama has deserted every USA allie over the past 24 months and there is no indication that he WON'T leave Israel to hang in the wind. If that is the case, Israel needs to strike without Obama. It's Israel's nly option.
3. tHe vast majority of US Jews will vote for Obama.! So much
for the usual conspiratorial taqiya, dialectic and neo nazi allegations.
4. Doesn't AIPAC rule? What other lies comr
from the "intelligencia"and their slush funders?
5. Obama hates Israel. He is, indeed,
Reuven   (09.02.12)
throwing Israel under the bus. Hit Iran NOW!
6. Wait Until After The Election
Dan ,   USA   (09.02.12)
Although the majority of American Jews will, once again, vote for Obama, he will be defeated and Mitt will stand with Israel.
7. Hope Obama wins re election...
Netenyahu will pay for his stupidity...
8. Obama will not make Bibi pay anything after ellections,
Keren ,   IL-BR   (09.02.12)
because Obama will lose elections. And if it was different,Obama would be an imbecile to take vengeance on a PM of a sovereign nation about his position on this or that. US ,as of now,is a democracy and not a caliphate(not yet,but if Obama keeps as its president,who knows what a sad destiny would be that of Americans)and in a democracy people think and support what they see fit better for them ,and in a democracy people respect others opinions and political positions.
9. Growing tensions between US Admin and Israeli Leadership
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (09.02.12)
I have no doubt that had Barack Obama seen it worth his time to visit the State of Israel during his presidency, that PM Netanyahu would have hosted the Israeli version of a State Dinner or dinner party in his honor. But Mr. Obama had more important things to do and never carved out the time in his busy schedule to visit the Israeli people. The lack of visit wasn’t just a slap in the face of Netanyahu (prime ministers come and go) but a dismissal of the Israeli people. By reducing the number of American troops that are part of this joint exercise, what he is doing is signaling to the Iranian Leadership that there is in fact a fracture in the relationship between the US and Israeli Leadership: judge not by what I say but by what I do. I am profoundly embarrassed by this President, who I voted for 4 years ago. I am a lifelong Democrat who will be voting for the Republican nominee in the next Presidential election. To the Israeli people reading this, there are many of us standing with you despite what you might think. Remember that this country has a Congress. Hang in there, stay strong. Personally, I love Israel and thoroughly have enjoyed my times in Israel and especially chatting with the people. I look forward to seeing you in May for the 65th anniversary.
10. How about just cancelling the drill?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.02.12)
The United States military forces can watch Israel deal with Iran from their television sets. Israel will do what Israel must do. And the Obama administration has demonstrated just how much Israel can count on the support of the United States -- which is to say, not at all. That's what Obama fears more than anything. The American people strongly support Israel. They will not be happy with Obama, and their unhappiness will be very evident at the polls come November.
11. Nutty-Yahoo better pray really hard that Obama doesnt
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (09.02.12)
Get re-elected...or else all hell will break loose on israel...which isn't all that bad ...LOL
12. Tired of the Israel bashing and trashing.
marc ,   washington dc   (09.02.12)
I am a democrat and for the first time will vote republican. Too many mixed messages from the white house and state dept. Enough is enough.
13. The G-d of Israel will make Obama pay!
DavidR ,   USA   (09.02.12)
14. Does Bibi wear Mormon underwear or a tin foil hat?
Elisha   (09.02.12)
God save an Israel overwhelmed by right wing ideology rather than practical realism. Netanyahu must go!
15. Not If We Make Obama Pay Before the Elections
Edward ,   New York USA   (09.02.12)
Vote for Romney-Ryan and the problem will be solved.
16. So much for the "unshakable friendship"
Kevin ,   DC   (09.02.12)
And if Netanyahu volunteers to serve as a prop in Obama's campaign effort and meet with him in the near future in DC, it will do nothing but help his chances to be re-elected. In that case Israel will be in serious troubles.
17. Dump b. hussein
ranjan ,   la   (09.02.12)
I will do my part and vote for Mitt Romney. Bereisheet 12.3 applies to B. Hussein. Adonai will curse (defeat him on November 6, 2012) him for cursing Yisrael.
18. Obama has shown his hand
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (09.02.12)
Israel shouldn't hesitate to play it Forget the endless talks with Iran which have failed, repeat Osirak & Al Kabir, before Iran finally has their desire, nuclear weapons
19. I would have loved to
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (09.02.12)
drill with the IDF, if given the chance back then. One more reason to elect Romney-Ryan in November people. Can't you see the writing on the wall? Obama was elected with the Jewish vote last time, please don't make that mistake again!
20. Enough is enough-
bmezritch ,   philadelphia pa   (09.02.12)
Tired of all the Israel bashing and trashing by this administration. Sick of all the mixed messages, too. The president has Israel's back and is prepared to insert a knife. I will vote republican for the first time in my life. That is my right and I hope other democrats do the same.
21. The US is fed up with reckless wars.
Gunnar ,   Gohrnburg, Sweden   (09.02.12)
And understandably so. Finally, the words of the very wise Ron Paul are starting to sink in: "We should leave the world to clean up its own mess and start worrying about our own country. We should've learnt that lesson already after Vietnam"
22. I love you mr president Obama
Gregg ,   Haifa Il   (09.02.12)
I always knew he was the
23. yada yada...
mark ,   usa   (09.02.12)
All of the above my well be fine and true... Yet, just maybe, just maybe... The truth of the matter is classic american realpolitika.... You know the one where we give you the rope and while trying to make kissy face with them, they then proceed to fashion a noose and we make like we don't know what's up so we can learn more about their true intentions. Iran is fooling no one... they only think they are holding both ends of that rope. Besides, isreal/usa missile defense has been so throughly simulated....most at pentagon have said f'ed it, iran let's get this barbque started.
24. Summary of article: Obama will screw all us to get Bibi
Ilan   (09.02.12)
While Atilla has an intent of harming Netanyahu he is claiming that Obama would rather see Israel suffer a nuclear attack if it will hurt Bibi. Of course the White House denies this, they may prefer Labor to Likud, but they are not driven by pettiness. Too bad the Israel public suffers for such low grade journalism.
25. Time for the American people to send a message to Obama
Zev ,   Israe;   (09.02.12)
and vote for Romney
26. #7
Belinda ,   Texas, USA   (09.02.12)
27. The Jews of America dont realize one simple thing
Al   (09.02.12)
Should Obama be re-elected they will be the fall guy. America will tank and they will be blamed. America cant afford another 4 yeras with Obama. America is bankrupt, and getting poorer by the minute. Its coming to an end. Here in Quebec a seperatist anti-semitiic party will be elected this Tuesday. They will erase the English language form the public domain and restrict non Quebecois participation in Quebec public life. They mask their anti-semitism with nice words but we all know what they are about. Over the past 36 years the Jewish community in Montreal has become a shadow of what it was, and so that is the future for the American Jewish community. Its done its over...America lasted 350 years for the Jews...its done its over. The only home we Jews will ever own is Israel.
28. Obama will make Bibi pay after elections
Beneli ,   Ramat HasharonIsrael   (09.02.12)
I do hope so! It's a disgrace for Bibi the way he behaves with Obama, the only friendly country left! When next he visits the USA , Obama should sit him in a low chair
29. # 14
Ehud ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (09.02.12)
The sooner the better !!!
30. US Govt animosity will stop in 2013 - patience
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (09.02.12)
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