Official: Obama will make Bibi pay after elections
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 02.09.12, 00:39
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31. Netanyahu
Michael ,   Haifa   (09.02.12)
There are no free lunches, Mr Netanyahu. Your arrogance and stupidity will deservedly be "paid back" by Obama after his re-election. We Israelis will also suffer from that pay-back, but maybe we deserve it, for the electorate that put a person like yourself into power has no claim for free lunches either
32. Not a good reason
David ,   Haifa   (09.02.12)
Don't hope he will only to revenge Bibi's "stupidity"... hope he'll win for the American people. What kind of a crooked logic is this?!
33. There is only one god between us...
David ,   Haifa   (09.02.12)
And unless he's got a severe psychological problems, he'll do whats better (if he is a good god) or worse (if he is a nasty god)... Anyways we'll try to continue to survive right?
34. Who needs the US afterall?
Sarah B. ,   U.S.A./Israel   (09.02.12)
Israel does not have to depend on anyone, but the Jewish people. The best decision to be taken by the Israeli authorities would be to scale down our relations with the Americans and try to forge new alliances with Russia or China, our real friends. Americans have been the reason of our ruin for a long time. Enough.
35. #15, from your mouth to God's ears!
Israeli ,   Haifa   (09.02.12)
Obama acts like a hissy woman when he feels he's been slighted. I just hope you are right and Romney IS elected. But, I have serious doubts. Obama will likely be re-elected. If he suits the plans of the powers-that-be, he WILL be re-elected, just like Bush got in when the votes in were overwhelmingly for Al Gore.
36. JUST FOR ONCE I agree w Sarah B (#10).
me ,   here   (09.02.12)
I'm sure it won't happen again.
37. No. 28 Beneli
NYC Girl   (09.02.12)
Since I assume you don't live in the U.S. please don't wish Obama on my country. He's already done enough damage in the nearly four years he's been in office, and the last thing we need is for our economy to continue hurtling headlong down the crapper. Also, America is not the only friendly country left. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is an avid supporter of Israel.....and a lot more dependable than Obama. And I'm saying this having been a Democrat from the time I was old enough to vote.
38. # 7
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.02.12)
And at the same time you can pay for yours.
39. Obama's America 2016
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (09.02.12)
See the movie a Production of Gerald Mollen the Producer of Schindlers List.It's the highest grossing Documentary this year.You can see Obama's real view about Israel,Jews and his general world view.Netanyahu could agree with everything Obama wanted short of Israel becoming a none Jewish state Obama wouldn't be satisfied
40. Fordow
jdledell ,   usa   (09.02.12)
The latest IAEA report indicates that Iran has expanded enrichment at it's Fordow facility new Qom. The majority of enrichment will take place there as opposed to Nantanz. For all you Israel, lets go alone, advocates how do you plan to damage the Fordow plant buried deep in the mountain. If you do not destroy Fordow, you will not set back Iran's nuclear program at all.
41. # 40 jdedll
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (09.02.12)
They haven't expanded, they're doubled it
42. Iran nuclear
After ISRAEL NEXT ,   WILL BE USA & WEST   (09.02.12)
Rest assured after Israel the West & USA will be next.
43. Sorry Bibi but you will be punished
Milk D ,   USA/East Coast   (09.02.12)
And punish him good!!!! Tail wagging the dog??? Nahhhh this is kicking the dog in the nuts American style...we asked you to do demanded you do right Net yahoo...not gonna ask anymore...just punish him!!! ISRAEL will soon see Bibi for what he truly is..a liability and not an asset. And to the attack Iran now crowd..the world knows why you haven't done so..its not to comply with the US..sorry but you can't pull it off...punish Bibi and whoever else that forgets who the tail is and who the dog is.
44. Independents are abandoning Obama.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.02.12)
The latest election news is that Romney has a double digit lead over Obama with independents. This was the scenario which lead to the last electoral thrashing of Obama in the 2010 midterm elections. Obama's reelection would be bad for Israel. However, it would be catastrophic for America.
45. #7 We'll see who laughs last
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (09.02.12)
Obama will be wiping away his tears as he take his last plane trip, on his way home to corruptoland in Chicago
46. #21 Gunnar - You're way behind the times
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (09.02.12)
The concept of "Fortress America" went out the window with World War 2. Your thinking is stuck in a time warp, like Ron Paul, back in the 1930''s
47. #29 Benelli
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (09.02.12)
As you may recall, it is Obama that didn't bother to offer Bibi a sandwich for supper, then went off to eat with his family
48. #21 Michael - Haifa
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (09.02.12)
What free lunch, Obama didn't have the courtesy to offer Bibi water, while he left him on the back porch, as Obama went to eat supper with family
49. BHO is having a 2 hrs. of prayer time by muslims before his
convention this week ,   That says it all.   (09.02.12)
50. First of all, Israels faith must be founded in Hashem for de
liverance, not in ,   Obama!!!   (09.02.12)
51. Obamas reduction reduces missile warning time for civilians
bernard ross   (09.02.12)
according to debka the reduction witholds facilites depended on for 3 years that enable israel to reduce missile warning time for Israels civilians. Obama is threatening civilian lives because netanyahu attack threats hurt his election chances.
52. #14 Elisha
Rick S. ,   USA   (09.02.12)
You are very misguided. The Left's ideology is anti USA & anti Israel. Practical realism is that Obama is no friend of Israel or the Jews. Practical realism is also that Iran is commited to the destruction of Israel and that Obama will do NOTHING to stop them . Please stop drinking your left wing kool-aid and open your eyes to reality.
53. Hit Iran Now
RandyC ,   Atlanta USA   (09.03.12)
I think Israel will hit Iran before the election this will make it Obama's war and when Mitt takes office he will help and clean up Obama's mess.
54. Bibi's Wrong!
Gerri ,   NYC, USA   (09.04.12)
Obama HAS Israel's back. You misinformed tea party types just don't realize it. Obama care more about Israel than that rat catcher, Willard Romney. America under Obama will always support Israel.
55. Tin Foil Hat
Don Schreiber ,   Missouri, US   (09.04.12)
Self defence isn't a right a right-wing ideology, it's survival. Also, bigotry against Mormons is every bit as odious as bigotry against Jews.
56. Obama to punish Netanyahu? Don't make me laugh
Tina Rocha ,   Los Angeles   (09.05.12)
There's just one problem here, Obama isn't going to win another term as well he shouldn't, however, we just may need Israel's assistance with Obama should he and the left wing fly off the rails pre, during or post Romney's inauguration. This is no stranger than the last 4 years in Progressive America or for Obama to say he’s going to punish Benjamin Netanyahu so pound sand Libs. I’m taking no chances with you people and sounds as if Bibi isn’t either. Good. Punish Netanyahu? Yeah right………
57. obummer is an idiot !!!
Don Rosenberg ,   Palatine USA   (09.05.12)
This fraud is incompetent and the most ,unqualified person to be president. He is an outright radical socialist and will help ruin the US. Hopefully, educated people and the silent majority will vote this moron out of power. He is full of BS.
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