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WH: US, Israel in agreement on Iran
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 03.09.12, 07:19
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1. Bullsh*t!
ex-frummie ,   Johannesburg S.A.   (09.03.12)
2. Who is Obama fooloing?
Sams ,   Lagos   (09.03.12)
Who is Obama trying to fool? We know his position. Israel is in God's hands. The Lord of host is His name not Obama. With God victory is sure. Bibi don"t waste time on this anymore just do what you have to do...
3. Foolish Mouthpiece
mike ,   So Cal, USA   (09.03.12)
How odd it must be to speak lies and deception on anothers behalf. Reminds me of Saddam's PR puppets. Certainly the Obamanation will bring with it utter destruction if not removed this fall. America - there is NO hope in Obama.
4. Shame on you Israel!
Always Right   (09.03.12)
All the best intelligence suggests that Iran does not have the nuke and are years out. Besides you have them and you won't sign the Nuclear non-proliferation treaty. You insist on the US getting involved with your war, sorry but you need to go it alone. The US and Israel are very wicked, and are always picking fights while I don't see that with Iran. I know this won't be posted because you jews tend to see the truth as 'anti-semitic', well tooooooo bad babies.
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