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'Iran must steer clear of US interests in Gulf'
Shimon Shiffer
Published: 03.09.12, 07:37
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1. US has abandoned Israel in favor of Obama's reelection
Ilan   (09.03.12)
Israel can't fight both Iran and the US and will therefore have to prepare for a MAD strategy with Iran. Soon enough whomever is the US president will reap the results of a Chamberlain policy. At that time it would be advisable to stand back and let the US eat the stew it cooked.
2. Americans & Europeans are betraying Isarel again
Frank Baum   (09.03.12)
The Americans (especially under Obama) are unreliable. They wont do anything unless it benefits them. In WWII they kept silent during the Holocaust and entered the war only when Japan attacked them. Europe is virulently anti-Semitic and pro-muslim. The Pogroms, Inquisitions & Holocaust that killed millions of Jews were all carried out in Europe. And Catherine Ashton is a also typical pro-muslim, anti-Semitic European which is why she is purposely prolonging the talks to aid Iran in getting a bomb. Thats why Israel should not depend on anyone and ensure their own survival.
3. Elections, Gas & Euro most important !
Dan Goldman   (09.03.12)
Dont Attack ! Elections, Gas & Euro most important !! Americans & Europeans want Israel to humbly submit themselves to being chemicalized, nuked & have their throats cut so that Obama can win his elections, price of gas does not rise and the Euro does not crash. Tell them to get lost. Trash the Ayatollahs and prevent the 2nd Holocaust. Let Obama & Ashton ditch their Cadillacs & travel on donkeys for a few years.
4. does not matter anything else
sam ,   denver-colorado   (09.03.12)
'Iran must steer clear of US interests in Gulf' as long as Iran refrains from attacking American facilities in Persian Gulf now You know the most important thing of USA and It does not matter the Iranian threat to Israel More importantly for the American interests in the Gulf does not matter anything else
5. My goodness....lets run right out and vote
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.03.12)
for the traitor and chief. His facilities have become more important than Jewish lives from a thermonuclear explosion over Israel. He's going to have a cyber war??? How much shame will this rookie imposter bring to the United States before we can elect this cad out of office. If you have an ounce of sense....and are this man out of office to save your brothers and sisters in Israel. People "watched" and said nothing in World War II. Obama is a "watcher" of horrific crimes being planned and perpetrated against the Jews by Iran. He needs to be removed from his office immediately. Obama will ignore your deaths and be living in luxury... while Iran destroys your cities with technology that could have been prevented... by a president that had a back bone and wasn't in bed with Muslim ideologies.
6. Green light for Israel
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.03.12)
Okay, now we know -- officially -- what we have always known. Hussein Obama will not lift a finger, all his fancy pre-election rhetoric notwithstanding. So -- Israel will have to go it alone. That's what we've always assumed; that's always been an integral part of our battle plan. I guess the "Great Satan" has decided to remain outside the fray. That's fine. They'd only get in Israel's way. Gosh -- I sure do hope (but doubt) that Iran doesn't retaliate against an Israeli strike by targeting a United States asset. Not likely -- of course they will -- and Hussein Obama will have a whole new scenario with which to deal. Hussein Obama is the puppy dog of the Islamic world. Whatever they want; he wants. A more unsuitable United States president cannot possibly be conceived. And whatever happened to all that fancy talk about being an ally of the State of Israel? Not that it matters. Israel can get the job done. The time for Israel to strike is now. Hussein Obama will thus never survive the elections in November. We know what we're dealing with in the White House at present. Romney could not possibly be worse. It's time to do the necessary. We've always known we would have to go it alone. Better that way.
7. Obama's true face.
Israeli 2   (09.03.12)
What a cowardly US of America indeed! We must defeat this administartion at all cost. Totally destroy our enemies on all fronts once and forever! ISRAEL CAN DO IT!
8. Bold.......
Jeff ,   USA   (09.03.12)
9. Obama, Israel is going to do what she needs for survival
Yaniv ,   Israel   (09.03.12)
I'm sorry, Obama, we are not going to stand down for your own interests and selling out Israel and using us as a bargaining chip is indeed going to backfire in your face. Your true colors are clearer than ever before; you are not a friend of Israel.
10. One day the whole story will come out. With Iran a nuclear
power controlling the Arabia Gulf, fuel flow and prices from the Gulf. The other Gulf nations intimidated by proxy terrorists,like Hezballa and Hamas, unable to hit back at Iran, they know what their brothers are capable of doing to each other. The Sunnis will take this lesson on board and try to do a deal with the Shiite imperialists
11. realpolitik
NoHope ,   Sydney Australia   (09.03.12)
I have to agree with Sarah B...IF this 'covert' communication is true - at least Israel knows...but then again weren't the signs obvious eg the last wargame debacle? It really is all about power - declining US power and rising Iranian power - but what will Israel do...surely nothing before Obama's speech on the 25th? Or will it use this interlude, when everyone is looking to the UN, to attack? The problem is of course that in the long run, and very likely in the short run too, an Israeli attack will not succeed - at least if we're to believe the various ex Israeli generals/intelligence/political leaders who have spoken out about the issue. I am assuming they know more than Sarah B, me or anyone else on these forums about the likely success and consequences of such an attack. I have no idea what the solution is but just like the US, Israel must act in its best interests...and not count on the US for support...but this is a fact that is long known to every Israeli anyway...
12. It's an american thing, do not take it personal
Yehuda Ephraim ,   kigali, rwanda   (09.03.12)
Remember what Robert Gates said (an asset in the Bush Adm and Obama's minister of war), he said of Israel the following: "We have given too much Israel and we have received nothing back from them,...they (Israel) are biting the hand that feeds them." Do not get swayed by flattery from none of the american, Not even that Romney. i'm afraid history is repeating itself.
13. Obama seems to be just a sophisticated zero.
Jessy   (09.03.12)
14. #10 Not one day
Sarah B   (09.03.12)
Today The Saudis are in talks with Iran negotiating an non agression pact. Want to try again? What you see as a worse case scenerio is actually happening now, today. Wouldn't surprise me if Iran doesn't declare a policy of Nuclear Ambiguity declaring they will not be the first to introduce nuclear weapons into the Middle East. Which will be accceptable to the Internatinal Community as this is already the case vis a vis Israel.
15. #1IIan
Sarah B   (09.03.12)
Yeah you haven't factored in the huge oil finds in the South Atlantic, bigger oil reserves than Saudi Arabia apparently. The importance of the Middle East to the United States is about to decline considerably..
16. American, Democrat, Obama Fasicim
Yitzi ,   Bet Shemesh   (09.03.12)
This merely confirms what I have been telling my Israeli brothers and sister for years. America, especially present day Democrat, Socialist, Obama America is no friend of the Jews. We must decide for our selves along with G-d what our best interests are and act on them without approval.
17. Barak Hussain Obama has an Islamic agenda
David Maliki ,   Israel   (09.03.12)
Barak Hussain Obama was very involved and very instrumental in removing Pres. Mubarak of Egypt and helping the Islamic Brotherhood gain power. Now Egypt officially declared a strategic alliance with Iran. Hussain Obama was totally silent on this subject. Israel is facing a clear and present danger to its very survival.
18. Thank you Obama, showing us your colour
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (09.03.12)
That is helpful to know where we stand Shows me Mr President how you think and your true loyalties And I know you will achieve nothing but more trouble , as Iran got your measure and will not stop pushing you onto the ropes. Israel will stand up for the Jewish people even as the world prepares to abandon them again. We will not go to Arab Gas ovens, stoked by Europe and Mr Obama.. Remote hope, but miracles can happen and the decent electorate in USA, Land of the free, can see you for who you are Mr Obama
19. Ah, what cold, cold world it is!
Cameron ,   USA   (09.03.12)
20. US will not sit on sidelines
Rube Vogel ,   Jerusalem   (09.03.12)
I find it very unlikely the US will stay out of it. If oil hits $200 - they will do whatever it takes to end the conflict - either by joing Israel or by forcing Israel to stand down.
21. At least what we've known all along is confirmed
Devorah   (09.03.12)
22. This remind us of Menahem Beguin.
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (09.03.12)
He was also presed by the american administration. I hope Romney makes this an isue in his campaign. It's clear Obama is not worry for Israel's security. Anybody knows how to get this message to fox news
23. Will Israel attack before or after the US elections?
michael redbourn ,   arad israel   (09.03.12)
I'm pretty sure that Israel is waiting until it's clearer what the result of the US elections will be before attacking Iran. If it looks like Romney will win then Israel might wait until after the elections to see if in fact Romney does win, and also see what he does. I imagine that Israel will attack just before or immediately after the elections if Obama seems to be leading or after he wins. I'm not sure however how an Israeli attack just before the elections would effect the outcome. Would it help or hinder Obama? What do you think?
24. Troll posing as Sarah B
Ilan   (09.03.12)
Cute, if a bit immature. Iran ha all the restraint of a rabid dog. Eventually it will feel a need to use the nuclear weapons, mostly as a tool to threaten, after it achieving their goals. Then the problem will be not just Israel and Iran and not one of a limited war. Obama may or may not be president at the time but I'm pretty sure he will not be regarded with appreciation.
25. Iran demands and the US suggests..
Lenya ,   Australia   (09.03.12)
"Washington has also sent Iran a back-channel deal suggesting they curb their nuclear ambitions, but Tehran rejected the deal, saying no agreement is possible sans lifting all West-imposed sanctions." So if they didn't curb their nuclear ambitions before and during the sanctions why would they curb it if the sanctions were lifted? and why would the US suggest such any such deal if the Iranians have already crossed all the red lines...Who is Obama trying to bamboozle here?
26. Post #6 is not mine
Sarah B   (09.03.12)
I would not expect American soldiers sailors and airmen to lay down their lives to advance the foreign policy goals of Israel
27. Israel should attack NOW. TODAY. Waiting til Nov will be too
Julian ,   Israel   (09.03.12)
late to stop the madman in Iran.
28. Again you are ignoring
Sarah B   (09.03.12)
the oil finds off the Coast of Brazil and the Falklands in the South Atlantic. The importance of the Falkland Isles and their status is about to become more important than Israel. There is absolutely no American interest in attacking Iran or allowing Israel to attack Iran at this time. To do so would break the regime of sanctions against Iran and the unity of action of the International community. And for your information my name is Sarah and my surname begins with B
29. #23 Michael
Sarah B   (09.03.12)
Actually I think that Israeli discussion on Iran is behind the curve and it has advanced considerably in the last couple of months. The International Community has decided to accomodate Iran's nuclear ambitions, hence the provision of the Dolphin class submarines to Israel so they have a second strike capability thus ensuring a viable scenerio for MAD between Iran and Israel. Also as seen ehre the United States has said to iran leave our friends in Persian Gulf alone, and we will leave you alone (no mention of Israel). As ever Netanyahu is playing catch up and having bigged up the threat of an Israeli strike doesn't want to be seen to back down and wants something in return from Obama. My guess is that Netanyahu will go to Washington cap in hand wanting another squadron of F35's
30. # 26
martin ,   uk   (09.03.12)
they never have done for any Israeli policies. Even in 1967 the USA showed it's real colours and cowardice prior to the 6 day war. read it!
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