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Report: Iranian drill aims to explore S-300 alternatives
Dudi Cohen
Published: 03.09.12, 10:12
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1. then there's a strong chance to hit Iran
sam ,   denver-colorado-USA   (09.03.12)
Iranians still lack the missile system against warplanes Iran open skies then there's a strong chance to hit Iran
2. Iranian weapon development
avner ,   israel   (09.03.12)
Im surprised how Iran in the last 5 years developed more weapon systems than most world powers!!!! Im being sarcastic :)
3. Idiot
wah07 ,   mancs   (09.03.12)
Well you must be a moron to make a comment like that. Iran being under sanctions for the last 35 years has been able to make systems like that. Now I would call that impressive.
4. we only get to see photoshop
wah07#3 ,   New York, US   (09.03.12)
Emperor has no clothes. Nobody has seen anything but photoshoped pics. Tehran regime is scared and obviously trying to talk it up.
5. But they already have
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.03.12)
Wasn't it just 6 months ago that they announced that they had not only developed their own S-300 but even better. Guess they didn't read their own press releases
6. 2
zionist forever   (09.03.12)
Alot of Iran's new toys are just either domestic junk or reverse engineered foreign technology ( often old technology ) but sometimes they do produce something good. Their missile program is highly advanced and on a level very close or equal to Israel's missile development capability. With an anti aircraft system once you got the missile your half way there just a matter of developing the radar. I doubt its anything like as advanced as the proven S-300 but I doubt its junk. The world powers develop plenty of weapon systems but they just don't advertise them outside the military industry whilst Iran likes the world to think they developed everything from the wheel - to the Death Star. Just remember though the do not want nukes.
7. Your security is based on claiming that, its photshop?
No wonder that you people are in a fast decline...
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (09.04.12)
As the Iranians has already drawn up a plan to develope locally a system similiar to S-300 and the announcement clearly stated that Iran was to develope the defence system locally and will incude certain extra components to suit its local requirement.Co-ordination was already started the day Russians declined to deliver the S-300's. It would take Iran another year to year and a half to actually instal the locally produced system.
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