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Minister: Halt bike rental on Yom Kippur
Gilad Morag
Published: 03.09.12, 14:04
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1. Thanks for the reminder must get my bike ready
Haim ,   TA   (09.03.12)
never miss an opportunity to force their so called religious life style on others. Tel Aviv is a mostly secular city and people are free to make their own choices and not to be dictated to by some low level politician who is trying to score a few points with the harideem
2. it's up to each individual Jew to decide, not some politico
DAV ZEE ,   ATLANTA GA USA   (09.03.12)
it's up to each individual Jew to decide HOW RELIGIOUS to be, not some politico fat head with an AGENDA... THIS FAT CAT POL SHOULD MIND HIS OWN miserable BUSINESS...IT'S A DEMOCRACY STUPID! WE CHOOSE how to conduct ourselves on any holiday.!
3. it's not bicycle day
david ,   Jerusalem   (09.03.12)
i mean it's not just bicycle day. For at least some 50% of israelis this is also movie marathon day, at some progressive kibutzim is BBQ day, if there's good weather is beach each his own. Most importantly this is "get out of the jewish closet" day for some brave people each year.
jewishness ,   AMERICA THE BEAUTIUL   (09.03.12)
NOTHING NEW HERE....SAME OLDE heredi BULLIES, punishing the little secular DEMOCRATIC Jewish people for heredi extremist fundamentalist NONSENSE and ignorance... (are heredis, in the TORAH allowed to spit on christians, women, and others on YOM KIPPUR) or must they wait till sundown?
5.  Careful now ,don t let .. ..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (09.03.12)
from the Yom Kipur bike, brothers fall further apart. Because, LOVE and reconciliation, that s the main thing.
6. Israel was founded to allow Jews to live as free people
Al   (09.03.12)
If you want to be religious, well so be it. You dont want to be religious, well so be it. I couldnt care less either way. However be you religious or not, the one duty you have is to help the country. You want to ride a bike on YK...ride a bike. You want to pick your nose..pick your nose. You want to scratch your ass...scratch your ass. Thank god we have an Israel, where a Jew can live his life according to his desire. Its time to place the Rabbis on the front lines. Then we'll see if and how their prayers work.
7. Use all your might to read the facts before shooting off
mea   (09.03.12)
What a pack of maroons.
8. BIG MISTAKE! Stay out of it Mr. Minister!
Just Sayin' ,   Israel   (09.03.12)
From the inception of the State until today there is an unwritten rule that all respect no cars on Yom Kippur. If the minister starts with controlling bicycles where will it end? It will end with all of us deciding to use our cars on Yom Kippur...because we will go out and protest. Government's best option is to leave the Status Quo in place! just sayin'!
9. Freaking Sad
Yosef ,   Boca Raton   (09.03.12)
Israel as you guys see it serves no purpose but to be the container of secular Jews. An as that it really does not have the right to exist as there is no connection to the land. AT least there would be no right to exist where it is. May be Uganda or Utah. You gys want the right to live in Eretz Israel then you have to behave like Jews. You want to behave like Goyim then you should go to some were else. Sad. I hope and pray that one day you guys do Teshuva. You have left HaSh_m and he is waiting for your return. Mean while I hope I can make it one day there.
10. why not keep 1 day a year holy
zionist forever   (09.04.12)
Israel is supposed to be a Jewish state yet we don't want to make effort to keep even Yom Kippur holy. Those who do not want to keep Yom Kippur holy should make their own travel arrangements which do not include the use of municipality equipment. For just one single day let the state make an effort to keep things holy. Bike service will be back to business as usual next day and Yom Kippur is the only day of the year that will have any restrictions.
11. Number 4 Yom Kippur is NOT Haredi
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (09.04.12)
Yom Kippur is not a Haredi holy day. It is observed my most Jews in one form or another, usually including a fast. In the Diaspora, including 'America the Beautiful', all 'streams' of Judaism observe Yom Kippur. In Israel, a Jewish state, it is a national holiday.
12. 2 Atlanta Geogia
Joe ,   Baltimore, USA   (09.04.12)
Growing up in America, many things were closed on Sunday and various Christian holidays. It wasn't up to each individual person to decide which public services or which shops were allowed to open on Sunday morning or Christmas Day. There were general guidelines and laws made by society. Closing public services on Yom Kippur in Israel is no different. Employees have a right to be off certain agreed religious national holidays. Israel is a Jewish state and entitled to observe Jewish holy days as public holidays.
13. The call center will be closed
Danny ,   London England   (09.04.12)
The Minister's comments are irrelevant. The municipality had never intended for the call center to be open at any time during Yom Kippur. You cannot force public employees of a Jewish municipality to work on Shabbat, Chagim or Yom Kippur. If seculars want bikes let them borrow them prior to Yom Kippur.
14. also shabbat and rosh hashannah
ma nishma ,   modiin   (09.04.12)
make kiddush and love, not chillul shabbat.
15. yom kippour is only for believers
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.04.12)
in this "childish superstition" as religion was called by Albert Einstein . They are the "sinners" who must repent and fast . Non believers can enjoy a free day . What's on the menu , my dear ?
16. Fatso
Rex ,   Rehovot , Israel   (09.04.12)
Fatso Katz, stop the double standards, we all know that you are not religious, just cuddling up to the dossim to "get" their votes.And by the way fat boy try a little cycling and you will have found an easy way to reduce your bulging waistline. Talk about wastelines !!! jumbo.
17. Yom Kippur etc.
non-believer   (09.04.12)
It is verily because of such religion-based restrictions and oppression against seculars that many of us non-religious Jews now in the Diaspora refuse to live in Israel. Israel is supposedly the home for ALL Jews...then how come secular Jews cannot lead secular lives 365x24x7? How come the religious beliefs of the minority are imposed on secular Jews who are in the majority? Those who demand respect for THEIR own religious convictions certainly do not give due respect to those who do not have any religious convictions. Besides, how does renting and/or riding a bike or driving a car on certain days of the year, affect the convictions of the believers? It is obvious to all, that believers are oppressing those of us who are non-believers and forcing them without their consent to participate in the observance of religious rituals...not just Yom Kippur, but many other Jewish practices deemed obligatory by believers. As Jewish-born atheists and agnostics, we refuse to let anyone dictate to us what religious stuff we are obligated to adhere to, ergo we don't live in Israel and NEVER will! Keep YOUR unwanted religious practices to yourselves; Israel is as oppressive on secular Jews as Islamic countries are on non-muslims!
18. Give me a good reason why ...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (09.04.12)
Yom Kippur should be a free day for non-believers.Unless they use this day to review their last year s behaviour regarding relationships with family,friends and neighbours,trying to improve them. For example,one of the TBers,i had to stop exchanging ideas,who has a certain charisma,and can make easily friends BUT..... when those do not agree with him he gets angry. Yom Kippur is the day to ask himself,why he has no longtime friends living nearby. It is not always the other s fault. Mostly it is our fault. Thanks to Yom Kippur after having shown remorse,we can begin the coming year, all over again ,wishing the best , hugging [when allowed] smiling to each with always a kind word on the lips.
19. #15
Jo Jo   (09.04.12)
It is against Israeli law? So why are you complaining?
20. #17
Jo Jo ,   London   (09.04.12)
I know what you mean... I am campaigning against the closure of all servies on Christmas day. Why do non-religious people in the UK have to suffer becuase because others want to celebraate Jesus' birthday? Jesus did not exist!
21. #1
Jo Jo   (09.04.12)
You are correct. Tel-aviv is secular and everyone should be free to make their own choices: We want Smoking in public, We want more brothels, We want more hashish bars, We want to walk around naked. Yipeeee
22. #6 Al, Couldn't agree with you more. Pninot the last 2 lines
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.04.12)
23. Give me a good reason why you IMPOSE
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.04.12)
this day on us ? Need a special day to review your past misdeeds ? Non believers in this day for followers of this "childish superstition" don't need a special day , they can do it every day of the year . The same when people go to a synagogue one time a year to remember a dead one . We don't need such a day , we have our dear deceased in our heart , the whole year . When not agreeing with me some are fleeing and call the other angry . Giving me an other's name , is a DIRECT insult
24. TRY 2 If you think that...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (09.04.12)
Yom Kippur should not be a fast day, at least let PEACE be on your menu. Apologise to those you offended,and forgive those who offended you. If you wish a peaceful year for Israel , make it happen. SHALOM.
25. 17 If ALL the non-believers,instead..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (09.04.12)
of staying in Galut would come to Israel,they would have the majority and could impose their views on the Haredis. This is thanks G-D not the case.Isn t that the best proof that G-D rules the world?
26. 24 , Ora , as you are a believer , fast
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.04.12)
I don't think i insulted someone , but i was when you gave me an other name . But i forgive you , be carefull when you write . And when you make a mistake [ it happened to me too ] , try to correct it asap . Peace is always on my menu , but there is an other side .....I think that you deserve a much better defender as this henry , who see "insults" where there are any .
27. 23 Charles Why do you think ..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (09.05.12)
some politicians are successful and others not? The successful ones, when taking a decision,ask themselves,am i doing that for the good of the cause or am i doing that for my ego.They try to be honest with them self.Lying to them self harms ONLY them. The same is for me.When i quarrel with somebody ,i first ask myself where was i wrong and i apologise. I try to respect others opinions even if i don t agree.I would not talk about atheism,the way you talk about religion"childish superstition". I feel insulted. I feel insulted when you say that i am fleeing,although i told you that i do not want to discuss with you,because you don t believe what i say as you treated me for a liar. I tell you all this because i would like to be your friend if you agree ,on a healthy base. I think i also made mistakes towards you,and i hope you will tell me which so i can correct them. Warm wishes for sincere relationships.
28. # 25 Ora
I think you'll find that seculars and non-believers are already the majority in Israel. However, the problem seems to be your political system that gives an inordinate amount of power to small minorities because of the need to form a coalition. Not only that, but before you disparage the non-believers, don't forget they were the founders of the State of Israel, and without them, you'd most likely be living in some place other than Jerusalem.
29. Ora
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.05.12)
Regarding "childish superstition" : it are Einstein's words i discovered by searching about his belief . You wrote that Einstein believed in G-d , but he wasn't . So that was , let's say , a big error from you . He believed in something as "a great architect" of nature , approximatively the same as the Freemassons , so very far from the G-d you believe in . I told you already this already more than once , why do you always again come with this "error" to give some "weight" on your belief . That's my great reproach , and your mistake [ not a lie ] Regarding this henry . By denying the Exodus he must also deny what foolowed : Moshe receiving the ten commandements for the Jewish people . And then calling himself a "believer" . Never heard about such a Jewish "belief" . Don't compare Us to politicians , they will always find an excuse for their wrong decisions , for the lies they told .
30. 28 Charles,My political system?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (09.05.12)
That s Israel s political system. Tell me where did i disparage non-believers.If i did so ,it was of course a big mistake.
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