Gazan man dies after setting himself on fire
Associated Press
Published: 03.09.12, 17:36
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1. Put the blame where it belongs
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.03.12)
Squarely upon Hamas. If that terrorist rabble were to spend half as much time on trying to actually build a government, abandon terrorism (as if!), build an infrastructure and attract international investment, Gaza could build a thriving society. But that is not what Hamas is interested in doing. They much prefer to build up their terrorist networks, launch terrorist attacks against Israel and stockpile more weapons to use in terrorist attacks against innocent Israeli civilians. I really wonder what the response would be if one were to ask the average Gaza resident what is preferable -- living under rule of terrorist-driven and Islamofascist Hamas, or living under benign Israeli rule, working in Israel, and no shortages, ever. I believe Hamas would not like the answer. Condolences to the family for their loss.
2. Its an Israeli AND Egyptian blockade
Andi ,   Israel   (09.03.12)
Even YNET has now fallen for the Palestinian lie. The Keren Hashalom crossing from Israel is in fact the only crossing for merchandise and aid in to Gaza. The Egyptians only allow people across, that's why the tunnels are still thriving on that border. Sorry to hear about the guy setting himslelf a light.
3. Could not get on the Hamas payroll?
Cameron ,   USA   (09.03.12)
4. Find work? Most likely he is unemployable.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (09.03.12)
Gaza does not spend its money (billions of handout dollars) on development - only on weapons and corruption of its "elite" leaders. Its leadership is perpetuating a society without hope, a society of dependency. All policies that can lead to development, including those in education, are absolutely controlled by Hamas and the multitude of terrorist organisations. Brute force and repression prevail, not entrepreneurship and human and economic development. Their focus and direction are designed to keep the population as slaves to hatred, terrorism and violence. Gaza needs to be liberated from those millstones around its neck.
5. Excuse me Ynet?
Adam ,   Yeruka   (09.03.12)
"Gaza has fallen into deep poverty resulting from international isolation and an Israeli-led blockade of the seaside strip." Really? What about all the aid, the markets, the theme parks, the 600 millionaires? I expect that kind of sentence over at Haaretz, not here. The poverty and isolation, if it even exists, is due to Hamas terrorizing Israelis and Palestinians alike and not because of an Israel-led international isolation and blockade. Do me a favor...
6. whats with poor people setting themselves on fire
zionist forever   (09.03.12)
First we had Moshe Silman then we had some copycats in Israel who were stopped by others before they could go through with it and now we got Gazan's. Nobody likes being poor but we can't all be Bill Gates and being poor or unemployed is neither a justification to set yourself on fire or a solution to your economic problems. If Moshe Silman and this guy Ihab had survived then they would eventually been checked out of hospital, their economic situation would not have got any better and may even have got worse and they would have had to spend the rest of their lives suffering from fourth degree burns. You go to just about any country in the world you will find poverty and in some countries $220 a month is a decent sum but they don't go around setting themselves on fire. Here is started with one individual and we have just had lots of copycats all thinking they will be martyrs to the cause.
7. Sarah is Correct
emanon ,   USA   (09.03.12)
Condolences to the family, but the blame is squarely on Hamas. They only spend money for munitions and projects of hate against anyone not them, not humanitarian projects to take care of their own people.
8. His father told him to get off his ass and get a job...
Malone ,   Hfx   (09.03.12) he kills himself,in a most painful way,I would imagine...what a sympathy here.
9. Its the overpopulation stupid!
Israeli grandma   (09.03.12)
With all the wailing about the sufferings of Gazans, nobody nowadays mentions the elephant in the room: the gross over-population encouraged there. Marriages of very young girls, rampant polygamy, and the huge and unhealthy birthrate - not Israel's fault in any way - they are suffocating themselves without our help.
10. How about....
Ariel ,   USA   (09.03.12)
... appealing to the Gazan nouveau riches? By last account, there are 600 millionaires in Gaza. Smugglers, to be precise,:-) But that's the only way they produce anything. Dig more tunnels, bro!
11. Oh. now that's brilliant
Henry from New York ,   Under the Tuscan Sun   (09.03.12)
Your family is poor and starving and your dad tells you to find work. Your response is to cook yourself. How does that improve your family's lot? I hope this selfish dog burns.
12. Unusual, isn't it...
Buskila ,   South America   (09.03.12)
We have a right to see the world according to our own prespectives, but to give a formal universal recognition of one's prespectives is pushung the cart too close befor the horse. Israel has been boed in, cut off from its immediate neighbours who been threatenibg it for over 65years, but it managed to build a society where law is actually taking very seriously, industries with industrious citizens, and old under the eyes of its haters. Isolated and deprived of piece of mind, Israel has created a case not only to be envied but mostly to be followed by many opeful nations. So, please stop with listing the self made obstacles by the our Arab neighbours, and get on into the building of civic societies: that is the challenging.
13. Yes, agree with #1
Beary White ,   Norway   (09.03.12)
Hamasss is the elected government in the islamic strip and should provide for its followers... Strange, they have millions/billions of dollars? It is time to eat rockets....IDF, pls send some...
14. That was pure stupiity
Elad ,   Israel/Houston   (09.03.12)
Two wayd to look at it. He did not throw any bombs. On the other hand now there is one less Palestinian to sit on their hands, teach their children hate, and blame the Jews while they pay and pay to the corrupt Hamas.
15. Assoiciated Press blames Israel.
Jarred Stone ,   London UK   (09.04.12)
Hamas spends billions of dollars on arms and missiles that Hamas shoots into Israel,this money could have been put to better used to make life easier for the citizens of Gaza....
16. The British GUARDIAN blames Israel for his death
Jarred Stone ,   London UK   (09.04.12)
Somehow the Guardian's Jerusalem reporter found a way to blame Israel for this poor man's death... Trust the British Guardian to blame Israel for everything that happens in the ME......The Guardian HATES Israel.....
17. Cooked Gazan
El gato ,   USA   (09.05.12)
Now ain't it a shame that another Muslim has gone to hell only to find out...there ain't no virgins for him! He's a good Arab now.
18. Gaza's Poverty Can Be Alleviated By Trade With Israel
Tim Upham ,   Tum Tum, WA   (09.05.12)
With Gaza's 98% of its businesses closed, and 45% unemployment, this can all be alleviated by open borders and trade with Israel. An operational airport in Gaza, can be where Israeli farmers from Negev can bring fresh fruit and flowers to be flown out to markets in Europe. Gaza could be getting fees and tax revenue off of it too. But of course such a plan, requires Hamas to recognize the State of Israel. But if they are offering Hebrew in Gaza schools, maybe this is Hamas way of seeing into the future, when its citizens will be making money servicing its Israeli customers.
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