Vandals desecrate Latrun Monastery
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 04.09.12, 07:56
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1. ben ari might HELP the police 2 know the trueth. IF the
hot snow ,   tlv   (09.04.12)
police wants.
2. according to the grafiti it is an arab who did it
ghostq   (09.04.12)
some letters looks like an arab letters that were converted to hebrew, the hand writing is odd, the nun looks like R in arabic,
3. "Jewish settler attacks...listed as 'terrorist incidents''"
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.04.12) US. "Violence by Jewish settlers has been cited for the first time in a US state department list of "terrorist incidents".
4. Why all this fuss?
Sarah B. ,   U.S.A./israel   (09.04.12)
They do that in synogues everyday in other cities of the world. Acts like that are normal in any society. Maybe just some kids looking for fun. Business as usual.
5. No god indeed...
Dawn-Marie ,   Maale Adummim   (09.04.12)
I know the people of Migron. This is not what Migron stands for. This is a disgusting, dispicable, hateful act and has nothing to do with Torah, settlements or the people of Migron. I hope they catch the responsible parties and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. They will have to face the Heavenly Court as well.
6. Shameful
Mark ,   London, UK   (09.04.12)
There is no excuse for this!
7. They need to be caught and hanged!
yoni ,   Israel   (09.04.12)
These idiots will start a religious war in this country... what do they want.. all the synagogues in the world to burn until they will stop? Sarah.... Go to hell!
8. almost forgot, that is not how jews spell
ghostq   (09.04.12)
9. #4 Sarah B. "Acts like this are normal"????
Yitzhak ,   Israel   (09.04.12)
I am absolutely astounded to see someone who I suppose is a Jew make such an asinine comment.. Burning synagogues is "normal" so what's all the fuss? So, because antisemites burned our houses of worship now that we have a state, it is "normal" to go burn churches? Or mosques? Your views represent not normalcy, but the dark side of the human soul, and that Jews, too, are vulnerable to letting hate overtake their humanity.
10. Sarah B - what a cynic
H E Davis ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.04.12)
2 - or 2000 - wrongs don't make a right. This was an unprovoked malicious act and should be condemned - as should any similar crime - in the strongest terms.
11. all destruction is shameful
Ilana   (09.04.12)
Nobody should ruin another religion's holy places or cemetaries.
12. Is this an important news ?
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (09.04.12)
If all anti jewish and anti israeli grafittis would be mentioned in newspapers, there would be no place for any other correspondents and reports.
13. #4 sarah B - USA./israel
Helene ,   Merkaz   (09.04.12)
suggest you join Liberman's Party
14. Why jews hate christians?
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.04.12)
15. The post at No. 4 isn't mine, but I agree with what was said
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / lsrael   (09.04.12)
16. I condemn this is the strongest possible manner!
Dovi ,   Eilat, Israel   (09.04.12)
If Jews did this they should be brought in and hit with the full might of the law! However I must stress, that having been educated in Israel and living here I can not see how an Israeli could EVER do such a racists act- I have a VERY strong suspicion that this has been done by Arab Palestinians to try and make Israelis look bad - and I think it has worked well! Because even I feel disgusted even though I truly believe no Israeli would do such an inexcusable act. I wish there was video evidence to prove my sincere doubt of this incident.
17. ...Or not so cleverly disguised....
mark   (09.04.12)
To APPEAR as if an Arab did it. You know "... by deception" is part of a famous motto.
18. Ok, we'll start to "look the other way" too!
mark   (09.04.12)
Just let the ball roll, right?
19. #4 Sarah B - Once again, we're at odds...
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (09.04.12)
So if someone sets a synagogue on fire in Poland or writes graffiti on a synagogoe in Belarus, you think it's all right to do the same to a totally unconnected monastery in Latrun? That's just as illogical (not to say stupid) excuse I've heard since that murderer in Toulouse claimed he went on his Jew-killing rampage "to avenge what Israel is doing to the Palestinians". Your response is just as sick as his was.
20. #12 - it usually is.
Henry from New York ,   Under the Tuscan Sun   (09.04.12)
Besides, it's not every day some horrid vandal torches the doors of a monastery. I hope these punks are caught and tried.
21. #1 i agree they should ask Ben Ari where he was at the time
Haim ,   TA   (09.04.12)
22. #9 Yitzhak
Greg ,   CT SA   (09.04.12)
You are spot on and unfortunately SarahB response is an example of the souls dark side being filled with ignorance and void of reason.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (09.04.12)
In order to catch the culprits the police will go to the nearest Yishuv like they did with Arab cab fire bombing in Judea,. There they will arrest 12 and 13 year old boys, who they will pressure by means of abuse to commit to something they did not do. And after a week having demonized damaged and destroyed once more the people who live in the heartland of Israel. They will be released to house arrest due to lack of evidence. Most likely these were paid agitators to give our beloved Liberal media another round of ammunition to continuii their never ceasing smear campaign against the "settlers".
24. #14
Henry from New York ,   Under the Tuscan Sun   (09.04.12)
We don't. My dad is a Christian and so are many of my friends (the rest are Muslim and Jewish). This is some hooligans out causing trouble. Probably FXP users.
25. #14 Why muslims hate Jews and Christians?
26. Jesus was a JEW you childish idiots
zionist forever   (09.04.12)
You want to spray Jesus was a monkey they sprey it on your own bedroom wall not a monastery then only you have to look at the evidence of your childish stupidity. We have enough problems with the Muslims in this country no need to cause rifts with the Christians as well.
27. Salami no 14
LION OF JUDAH   (09.04.12)
Why the Egyptians hassling the coptics and burn Churches in Egypt? Why the Saudis will not allow the Christians to prey, build churches, even not allowed to have bible? Please answer
28. Disgraceful&unnacceptable.CriminaI idiots wheoever they are
29. Don't worry, be happy...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.04.12)
30. yeah maybe aliens done it!
adam   (09.04.12)
shame on you !!!
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