Arabs protest wine festival near mosque
Roi Kais
Published: 04.09.12, 14:20
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1. Yeah, right
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.04.12)
Then why are there so many Arab sheikhs sucking back alcohol as fast as they can in Monte Carlo? In Las Vegas? Not to mention all those drunk-on-arak Arab Moslems trying to manage Israeli roads, every day of the week? Try again. This one doesn't even pass the laugh test.
2. #1
Henry from New York ,   Under the Tuscan Clouds   (09.04.12)
Maybe this specific group of Bedouin adhere to the rules properly?
3. No , No , No
Hassan ,   Amiens / France   (09.04.12)
No , it's a provacation against a muslims and islam . everyday , everyday
4. curious..
daniela ,   panama   (09.04.12)
how moslems are always expecting others to respect their faith but they never respects others faith. Do they respect the graveyards we left in Jewish cemeteries in arab lands? do they respect the synagogues we left back? When a cartoon of Mohamad appears in Europe they are ready to cut throats, but everyday they lack of respect of jewish and even christian places and nobody say nothing. By the way.. the turks should shut up.. the ottoman empire finished almost a 100 years ago and they have nothing more to say about the lands they used to have there
5. #3 Hassan, let's drink to it!
Boaz ,   Jerusalem   (09.04.12)
Everyday, everyday. If you don't want alcohol, be my guest, bring your mint tea! Let's face, most Muslims (in Israel, Turkey and other countries) drink alcohol. This is just another protest to demonize Israel. How good it was if synagogues (and churches) in Muslim countries were respected as mosques are respected in Israel.
6. To No.1.
Bertram ,   London, UK   (09.04.12)
Spot on, Sarah B. I recall the outcry at the staging of a pork pie festival in similar proximity to a synagogue. I mean, the hypocrisy of all those secular Jews who regularly scoff bacon burgers and ham sandwiches!
7. Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance?!
nethanel ,   gush   (09.04.12)
Also, Christians and Jews lived in Palestine before the Muslim occupation forces entered the country and settled in Hevron and Jerusalem. Wien always was and will be drunken in this region. If you do not agree, in Saudi Arabia there is enough place not to be provocated by the mere presence of Jews, Christians and alcohol.
8. Jews are not your dhimmis,those days are over.
9. Everything is an insult to Islam except terrorism, of course
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.04.12)
10. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.04.12)
That would be your "shul." Not mine. Not most Jews'. Sod off, asshole. Enjoy your bacon burger and ham sandwich. And you call yourself a Jew? LOL! Do you curtsey to the "queen," too?
11. "Mosque"
Ruth ,   Beer Sheva   (09.04.12)
the mosque in question is an empty shell from Turkish times, it has not been in use as a mosque since 1948 at least. The Beer Sheve municipiality is maintaining the building just enough to avoid it crumbling. The courtyard belongs to the Negev museum. This is just another case of people looking for grievances to demonize Israel.
12. Fair's fair!
Jake in Jerusalem ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.04.12)
When Islam removes its mosques from the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem, then their call for respect will make sense. Otherwise, it's just the thieves complaining that they aren't getting enough respect from those they are stealing from. Also, you can't "wipeout (sic) Palestinian identity" when there never was any such thing. There is NO difference between Pali and Jordanian identity - they are one and the same people. The mosques in Jerusalem on Jewish Holy Land, now THAT is an attempt to wipe out Jewish identity. Typical Arabs - accuse others of precisely those crimes that they, themselves, are most guilty of. SOP for Arabs.
13. No , No , No
Hassan ,   Amiens / France   (09.04.12)
The mosques are not respected that is the examples , alcohol , vin near mosque !! What do you yet ?
14. Hassan tell them to stop drinking in Parus because you
are insulted Join your brothers in hissing the Marseilles!
15. #3 hassan Kifuk? So How Is ALL THAT french
Wine????????????????????????? do you DRINK red with goat cheese? Do You DRINK White with lamb?
16. this mosque was build by turks not by bedouins
ghostq   (09.04.12)
they were nomads.
17. Arab- Muslim? Whose who?
Jonny ,   Cape Town   (09.04.12)
What exactly is the connection between ARAB and MUSLIM. Does ARAB exclude the Christians and Jews. Its all so laughable. Either there was an ARAB compaint (and I wouldnt know on what grounds) or there is a Muslim Complaint, you cannot have it both ways.
18. That's Fine
Aryeh ,   Brooklyn, NY   (09.04.12)
The Masjid in Beer Sheva has its choice. It can stay there or move elsewhere. That is the nature of a free country.
19. Wine festival
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (09.04.12)
Any wine festival anywhere is an insult not only to Islam but to humanity as a whole. Alcohol should be banned worldwide as a dangerous drug and the ban should be rigorously enforced. During the 1920s, the US set an example via Prohibition, which could have worked if its enforcement had not been so lax.
20. There's a wine festival? Sweet I am so there!
Sam C ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (09.04.12)
I didn't know there was a wine festival this week, looks I am going to visit Beersheva!
21. Not in the courtyard OF the mosque
Ehud   (09.04.12)
So it turns out it is not in the courtyard OF the mosque, but in the space between it and the Negev museum. As in Europe, radical Muslims want to dictate their rules of religion to others. What is the tolerated distance for drinking wine (a religious obligation for Jews and Catholics), 500m? Next year 5pm, or maybe 50? Non-Muslims should certainly abstain from provocation, but we should demand not to be frivolously be accused of provocation every other day. And the Turks need to understand that they no longer rule here! BTW, this year in Egypt the Jewish community has been 'advised' not to hold prayers in the synagogue during Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, as they authorities claim they cannot warrant their security! So much for Muslim tolerance.
22. No. 11 Ruth
NYC Girl   (09.04.12)
Thank you for making it possible for those of us who aren't in Israel to get the facts. I even found myself thinking...did the Israelis really need this provocation? But then I read your talkback and realized I should have remembered that things aren't always what they seem in the media.
23. Wine Festival
Alice ,   Israel/Canada   (09.04.12)
Hassan, This is Israel, not Saudi Arabia.
24. I very much doubt Muslim identity can be wiped out.
nibor ,   israel   (09.04.12)
25. Wine Festival, No problem move the mosque!
Ameridane ,   Aarhus, Denmark   (09.04.12)
26. The call of the Muezzin from the mosque loudspeaker
Jake   (09.04.12)
is a provocation and an insult to non-Muslims.
27. #19
Henry from New York ,   Under the Tuscan Sun   (09.04.12)
This is quite possibly the most offensive thing you have ever posted. To insult viticulture in such a way shows a complete lack of understanding of the beauty of wine. I am a teetotaler, but even I can appreciate the scent of wine and the use in cooking. You should be ashamed of having written the words you did. Also, how would you have proposed handling Prohibition exactly? It's too difficult to enforce it and a silly idea to do so anyway.
28. #11 and #22
Henry from New York ,   Under the Tuscan Sun   (09.04.12)
Yeah, this does make it easier for us Yanks to understand. Seems a bit silly now. There's the Great Synagogue in Rome that has a museum under it and I was the only one in the museum portion wearing a kippah! I didn't go into the synagogue portion though, so I don't know if people wore head coverings in there.
29. #27 - Correction, viniculture, not viticulture
Henry from New York ,   Under the Tuscan Sun   (09.04.12)
30. To: No. 19
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.04.12)
Funnily enough, I seem to recall reading that Jesus turned water into wine. Not the other way around. Prohibition, indeed! Look to your own religion first, why don't you!
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