'Price tag' vandals consistently escape prosecution
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 04.09.12, 16:55
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1. Jewish thugs run wild while Chr practice in peace and quiet.
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.04.12)
2. The monastery price tag happened less than a day ago
Avi   (09.04.12)
The murderers of the Fogel family were caught after weeks. Still, the author's point is indeed valid. Not enough resources are put on these hooligans, and it will encourage more violent acts in the near future, where these hooligans will turn to terrorists.
3. the reason no one has been indicted
Michael ,   Jerusalem   (09.04.12)
Is because the police and security services have zero interest in catching them. How else can you explain the phenomenal successes in catching Palestinians but not Jewish terrorists. By not catching them the state sends a clear message that they should continue these racist attacks. Israel has become an inherently racist society with the encouragement of the current government. It's all a game of winking on the part of Netanyahu. Who is minister of internal security? That's right, a member of Lieberman's proto fascist party. To the right wing conspiracy theorists all I have to say is open your eyes...
4. Attempted murder! The government and people of israel suppo
American Christian   (09.04.12)
support the criminals. Never any convictions. Netanyaho's religious advisor/mentor Rabbi Yosef encourages this type of actions. Rabbis teach that non-jews are non-humans.
5. Don't bite the hand
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (09.04.12)
It is thanks to CHRISTIAN support that Israel was born and able to survive in the middle east. Israel should deal seriously with the vandalisim of christian institutions.
6. The real enemies of the country
Kobi Martin ,   Tel Aviv   (09.04.12)
I have said many times that the real enemies of Israel today are not the Palestinians, neither the Arabs, but ersats Sarah that from their confortable chairs in Brooklym defends acts of vandalism and violence in our coutry. People like ersats Sarahs defend the settlers, the One State Solution, the hate for the Christians and Moslems and more and more the cutting of relations between Israel and our principal ally, the US.
7. Israel either catches these criminals
Sarah B   (09.04.12)
charges them and successfully prosecutes them. Or Israel loses any and all legitimacy to comment about any attacks on Synagogues around the world. Can't have it both ways, you either protect places of worship of all religions in Israel or you accept that places of worship can and do get vandalised as part of modern society No whinging when the Synagogues get burnt from now on.
8. And Bibi said nothing
Ted   (09.04.12)
But he told the other nations, when he needed their support, that this is the only democratic country in this region where Christians are not persecuted. It is time the Government do something about the price tag or it is plain hypocrisy.
9. Omerta, code of silence, prevents prosecution of settlers
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.04.12)
10. People should be treated equally before the law
Henry from New York ,   Under the Tuscan Sun   (09.04.12)
If a Jew commits a crime, his or her punishment should be no different from an Arab's. If you don't prosecute people based on their crime rather than their background then you will only succeed in making sure that people do not feel the need to respect the law, much less obey it.
11. last week you were encouraging and supporting them
@ Sarah b   (09.04.12)
You even went out of your way to explain that all the recent attacks are provocation by Arabs themselves... What happened?
12. #11 - Different Sarah B, mate.
Henry from New York ,   Under the Tuscan Sun   (09.04.12)
13. "Only place in region where all religions are respected"...
Jeff ,   USA   (09.04.12)
If you want to be able to keep using the talking point that "Israel is the only civilized country in the Middle East where all religions are respected," you might want to stop people from burning down mosques and churches with impunity. Just throwing that out there...
14. Church
Mark ,   South Africa   (09.04.12)
The desecration of synogogues & the de-humaning of Jews by christians have been going on for centuries. So whats a little bit of paint on a church.
15. No Wonder Israel Has Lost The PR Battle
World Citizen ,   the world   (09.04.12)
I love to link stories like this to websites that cater to the American Rev. Hagee kooks. Imagine them trying to get their heads around the acts of the Israelis as opposed to their words. The heads of those deluded people will spin like the demon possessed girl in the film "The Exorcist ". LOL!
16. #11 you are confusing me with Sarah B from New York
Sarah B   (09.04.12)
I'm Sarah B from Tel Aviv and London
17. What a surprise - NOT
Haim ,   TA   (09.05.12)
18. latrun
jean katz ,   San Pablo   (09.05.12)
"It's unacceptable that the Shin Bet produces zero indictments and 100% failures," Because of the Ideology of the price tag group is similar to Goldstein's the Shin Bet must do better. A few fanatics could set Israel back forever.
19. The feeling is that these are setups
Ilan   (09.06.12)
While every population has it's radicals and thugs, crimes by "settlers" are given extra coverage in the media and too many remember the past (and perhaps current) practice by the Shabak to run agents to cause the vandalism. When the Shabak decides to reel back in it's Avishai Raviv then the price tag attacks will stop.
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