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Report: Syria dispersed chemical weapons across 20 sites
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 07.09.12, 09:24
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1. Assuming Assad doesn't use them what about the FSA
zionist forever   (09.07.12)
The FSA are just as brutal as Assad's forces and we have now seen then have the capability to break into airbases. What happens if the FSA break into one of these sites and get their hands on some of those chemical weapon to use against Assad's boys? I imagine Assad would then retaliate with chemical weapons against them and we are going to have ourselves a real game of kill each other with chemicals. Some of course could fall into the hands of Al Quaida who are defiantly operating alongside the FSA or maybe even Hezbollah. Time to bomb those known twenty sites and if Obama doesn't have the courage to do it. We might not have the hardware to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities but we can destroy Syria's chemical weapons storage sites.
2. So Netanyahu's assertion yesterday
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (09.07.12)
the IDF was keeping a careful watch on Syria's chemical and biological weapons stockpile was yet another lie then? I have ordered my family to make sure the sealed room in the house uis useable. Particularly as Obama and Hollande had stated to Assad that the use of such weapons would lead to a huge military response. If you are the Syrian Free Army, basically fought to a standstill what would you do? Find a chemical tipped missile and fire it at Israel? I suggest everyone do their drills, and start carrying their gasmask 24/7. If you can send your kids away before you cannot.
3. WMD
Helene ,   Merkaz   (09.07.12)
God help !!! It's so frightening...
4. Wouldn't be suprised if sent to Egypt, Lebanon & Jordan
:Jim ,   USA   (09.07.12)
5. How did Assma's shopping go this week?
Brian ,   London   (09.07.12)
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