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UK seeks to add Hezbollah to EU's terror watch list
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Published: 07.09.12, 23:05
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1. Thousands of rockets at major cities isn't terrorism?
Avi   (09.08.12)
No one disputes that Hezbollah specifically launched thousands of rockets on major cities in Israel not only for cheap distraction, but to cause fear (TERROR) and kill. Their rockets are filled each with a thousand small metal balls designed to cause massive casualties to civilians. But to EU this doesn't mean it's a terror organization? Must an Israeli with a european passport actually sue Hezbollah in a european court so Hezbollah will be recognized as a terror organization? This is ridiculous and cynical.
2. Hezbollah will need not throwing democracy banana
Kahing ,   Hong Kong   (09.08.12)
3.  the best that does not come
sam ,   denver-USA   (09.08.12)
Are black list will reduce the number of rockets? that request came too late in any case the best that does not come
4. Also list Yesha Council for "price tag" terror attacks
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.08.12) their members, the settlers in the West Bank.
5. Billy Hague What Is Your Queens
Dilemma When The Facts Are Before You? Israel and The IDF Left lebanon and The MIGHT u.n. Was Supposed To Disarm Tbis TERRORIST group south of the litani river, THEY NEVER DID? WHY NOT, THEY KILLED Rafik Harri And It Was Proven, it's COMMON KNOWLEDGE that they are a persian arab proxy! They Claim They Are A resistence movement FOR WHAT, they are COWARDS, who use their own shacks, schools, mosques and hospitals for weapons caches and HUMAN SHIELDS! Emmes? If the lebanese army and Christian Militia Had To Turn In Their Weapons Why would hizbullah Get To Keep Theirs? If the country itself Let This Carcenogenic Pathogen Infiltrate lebanon Then So Be It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your european Logic Is Incomprehensible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's why your nickname is Stiff Neck brit! שבת שלום/ברוך הא שם
6. Hezbollah on EU's terror list ?! You
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.08.12)
must be joking ! Half of the EU is Hez sympathisers and the remainder are Islamic fundamentalists wanting freebees off the tax payers - and getting it all..
7. at 1.
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (09.08.12)
Having an Israeli sue Hezbollah in a European court may sound ridiculous to you, but it's actually the way it's done in the European legal practice. A fine and viable option, I daresay, and I am heavily involved in the international criminal liability practice. Because the ICC and the Yugoslavia tribunal (amongst others)bring a lot of legal infrastructure with them, the proximity of these courts works as a magnet for talented young Dutch and a lot of Japanese and (predominantly) Korean Law graduates from Leiden, specializing in this particular field of legal study. A lot of know-how here! I have been lobbying for civic cases like this to be made from the moment I graduated from law school. Avi, sue if you have the stomach for it (and that is something to consider). We might even end up knowing each other.
8. #4 Benassi
PaulZion ,   Israel   (09.08.12)
While I denounce in the strongest terms the actions of the Price Tag terrorists, not one life has been lost by their attacks of VANDALISM. Tell me, how can you have a clear conscience in equating a movement that has killed thousands, and participates in Assad's massacres in Syria, with a group of despicable vandals?
9. Strange! When Israel (the most aaffected!) asked for it
Mira ,   Vienna   (09.08.12)
they declined. Now I am very curious what will happen....
10. EU lacks moral and the ethical backbone
ben zeev ,   be olam   (09.08.12)
and look at the Devil in the eyes, when comes to any moslem extremism, no mater where it comes from. It disturbs the business, the oil flow and the petrol dollars coming in and out. COWARDS to the bone!
11. A moral imperative:
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (09.08.12)
Europe still bears the scars, of a horrendous history of hatred and bigotry. This history, extends far beyond and before the second world war. Hezbollah, is an organized, funded and armed Iranian terror proxy. Iran installed them in Lebanon, after organizing the murder of Rafic Hariri. They operate openly in Lebanon, with a huge arsenal, with the sole objective of destroying Israel and Israeli's. The EU must confront its growing Islamic pressures, and pull its collective head from the sand. Failure means the next location for Iranian missiles is the EU. Next stop Europastan!
12. It is likely that
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (09.08.12)
the EU will declare the Hezbollah militaia as a terrorist organisation. But declare the hezbollah political wing as legitimate. As even the European Union recognises that Hezbollah could at anytime take over Lebanon but has decided to stick to the democratic process.
13. #1 No it is self defence
Ivor EVenbiggergun   (09.08.12)
That is what happens when you bomb other people, they don't like it so tend to fire back. Since Israel hasn't bombed Hezbollah Hezbollah has not bombed Israel. Although some think this is because Hezbollah have reached a capability to deter Israel from doing so. Which is why yesterday Barak said the IDF could capture Gaza at any time. Which should piss off the Americans whio pay for the IDFif that is all they are capable of.
14. #13 how is killing civilians self defense?
Avi   (09.08.12)
How is launching rockets on cities for the purpose of killing and distracting Israeli authorities self defense? Perhaps in radical Islam version, but not in the sensible world. And then you complain when your rocket launching squads get fired at and a Mosque gets blown up because it stores hundreds of rockets and ammo. You say Hezbollah hits after Israel attacks, yet Hezbollah started the 2006 war when it cross raided the border and at the same time launched rockets at border cities to distract authorities. The 2006 war brought enough determent to stop Hezbollah from committing further acts of war, and you know it well. Nasrallah is still in his bunker years after. I'm not sure if there's a point to enlighten you, since a person who claims that "launching thousands of rockets at a million civilians is self defense" is probably lost beyond hope. For your sake I hope you're only 10.
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