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McCain: Iran situation a 'train wreck'
Associated Press
Published: 08.09.12, 19:45
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1. Obama will never lift a finger
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.08.12)
not now nor after the elections, should he be fortunate enough to win. That means the ball is in Netanyahu's hands.
2. The USofA President's Support for Israel...
ltrail ,   United States   (09.08.12)
is only rhetorical at best. Obama recently visited several nations near the State of Israel but chose to snub our vital ally; a blatent showof support for muslim nations over the Jewish nation.
3. McCain US Wars: Iraq, Afghan, Iran, ...
American Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (09.08.12)
Syria, Egypt, Libya, Pakistan possibly Turkey, North Korea, Turkey, Russia, China ad infitnitum ... ! Whew, a major reason why McCain/Palin landslide lost his 2008 Presidential election versus a very green Newbie, eh? No doubt we'd all be in a deep global winter depression, and Israel would be in really deep trouble with her severly hamstrung USA sponsor ...
4. Isn't McCain The Pilot Who Caused A Fire ....
World Citizen ,   the world   (09.08.12)
On the USS Forrestal during the Viet Nam War? I think something like 50+ seamen got killed went he wet started his jet fighter. And his father the navy admiral, didn't he help President Lyndon Johnson cover up the deliberate Israeli attack on the USS Liberty during your Six Day war? Yeah he's that McCain and the guy that sucks up to Israel at every chance and the McCain that everyone in the US military despises.
5. If McCain really wanted Romney to win
Eli ,   Jerusalem   (09.08.12)
he would learn to keep his fat mouth shut. The American elections will not be won over war mongering or even defense of allies. The only issue that matters to Americans is their struggling economy. Maybe this is also why McCain lost to Obama 4 years ago.
6. An advanced AGE is usually a mark of WISDOM, but McCain is
Sarah B ,   U.S.A /Israel   (09.08.12)
NOT 1 of those WISE people.I can C why S.Pailin lost last elections.
7. American Jew # 3
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.08.12)
The U.S. and Israel are in deep trouble now.
8. And to think that this senile old fool
David   (09.09.12)
could have been the president of the USA. Chilling - we would have been in wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran and god knows probably in the south pacific as well. Frightening.
Rafi ,   US   (09.09.12)
... sorely needed in the world. You'll see.
10. #4 World Citizen: everyone of your statements is erroneous
Rafi ,   US   (09.09.12)
... and apparently deliberate falsehoods (e.g. McCain was a young naval officer in southeast Asia during the Liberty incident and as a twenty-something had nothing whatsoever to do with LBJ...) But one thing is certainly clear: you are a bona fide anti-Semite
11. "snub our ally"
Robert ,   Australia   (09.09.12)
One can understand why Obama is reluctant to visit Israel. He is old enough to remember the lynchings of coloured people in America. From reading most of the posts here Israel evidently is following in the same footsteps.
12. WC ironic how you never bring up the Hezbo murdering 285 mar
jericho ,   ca   (09.09.12)
Marines in Beirut and Casper disobeying Regan order to retaliate. Never mind that Israel is the only place US troops can go and not be blown up. You will run and turn to Israel for help when you need to fight a real land war in the ME for the precious oil.
13. McCain
Leonard ,   Green River USA   (09.09.12)
McCain is just pandering to the military-industrial complex. That's all we need right now; confrontation with Russia & China, That would cause a huge increase in the defence budget, and vastly increasing the size of the armed forces. That will create "jobs", & maybe that's his ultimate motive.
14. McCain is senile...
Mark   (09.09.12)
No one wants or is asking for "American leadership" in Syria or Iran. Maybe the UNITED STATES presidential election should be about selecting a UNITED STATES president that is good for the UNITED STATES and works to resolve the issues of the UNITED STATES taxpayers instead. How about that? Such a novel concept, I know.
15. #13
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (09.09.12)
Hate Romney as much as you like, but don't invent reality. Obama is a great supporter of the military-industrial complex: remember the 60 billion he sold the Saudis? As for confronting Russia. How did it help America that Obama lied to Putin just to destroy Libya? As for China, it was Panettawho said he was going to deploy more navy against the Chinese to keep them contained.
16. Israel attack on Iran
Jeremiah Hodge ,   Plainfield, USA   (09.09.12)
I am a servant of God and love the Jewish people. I have been to Israel. I think we should remember one thing. Any attack by the United States against Iran will be followed by an attack on the US and Israel by Russia and will lead to WW111. The Russian leadership has been very clear about this. And many of us are receiving dreams of devastation in the U.S. We should not first strike! Let Israel first strike and we should be ready to back them up.
17. USS Forrestal Fire
Rick Z ,   U S A   (09.09.12)
@ World Citizen You are making up the "non-facts" as you type. Most everything you said is inaccurate. The fire aboard the USS Forrestal was caused by a short circuit in an F-4 Phantom's armament; specifically a Zuni 5" unguided rocket. The rocket flashed across the flight deck, hitting an A-4E Skyhawk awaiting launch, piloted by LCDR Fred D. White. LCDR John McCain was in his Skyhawk, adjacent to White's. The rocket did not detonate, but did splilt White's fuel tanks, which ignited. Both pilots escaped from their single seat aircraft, but White was stuck and killed by shrapnel from exploding bombs on his aircraft. In all, 9 bombs exploded, 134 crewmen died, 161 injured. Repairs to the carrier took around 8 months. John McCain was merely one bystander; nothing he did caused this catastrophe.
18. American leadership = yet another burden to bear alone
Cameron ,   USA   (09.09.12)
19. To select Sarah Palin.....
Robert ,   Australia   (09.10.12) a running mate proved he was over the hill 4 years ago. Now 4 years later.....
20. Iran
Tom   (09.10.12)
Maybe Iran already have half a dozen nukes pointed at Tel Aviv. (From N.Korea e.g. Pakistan - anywhere.) - All this "enriching" is simply provocation. They want to be attacked. Destroying Israel will out weigh any destruction at home.
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