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Romney slams Obama over 'failure' on Iran issue
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 09.09.12, 22:12
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1. making Israel a political tool
fred lapides ,   USA   (09.09.12)
Why oh why must this guy use Israel for his political gain? If Iran a failure under Obama, then why not announce that he would bomb Iran within one week of taking office? Put up or shut up.
2. Delusional
Elisha   (09.09.12)
Not only is Romney out of his league on foreign policy but the writer of this article is equally off base when saying polls give Obama a slight edge- polls show a 5 point lead following the conventions and a 52% presidential approval rating. Bibi and Adelson may be going for broke but that the rest of us should drink the right wing Kool Aid.
3. Go Romney go!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (09.09.12)
4. Nah His Biggest Failure Is
Economic and Domestic Jobs!!! The Tax Base Pays and b.H.o. SPENDS and Spends Some More!!! Wasting Money On No-Solid Idea's And Alternitives Hold No Accountability??????????????????? the ILLEGAL regime In tehran Will Not Stop And They STATED SO ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION, For MANY YEARS!!!!! Al The Time Enriching And atomic research, ICBM, further Enriching, all the while under el-bardei and dealings with n.korea and venezuela ?????????????????????? All the While Sponsoring; hizbullah, syria, iraq, n.yemen, and parts of afghani n.west??????????????????? Sanctions way to Late, Never Any Progress With Negoiations!!! For Years. All the while Enriching Uranium?????? Mortal Threats- FACE A MORTAL REACTION, Countering- Conquring, Destoying Evil and It's Source. It's A Global And Regional Emergency!!!!!!!!!
5. "All options are on the table">> translation:
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.09.12)
We American wimps will do ABSOLUTELY nothing in regard of Irans nuke program...!
6. All schnapps is on the table
E. G. Marsch ,   Nahariya, Israel   (09.10.12)
We're too drunk to think of any serious options.
7. romney is the BIGGEST failure of the REPS. he is in BUBBLE
Sarah B ,   U.S.A,/ Israel   (09.10.12)
8. who is stopping jews
adam   (09.10.12)
jews can't fight iran -only hot talks for 10 years- jews want usa to fight for them. end of story
9. HBO's Biggest Failure
Lynn ,   Knoxville   (09.10.12)
In his mind, HBO would consider Iran to be his greatest success. For three years he has effectively stalled and stymied any action against Iran. And, that has enabled them to get to the cusp of completing their anti-Jewish nuke(s). HBO had that as his goal all along, and Israel has put itself in an unenviable position on Iran by its saber-rattling and reluctance to do what the rest of the "supposed" powers won't do.
10. True to his mentor's philosophy, Obama continues to adhere
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (09.10.12)
to the world view of the un-patriotic American and anti-Semite Rev. J. Wright, hence his view of Islamist Iran. This, coupled with the influence of his other associates such as the Prof. E. Said and R. Khalidi, the US President would rather bow down and kiss the hands of the Iranian rulers than listen carefully and respect the views of the more knowledgeable and experienced leaders of the US oldest, closest and most reliable ally in the region, Israel. Yet, some are still hypnotized by this man....
11. #2: Speaking of Dillusional....
EZ ,   US/Israel   (09.10.12)
If you think a few point bounce from the DNC means anything, you're nuts. We will know once these two men are in the same room in a debate, who will win and who will lose. Not that it matters a damn; the US was lost a long time ago. The President is just a dude slapping duct tape on American's attitudes nowadays: with over 80,000 new 'laws' per year (the government LOST COUNT of the laws they've passed), the US has sunk to below 30 of the most democratic and free nations in the world and is slipping even faster now. The US is now, officially considered a 'flawed democracy'. Take that to bed with you with Obama. They both stink but it doesn't mean anything anymore. While the US may retain its military superpower edge for another 50+ years or so, it no longer wields the influence it once did and Obama most certainly put the wax on the cork with that one. What people actually believe is unreal. So idiotic.
ADAM ,   CHICAGO   (09.10.12)
13. Becoming Inevitable
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (09.10.12)
I suspect the US decision will be taken away from US politicians by an Israeli attack., probably before the US elections. World opinion will shatter and the coalition for sanctions will evaporate. And Iran will counterattack against US forces in the region stripping the US of any choice. Netanyahu will then try to look sincere when he parodies sorrow at US service deaths. A week later, the leaks from the Israeli government about how the US is doing it all wrong will start and be unceasing. If Romney is then elected, he will outsource the US CINC role to Netanyahu for Iran and Syria. And who knows what will happen when Russia and China object.
14. #2 Elisha, Dream On!
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (09.10.12)
The media have been in the tank for liberals for the past 35 years. Jimmy Carter was ahead of Reagan by 8 points in '79. Dukakis was 18 points ahead of George Bush #1 days after the Democrat convention in '87. Gore and Kerry were ahead of G.W. Bush in 1999 and 2003, too. Who won in all these elections, Elisha? You libs in the mainstream media manufacture these polls in the hopes of discouraging conservative voters from showing up. Why bother? "The election's in the bag. The Democrat will win!" Just wait! If Obama doesn't succeed in stealing the election or calling it off by declaring martial law, he's toast...BIG TIME!
15. Israel is not Americas' Political Toy
Baruch ,   Israel/Houston   (09.10.12)
Who is "wee" and is this Romney guy really presenting himself as an expert on our Regional affairs? Good grief this is worst that the Palin Bush twins. What more damage can we expect if there are those foolish enough to give this religiious fanatic credibility!
16. Everything is Obama's greatest failure.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.10.12)
Iran is Obama's greatest failure. More than 23 million Americans unemployed is Obama's greatest failure. Obamacare is Obama's greatest failure. Multi trillion dollar deficites are Obama's greatest failure...Everything is Obama's greatest failure.
Israeli 2   (09.10.12)
1) Release J. POLLARD! 2) Declare all of JERUSALEM ISRAEL'S Capital and move its embassy to Jerusalem! 3) Support and declare all so called "occupied" territories no more occupied but part of Israel. If any of the above are not fullfilled, he is no different than whimpy Bush.
18. Romney is way over his head.
Persian CAT   (09.10.12)
Having failed to present any plan to revive the job market, this sorry ass politician has started to latch on Iran and its legal and open nuclear program. He keeps missing the point that not a single intel agency in both the West and the East has reported Iran is making nukes! Yet, to divert attention from his lack of understand of international politics and local capability to provide a solution for the US employment and economic problems he's following Natyanyahu's method of talking about Iran. The American people can see beyond such shenanigans.
19. Rottenloser, speak for yourself.
Persian CAT   (09.10.12)
Of course idiots like you are not even worthy of talking about Iran, let alone its legal and open nuclear program. Now crawl under your rock and STFU.
20. #4. I feel your pain, dear.
Persian CAT   (09.10.12)
Keep barking.
21. Fred @1, ne June Iran will have is next
leo ,   usa   (09.10.12)
Presidential elections, which will will be rigged just like last time and Iranians will rise just like last time. If President Romney will follow in steps of former President Obama, then I'll agree with you and will support your criticism of Romney. In the mean time we need to fire Obama and every bit will help to achieve this goal.
22. Elisha @2, I agree, the only poll that matters will be
leo ,   usa   (09.10.12)
conducted on November 6th.
23. Even if you support Obama,
Beauchard ,   Amsterdam   (09.10.12)
Romney is still right. Iran is much nearer to producing nuclear weapons than in 2008. Obama's policy of engagement has failed. His policy of international isolation has failed. Russia and China oppose it. If the US has to use force in the future it will cost more lives than in 2008. The other option is accepting an Iranian bomb. This means selling out America's Arab allies and Israel. It will also signal the end of Pax Americana. Yes, his policy on Iran is a complete and utter failure.
24. #2
Andrew Michaels ,   Montreal Canada   (09.10.12)
I think your the one that needs to look at reality, the economy is in shambles and the US foreign policy is a joke, Obama has absolutley no experience in either fields that is why he is panicking, he should be 10 points higher trhan Romney and he is not, he got a small bump after the DNC convention that will soon disapear just like Obama and we cannot wait.
25. Not so tragic situation
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (09.10.12)
Iranians are an ancient commercial nation. Their currency - which is the oldest one in the world - permanently losing its value against foreign curremcies. It means that sanctions are effective and I see not a great future for the mullah's regime.
26. I believe Romney has a lot more backbone than Obama
Galut ia ,   Selah   (09.10.12)
and that he will be much more supportive of Israel
27. I can make a list of Obama's failures:
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (09.10.12)
Iran American economics unemployment homeless and destitute etc.
28. #14 I did not know
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (09.10.12)
It's funny, Israel is exactly the same. According to the media Shimon Peres won every single election, but in reality he always loses. By the way: imagine what will happen on voting day if some white guy just happens to make a failed attempt on the President's life.
29. #20 Your pain is going to be something palpable, dear
30. Can anyone say EMP bursts over Iran??
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