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Hezbollah funding terror with fake medicine
Roi Kais
Published: 10.09.12, 11:03
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1. Now can we legalize Marijuana?
Uriyah ,   Englewood   (09.10.12)
Not that anyone is going to listen.
What is the subject again ?
3. # 1 Uriyah, Englewood, too logical
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (09.10.12)
the powers that be have determined there's more profit in contradiction, think of the easier busts for cops, judges, jail, probation officers, etc. and those who've invested $$ in the corporations like Prisons, Inc. There's big money in them weeds, son ( I assume? ) However, with 50,000 dead people on the Mexican border, our inter cities death rate escalating due to drug wars, including marijuana, I agree with you, it's more than time to legalize it, tax, it, and help reduce the national budget. I've read that marijuana sales are the second largest cash crop in America..
4. Hitzpollat the Global Drug Supplier
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (09.10.12)
In the Southamericas Hitzfuxxem are trading drugs, weapons and white slaves. In fact, most of the drugs reaching Europe are supplied by Nasralla's croonies. Furthermore, most women sold into Europe and into Arab bordellos are supplied by those criminals. And the EU under Lady Bashton does not care.
5. What?
frank sol ,   san diego, USA   (09.10.12)
Wow, how contradictory... if you make a science fiction movie, you'll get a zero score.
6. # 5 Frank Sol, san diego
big bad Jew ,   United States   (09.10.12)
"there's no business like show business."
7. # 2 I can't remember....
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (09.10.12)
8. But, still not a terror group!
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (09.10.12)
The new toast of the EU, Hezbollah. As was proclaimed by the EU recently, nothing about their actions is suggestive of terrorism. Not the killings, or the torture, or the missiles, and certainly not selling fake medications. Hezbollah operates with impunity, sanctioned by Iran, and endorsed by the EU. What's next? Merkachat Hezbollah?
9. Nothing but a load of Gangsters
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (09.10.12)
They put the Mafia to shame Their arrogance, their swagger of people who have nothing but contempt for the Lebanese Rule of Law and are servants only to Iran So they think...
10. So...tell me again?
PaulZion ,   Israel   (09.10.12)
Thw EU says that they are not a terrorist organization, because they are in the Lebanese government. So, they cannot be blacklisted for that. However, drug traffickers are blacklisted and their funds are frozen according to the money laundering laws, which encompass Europe and the EU. So, why is Hizbollah not blacklisted and their funds not frozen, because of drug trafficking? So...tell me again why the EU won't blacklist them?
11. Take note! Nassralla is the real FAKE SHEIK
Alan ,   SA   (09.10.12)
12. Nasrallah is the 12. Imam
Thierry Blanc ,   Suisse   (09.10.12)
who was hiding until recently. And this is not an invention of the Mossad, KGB and CIA.
13. Wow, they don't care what innocent people they hurt...
William ,   Israel   (09.11.12)
as long as their goal of spreading racist Shiite hegemony across the region is met. And Hizbullah isn't seen as a criminal or terror organization in Europe...why?
14. How depraived is Islam? Just read this sentence.
William ,   Israel   (09.11.12)
"...drug labs were uncovered in various mosques..."
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