New police unit to battle Jewish terror
Omri Efraim
Published: 10.09.12, 14:32
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1. Double Standard
What   (09.10.12)
Firstly just to be clear i have a major issue with this racism against Arabs in Jerusalem and appreciate the governments actions. however there have been near weekly attacks against Jews in E.Jerusalem for at long time and nothing has been done to protect them.
2. stop misusing the word terror
zionist forever   (09.10.12)
Spraying graffiti on monastery is an act of vandalism not terror. Hate crimes if you could call it terror or not I guess depends on the crime. Drunks attacking an arab gas station attendant and saying I want to kill all arabs is not an act of terror and probably not even a hate crime just assault as a result of drunkenness. Lynching an arab well it depends on the motive. The boys involved say they believe this guy raped somebody. If thats true I would say its a lynching out of anger because they believed this arab had raped somebody. If they lynched him for the sole reason he is an arab, they don't like arabs and they were out to get an arab then that could probably be described as terror. We must make sure we at least use the right definition for words like terror otherwise we start to erase the line between terror and crime which undermines the idea of a war on terror. What I would like to know is if an entire unit can be set up to deal with minor problems like this why is there no special police units to arrest illegal infiltrators? The police just can't even be bothered to do anything about them and the government doesn't bother telling them to despite the fact they are saying how they are going to get tough on illegals.
3. More government waste
Eliyahu   (09.10.12)
In the last fifteen years I have read about less than a dozen arrests by the (Anti)Jewish division of the Shin bet. I think they have amply proven their uselessness. The threat does not justify the resources being dedicated. To be honest, every time I read about one of these actions it seems that many people suspect the Shin Bet of perpetrating the act in order to advance its directives. It is not a unit for criminal investigations. It is a political KGB unit set up by the left wing.
4. Poor use of resources!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (09.10.12)
How about these idiots put that much effort into stopping Palestinian terror on Jews. It's amazing, apparently the police have more sympathy for the enemy than they do for their own people. These clowns aren't Jews...they're Nazis! May God bring judgment on these self-hating Jews. God bless, Israel, the Settlers, and the Zionist dream: a homeland where every inch, of land, belongs to the Jews, as promised in the Abrahamic Covenant. Christian Zionist
5. Unable to Fight Real Terror
Yoel ,   Great Neck,NY   (09.10.12)
Leave it to Israel to harm Jews.They released all of these murderers for Gilad Shalit and no go after Jewish "terrorists".It is nothing more than persecution in Israel's fake democracy.
6. This is common in countries targeted for islamic conquest
BH ,   Iowa   (09.10.12)
They corrupt the local institutions to prevent the native population from defending itself, while allowing muslims to commit widespread violence. The purpose is to get people to flee their lands for safety, leaving the few who remain to be a small persecuted minority. This isn't new. The hordes have conquered countless peoples in this way. Don't let it happen to you.
7. there is NO such thing as "Jewish terror" but BEN-ARI .
Sarah B ,   U.S.A,/Israel   (09.10.12)
8. #5 What audacity!
PaulZion ,   Israel   (09.10.12)
How DARE you sit there in New York and criticize the Shalit deal! He was a SOLDIER, doing his duty. I bet if it was your son, you would be prepared to sacrifice the world to get him back. It is so easy for you to sit there and dispassionately criticize those who have to live with their decisions. Shalit's release strengthened the resolve of every single battle fit soldier in the country, because it proved that Israel will do everything to get them back if they are captured.
9. Who will go after Leftist Spies?
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (09.10.12)
Will there be a police unit setup to track and investigate foreign goverment NGOs that are spying for other countries?
10. Israeli hypocrisy.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (09.10.12)
How about no tolerance for arab hate crimes. That means no terrorist organizations like the PLO, Hamas etc. You can start in the Knesset and arrest all the arab terrorist MK's. Go for it!
11. to double standard
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (09.10.12)
You have hit it on the head. The Arabs can riot, hurl lethal rocks, kill, and rob, yet we hear nothing of a crack down, but let several Jews engage in this activity (which I do not endorse) and the police and government go into action. Before the intifada, I walked freely in East Jerusalem and even shopped there. Today, even to be on a bus going past the Damascus gate is risky. Let our 'brave' police and politicians clean up the hate in East Jerusalem too!!
12. no justice in Jerusalem
michael Pielet ,   israel   (09.10.12)
#8, I am the father of three fighters, not jobniks. The shalit deal releasing thousands of murdering terrorists was a crime against the Jewish nation. These murderers will murder again, maybe they will murder your precious son, daughter, or grandchild. There is no justice in Jerusalem.
13. collaborating with our annihilaters is
hanna eisenmann ,   Jerusalem   (09.10.12)
collaborating with our annihilaters is serving the public? lying about who is terrorising who, is serving the public? forbidding Jews to defend themselves against the jihad is serving the public? arming the killers is serving the public? disarming the victins of jihad genocide is serving the public? translating your lies so every anti-Semite in the world would feel good with themselves for hating the Jews is serving the public? Which public?
14. 12
zionist forever   (09.10.12)
I agree with you about the Shalit deal, its because Olmert, Bibi & Barak knew that it was such a bad deal they didn't do the deal years earlier than they did. In the end as with all things it just came down to politics because too many Israel's were thinking with their hearts rather than their heads. As soon as Hamas released the first video of Shalit it was pretty much a done deal. I think that anybody that wants to serve in a combat unit should have to sign some kind of waiver that if kidnapped then they do not want any Shalit style deals being done to release them. These deals make kidnapping soldiers profitable and encourage it. If you can get 1000 terrorists for taking just 1 soldier then its worth taking risks. Since the Shait deal its become official policy to kidnap soldiers. Countries like the US have a policy of no doing deals with terrorists and thats what we need to stop the kidnappings.
15. I am for it,for the good reason...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (09.10.12)
this will stop,i hope, the criminality of the Israeli youth,our children.
16. Half of post No.7 is not mine.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A,/Israel   (09.10.12)
17. The police fighting the Shabak
Aviela the homeless ,   Migron refugee   (09.10.12)
Perfect. That's what our tax shekels need to be going toward. Wonderful.
18. Jewish "terror"??? don't be stupid!
rick ,   don't be stupid   (09.10.12)
no sane or decent person can support criminal activity by hooligans or thugs, Jewish or not. but, with very, very few notable exceptions, there has been no Jewish "terror"! it is worse than idiotic to suggest otherwise. DON'T BE STUPID!
19. The post at No. 7 is not mine.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.10.12)
20. The post at No. 16 is not mine.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.10.12)
21. There were at least 2000 attacks on Jews on roads in 2012
Tracy W   (09.10.12)
There are no arrests. No attempt at catching them in the act through sting operations. No investigation. Nothing. I think that they just arrested TWO Arab attackers after Jewish woman motorist was injured. And that was so unusual it made headlines. Should we expect a special unit to catch those road attackers? I don't think so. And those are not just nuisances. Jews have been murdered by rock throwers. One example was Mr Asher Palmer, who died in his vehicle along with his baby son.
22. Alleged (or false flag? acts of vandalism are NOT TERROR
Tracy W   (09.10.12)
Strangely, they never find evidence linking Jews to these cases of vandalism. Jewish kids are arrested, interrogated, intimidated, but there is no proof. Could it be that most of those acts, if not all of them, are false flag operations? Not only the Arabs have an interest in blaming settlers. All those who hate settlers do. Just watch at the knee-jerk reaction by officials whenever a Jew is suspected of even a minor infraction against Arabs. But the same government officials remain silent at the daily incidents of serious acts of violence against Jews.
23. next joke pls.
marko ,   tel aviv   (09.10.12)
next joke please,police taking real action against settlers dont make me laugth,all they get is a pat on the hand
24. It's about time...!
cohen Israel   (09.10.12)
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